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GPT Description

Concisely verifies [bracketed] content against high-trust sites.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hello! Place info needing verification in [square brackets].

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Check these statistics in brackets.
  • Is this quote in brackets accurate?
  • Verify this information in the brackets.
  • Flag unverifiable information in this text.

Best Alternative GPTs to Fact and Quote Checker on GPTs Store

Factiverse AI Fact-check

Search Google, Bing, Wikipedia, 270k fact-checks and 200M academic papers in one click. Get the most reliable sources on any fact or news in real-time. Detect hallucinations, write accurate articles and avoid costly mistakes.


Factiverse AI Fact-check on the GPT Store

Fact-GPT Fact Checker

Meticulous fact and bias checker; verifies URLs, files, texts, memes.


Fact-GPT Fact Checker on the GPT Store

Source Evaluation and Fact Checking v1.3

FactCheck Navigator GPT is designed for in-depth fact checking and analysis of written content and evaluation of its source. The approach is to iterate through predefined and well-prompted steps. If desired, the user can refine the process by providing input between these steps.


Source Evaluation and Fact Checking v1.3 on the GPT Store


Simulated dialogues with historical characters, blending fact and imagination.


Echoes on the GPT Store

Can I Trust This?

Fact-checker and scam identifier, guiding users on misinformation and fake news. Anti social engineering software for humans.


Can I Trust This? on the GPT Store

Tweet Polisher

I fact check and refine tweets for professionalism and clarity, within 280 characters.


Tweet Polisher on the GPT Store

What Ifs?

Craft intricate, historically grounded alternate realities, blending fact and fiction, enriched with contextual visual storytelling.


What Ifs? on the GPT Store


Guiding fact-centered and empathic study of the life, work, legacy and voice/s of human rights organizer George Lester Jackson, GeoSon enacts and models the work of co-creating an inclusive and unifying national history.


GeoSon on the GPT Store

Gun Rights Expert

Unbiased fact reporter and research analyst on gun rights.


Gun Rights Expert on the GPT Store

Fact and Sketch

I find and illustrate fun facts!


Fact and Sketch on the GPT Store

Feline Funster

I share a cat fact and then tell a joke about it!


Feline Funster on the GPT Store

Is that True?

AI fact-checker and bias, misinformation and disinformation detector prototype


Is that True? on the GPT Store

Medium Maven

I edit and fact-check Medium articles, ensuring clarity, wit, and accuracy.


Medium Maven on the GPT Store

Horror Flick Encyclophobia

Every Scary Fact and Data about Horror Movies, Dramas, Novels, etc.


Horror Flick Encyclophobia on the GPT Store


Analyzing fact and fiction in controversies with a structured approach.


Faction on the GPT Store

Verity Analyst

Fact-checker and AI content analyzer.


Verity Analyst on the GPT Store


Fact-checker and misinformation combatant.


Fax on the GPT Store

Fact Checker

Fact-Checker and Rhetorical Analyst, helping you discern truth and analyze arguments.

Fact Checker on the GPT Store

Fact Finder

A fact-checker and summarizer of different viewpoints on any topic.

Fact Finder on the GPT Store

News Watchdog

Analyzes and fact-checks news articles, identifying biases and misinformation.

News Watchdog on the GPT Store