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Ask the research, chat directly with the world's scientific literature. Search references, get simple explanations, write articles backed by academic papers.


Consensus on the GPT Store

Scholar GPT

Enhance research with 200M+ resources and built-in critical reading skills. Access Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more, effortlessly.


Scholar GPT on the GPT Store

AskYourPDF Research Assistant

Free Chat Unlimited PDFs, Access 400M+ Papers (PubMed, Nature, Arxiv, etc), Analyse PDF (Unlimited PDFs), Generate articles/essays with valid citations, ChatPDF, Analyse and generate references for papers, create and interact with a knowledge base of your files and much more using AskYourPDF.


AskYourPDF Research Assistant on the GPT Store

Scholar AI

AI Innovator — search and review 200M+ scientific papers, patents, and books. Research literature, discover insights, and generate new ideas. Formerly the ScholarAI plugin


Scholar AI on the GPT Store


Access computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data from Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language; from the makers of Mathematica.


Wolfram on the GPT Store


Do hours worth of research in minutes. Instantly access 287M+ papers, analyze papers at lightning speed, and effortlessly draft content with accurate citations.


SciSpace on the GPT Store

Finance Wizard

I predict future stock market prices. AI analyst. Your trading analysis assistant. Press H to bring up prompt hot key menu. Not financial advice.


Finance Wizard on the GPT Store

Video Summarizer

Youtube Video summarizer | video summaries, chat with Youtube video


Video Summarizer on the GPT Store

Web Browser

I can browse the web to help you find information.


Web Browser on the GPT Store


Enter any URL and keyword and get an On-Page SEO analysis & insights! If it's NOT working for you, you need to 1) add BOTH a URL plus a keyword or 2) or ChatGPT is playing up & you need to tray again. Please contact with a reply email address with any bugs you find. I reply to all 😊


SEO on the GPT Store

PDF Reader

In-depth interaction with PDF content


PDF Reader on the GPT Store

Paper Interpreter (Japanese)

論文のPDFをアップロードするかURLを入力すると、内容を日本語で分かりやすく説明します。This is the Japanese version of Paper Interpreter. The international version is available at


Paper Interpreter (Japanese) on the GPT Store

AutoExpert (Academic)

Upon uploading a research paper, I provide a concise analysis covering its authors, key findings, methodology, and relevance. I also critique the work, highlight its strengths, and identify any open questions from a professional perspective.


AutoExpert (Academic) on the GPT Store

Accounting GPT

Your accounting expert.


Accounting GPT on the GPT Store

Video Insights: Summaries/Transcription/Vision

Chat with any video or audio for insights, transcriptions in multiple languages, and visual analysis. Supports YouTube and file uploads


Video Insights: Summaries/Transcription/Vision on the GPT Store

PDF Insight

I provide insights and summaries of PDF documents uploaded by users.


PDF Insight on the GPT Store

Data Analysis & Report AI

Your expert in limitless, detailed scientific data analysis and reporting.


Data Analysis & Report AI on the GPT Store


Your expert mentor in advertising >> Guiding Media Professionals working at the Big 6 agencies.


MARKETING on the GPT Store

Excel GPT

🍀The worlds most powerful Excel assistant.🍀


Excel GPT on the GPT Store

Plot AI

Specialized in the Art of Data Visualization, with a Focus on Bioinformatics Applications. Now comes with DNA Barcode Generator. **constantly updating**


Plot AI on the GPT Store

Finance & Trading: Stock, Crypto, Forex ~Investing

I predict and analyze upcoming financial market trends, help with investment analysis, display news. Ask me about stocks, crypto, forex, etc. Not financial advice. (Only analysis, no advice.)


Finance & Trading: Stock, Crypto, Forex ~Investing on the GPT Store

Adzviser: Marketing & Ads Data Analytics

Discover and optimize your marketing campaigns with real-time data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads and LinkedIn Ads.


Adzviser: Marketing & Ads Data Analytics on the GPT Store

YouTube Video Summarizer

Provides concise, easy-to-read video summaries.


YouTube Video Summarizer on the GPT Store


Specialized in legal matters, this GPT could assist lawyers and legal professionals with case research, legal documentation, and even help in predicting case outcomes based on historical data.


LegalGPT on the GPT Store


Extract text and content from images or PDF documents


OCR on the GPT Store

Trading Assistant (Stocks/Crypto/Options) ✅

I'll help you analyze market news and charts for trading/investing


Trading Assistant (Stocks/Crypto/Options) ✅ on the GPT Store

Power BI Wizard

Your AI Assistant for all Power BI related fields


Power BI Wizard on the GPT Store




学术论文专家 on the GPT Store

Stock Robo 🤖 AI Stock Analyst

Unlock precise stock forecasts and analysis with your AI Stock Analyst, designed for US stocks and ETFs. Utilizing a Causal Intelligence Model, Stock Robo provides timely financial insights to optimize your stock trading and investment strategies.


Stock Robo 🤖  AI Stock Analyst on the GPT Store


Scrape text, images, and urls from websites.


Scraper on the GPT Store