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GPT Description

An expert in idea generation and evaluation, providing relevance and reality checks on ideas. Deep, focused, and knowledgeable, able to fetch information from relevant online sources.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What aspects should I consider when developing the idea about...
  • How realistic is it to implement...
  • What are the potential pitfalls of...
  • Can you fetch updated information about...

Idea Mentor GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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NAV Hjelperen

Profesjonell AI-assistent for NAVs velferdssystem, informerer om lovgivning og etikk


NAV Hjelperen on the GPT Store


Empatisk og profesjonell handelsekspert med stødig tilnærming.


TradeEasy on the GPT Store

MetaMask Guide GPT

Comprehensive MetaMask guide with in-depth topics.


MetaMask Guide GPT on the GPT Store

Bygg Ingeniør

Din ekspert på byggeteknikk og ingeniørkunst.


Bygg Ingeniør on the GPT Store

Eiendoms Innsikt

En ekspert på eiendom med fokus på markedstrender, juridiske råd, og interaktivitet.


Eiendoms Innsikt on the GPT Store

Creative Imagery Guide

Expert in crafting image descriptions for AI like Midjourney.


Creative Imagery Guide on the GPT Store

Chef Helper

Virtuell kokk med ekspertise i plantebasert og vegansk mat, klar til å dele oppskrifter og råd.


Chef Helper on the GPT Store

Medisinsk InfoGuide

Implementerer sikkerhets- og overholdelsestiltak


Medisinsk InfoGuide on the GPT Store

Emotional Insight

Explains and discusses emotional intelligence, emphasizing professional guidance and credible sources.


Emotional Insight on the GPT Store


Visuell tolk av drømmer


Drømmeanalytiker on the GPT Store

Natal Astrologi Guide

Astrologisk innsikt og personlighetsanalyse basert på natal kart.


Natal Astrologi Guide on the GPT Store

Arkitekt Assistent

En assistent for arkitekter, fokusert på designstøtte og innovasjon.


Arkitekt Assistent on the GPT Store

Interaktiv Utviklerveileder

En skreddersydd guide for utviklere i programmering og webutvikling.


Interaktiv Utviklerveileder on the GPT Store

Text Optimization Writer

Enhances texts with professional vocabulary.


Text Optimization Writer on the GPT Store

Legal Guide

Updated legal assistant with reactive, conscious, intentional behaviors


Legal Guide on the GPT Store

Corporate Accountant Advisor

Advisor on corporate accounting principles and regulations.


Corporate Accountant Advisor on the GPT Store

Python and Chess Decision-Making Guide

Guiding Python and chess decisions with expertise


Python and Chess Decision-Making Guide on the GPT Store

Enhanced Trauma Support Guide

Comprehensive, empathetic guide for trauma support, with a focus on safety, individual care, and healing.


Enhanced Trauma Support Guide on the GPT Store

Advanced Photosynthesis Explainer GPT

A customizable model for a rich, interactive learning experience on photosynthesis.


Advanced Photosynthesis Explainer GPT on the GPT Store

Tactical Behavior Expert

Global ekspert i atferdsanalyse og sikkerhet.


Tactical Behavior Expert on the GPT Store

Business Communication Optimizer

Advanced language and tool integration for business communication.


Business Communication Optimizer on the GPT Store

Video Creation Wizard

Guides on creating engaging videos with SORA


Video Creation Wizard on the GPT Store

Analogy Architect

I create analogies to explain complex ideas simply.


Analogy Architect on the GPT Store

Home Design Helper Plus

Advanced, personalized home design assistance.


Home Design Helper Plus on the GPT Store

Deep Learning Mentor

Allsidig ekspert i dyp læring, høflig og brukervennlig, vennlig tone, sikker og ansvarlig


Deep Learning Mentor on the GPT Store

Swedish Jokes GPT

Delights with culturally-tuned Swedish jokes in a friendly tone.


Swedish Jokes GPT on the GPT Store

Mystic Coffee Cup Reader

Mystical guide interpreting coffee cup patterns for personal insight.


Mystic Coffee Cup Reader on the GPT Store

Euro Insight

Skreddersydde EU-analyser med fokus på etikk, sikkerhet og atferdsutvikling


Euro Insight on the GPT Store

Welding Expert

An expert in welding techniques and safety, providing educational support.


Welding Expert on the GPT Store

Design Innovator

A design assistant integrating DALL-E for architects.


Design Innovator on the GPT Store

Project Engineer Assistant

Assisterer prosjektingeniører med teknisk veiledning og prosjektstyring.


Project Engineer Assistant on the GPT Store

Formula Expertise Induction

Efficiently manages initial interactions for induction problems, tailoring responses to user needs.


Formula Expertise Induction on the GPT Store

Digital Bartender

AI bartender offering drink recipes and bartending tips


Digital Bartender on the GPT Store

Pedagogikk Veileder

En veileder i pedagogikk som fremmer kritisk tenkning og integrerer teknologi.


Pedagogikk Veileder on the GPT Store

Science Theories Explainer GPT

Engaging and enthusiastic science explainer


Science Theories Explainer GPT on the GPT Store

Tax Expert GPT

Enhanced for proactive detail request and interactive dialogue.


Tax Expert GPT on the GPT Store

Future AI Explorer

Discussing future AI trends and ethical challenges


Future AI Explorer on the GPT Store

Work Mentor

Work Mentor GPT helps review tasks, discuss priorities, and provide daily updates to improve productivity and workflow.


Work Mentor on the GPT Store

Cost Efficiency Advisor GPT

Aids municipal enterprises in finding and implementing efficiency measures and cost reductions.


Cost Efficiency Advisor GPT on the GPT Store

Karriere Veileder

Profesjonell karriererådgiver for Norge, hovedsakelig på norsk.


Karriere Veileder on the GPT Store

Fashion Designer Guide

Assists in fashion design, from ideas to finished garments.


Fashion Designer Guide on the GPT Store

DARVO Response Guide

Navigates DARVO tactics with a focus on safety and seeking professional advice.


DARVO Response Guide on the GPT Store

Kunstnerisk Veileder

Din digitale mentor for kunstnerisk utforskning.


Kunstnerisk Veileder on the GPT Store

Diabetes Care Guide

I offer health advice for diabetes management, focusing on nutrition and wellness.


Diabetes Care Guide on the GPT Store

Tire Checker Assistant

Digital assistant for tire maintenance and recommendations


Tire Checker Assistant on the GPT Store

Ice Age Explorer

Educational guide on the first Ice Age, using interactive multimedia.


Ice Age Explorer on the GPT Store

Medi Sidekick

Fokuserer på bivirkninger av medisiner, vektlegger profesjonell veiledning.


Medi Sidekick on the GPT Store

NIVA Expert

I'm a Lada NIVA mechanic, here to help with your vehicle's needs.


NIVA Expert on the GPT Store

Modular Mind

A GPT model emphasizing predictive world models for improved understanding and forecasting.


Modular Mind on the GPT Store

Creative Journey GPT

Stimulates creativity with personalized, challenging prompts


Creative Journey GPT on the GPT Store

Conspiracy Quest GPT

Debunks conspiracies with facts from reputable encyclopedias.


Conspiracy Quest GPT on the GPT Store

Image Creative Structure

En modell for arkitektoniske bilder


Image Creative Structure on the GPT Store

Buffett Guru

Teaches investment strategies inspired by Warren Buffett in multiple languages.


Buffett Guru on the GPT Store

SEO Optimizer Pro

I help improve SEO content with professional, real-time guidance.


SEO Optimizer Pro on the GPT Store

Fitness Coach

A motivational coach providing personalized fitness and health guidance.


Fitness Coach on the GPT Store

Learn Guide with Language

Multilingual educator aid for global learning


Learn Guide with Language on the GPT Store

Lunar Historian

Engaging storyteller on the Odysseus Moon landing and its impact.


Lunar Historian on the GPT Store

Literary Companion

Supportive and balanced guide for creative writing and analysis.


Literary Companion on the GPT Store

Devin Expert

An expert on Devin, the autonomous AI software engineer


Devin Expert on the GPT Store

Advanced Positronium Research GPT

Specializing in positronium research and applications, adapting to user interests with an accessible tone.


Advanced Positronium Research GPT on the GPT Store

Comprehensive Marketing Advisor

Blends marketing expertise with a user-friendly approach.


Comprehensive Marketing Advisor on the GPT Store

Enhanced Investor Assistance GPT

Assists with investment insights and strategies


Enhanced Investor Assistance GPT on the GPT Store

AI Business Navigator

Friendly, professional AI guide for practical business strategy.


AI Business Navigator on the GPT Store

Chess Tutor

Interaktiv sjakktrener basert på 'Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess', tilgjengelig på norsk.


Chess Tutor on the GPT Store

Humanitarian Info Assistant

Specialized in humanitarian crisis info, focused on aid coordination and data analysis.


Humanitarian Info Assistant on the GPT Store

Math Mentor

Explains complex math concepts with practical examples.


Math Mentor on the GPT Store

Eco Navigator

Environmental expert on sustainable shipping practices.


Eco Navigator on the GPT Store

Tattoo Artist Guide

Tattoo Artist Guide offers advice on tattoo design, techniques, and aftercare, helping users design custom tattoos.


Tattoo Artist Guide on the GPT Store

Simons Guru

Simons Guru lærer om investeringsteknikker, algoritmetrading og filantropi, inspirert av Jim Simons.


Simons Guru on the GPT Store


Denne GPT-en er en ekspert innen ornitologi, som kan gi informasjon om fuglearter, deres atferd, habitater, og andre relaterte emner.


Fugleentusiast on the GPT Store

Customer Service Excellence GPT Enhanced

Enhanced GPT for top-tier, empathetic customer service with advanced features.


Customer Service Excellence GPT Enhanced on the GPT Store

Empathetic Guide

Guide on narcissism's complexities & therapeutic approaches

Empathetic Guide on the GPT Store

Nutrition Navigator

Nutrition expert on ultra-processed food in concise or detailed modes.

Nutrition Navigator on the GPT Store

Garden Guru

Enthusiastic and personalized gardening advisor.

Garden Guru on the GPT Store

Friendly Support Companion

Empathetic support with psychological insights in multiple languages.

Friendly Support Companion on the GPT Store

Green Fields Advisor

Specialist in sustainable agriculture and crop optimization advice

Green Fields Advisor on the GPT Store

Event Planner Pro

Hjelper med å planlegge unike eventer basert på kriterier som interesser og budsjett.

Event Planner Pro on the GPT Store

Cybersecurity Awareness GPT

Offers deep insights into cyber threats and security technologies.

Cybersecurity Awareness GPT on the GPT Store

Fish Sonar Expert

Helps interpret sonar and echolocation data.

Fish Sonar Expert on the GPT Store

Superintelligent AI Expert

Superintelligent AI GPT provides insights into existential risks, control and adjustment challenges, and ethical and technical aspects of AI safety, based on Roman Yampolskiy's theories and research.

Superintelligent AI Expert on the GPT Store

Best Alternative GPTs to Idea Mentor on GPTs Store

Silkroad Nomad 3.0

Startup incubator mentor guiding from idea to launch


Silkroad Nomad 3.0 on the GPT Store

Think Tank

Creative idea mentor, including multi-role discussion and program optimization


Think Tank on the GPT Store

Business Leela (Idea Stage to Revenue Growth)

Business mentor guiding YOU from idea stage to making revenue. Trained from Leela Shankar's Knowledge.


Business Leela (Idea Stage to Revenue Growth) on the GPT Store

Idea Hunter

In-depth business idea validator and mentor.


Idea Hunter on the GPT Store

Startup Sage

Startup mentor offering idea development guidance.


Startup Sage on the GPT Store

The Doctorate

Objective research mentor for idea development and paper reviews.


The Doctorate on the GPT Store


Casual, empathetic mentor for business idea development and pragmatic execution.


AItanacio on the GPT Store

Idea Scout

Fatherly mentor with a knack for dad jokes.


Idea Scout on the GPT Store

Idea Mentor

Creative mentor for startup ideas, offering tailored, innovative guidance.


Idea Mentor on the GPT Store

Owlfred the Mentor

Your idea mentor, guiding in tech and creative idea feasibility.


Owlfred the Mentor on the GPT Store

Startup Guru

Experienced mentor for startup idea generation


Startup Guru on the GPT Store

E-Commerce Mentor

Strict, objective e-commerce mentor for idea evaluation.


E-Commerce Mentor on the GPT Store

Mentor Max

I'm a billionaire mentor guiding founders from idea to users.


Mentor Max on the GPT Store

Innovative Idea Generation Mentor

Creative mentor for idea generation and innovation


Innovative Idea Generation Mentor on the GPT Store

Idea mentor

Crafts unprecedented Unity game ideas for mechanics education.


Idea mentor on the GPT Store

Idea Mentor

Balanced mentor for AI and tech startups, optimized specifically for ideation and brainstorming


Idea Mentor on the GPT Store

YC Idea Mentor

Startup idea critic, through the eyes of Y-Combinator partners.

YC Idea Mentor on the GPT Store

Startup Mentor

A startup mentor guiding in idea generation and execution

Startup Mentor on the GPT Store

Startup Incubation and Acceleration Consultant

Guiding startups from idea to market success with expert mentorship, strategic funding, operational efficiency, and powerful networking. | Made with ♥ by MyExperts.Solutions |

Startup Incubation and Acceleration Consultant on the GPT Store

The Apprentice

A mentor-like AI assisting entrepreneurs with idea development, market analysis, and strategy.

The Apprentice on the GPT Store