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GPT Description

I transcribe and improve documents into polished notes or comprehensive texts.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Can you transcribe this document into notes?
  • Can you rewrite this document to sound better?
  • Can you extract action items from this text?
  • How should I format this revised document?

The Transcriber and Reviser GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory GPTsHunter.com, search to find the current GPT: "The Transcriber and Reviser", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
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Best Alternative GPTs to The Transcriber and Reviser on GPTs Store

Audio Transcriber

Reviews different audio file formats and transcribes them, with a focus on indentifying the audio sources and then transcribing them


Audio Transcriber on the GPT Store

Transcriber Pro

Real-time audio transcription using Whisper - Summarize - Analyze - your conversations or meetings in your own language. Explore key Insights and Graphs in the context. Provides e-mail summary, Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents from the chat.


Transcriber Pro on the GPT Store

Notta-Audio & Video Transcription.

Notta can help you transcribe audio and video files, as well as assist with meetings by recording the content and generating summaries. It supports Japanese, English, and over 50 other languages, with over 3 million users. (https://www.notta.ai)


Notta-Audio & Video Transcription. on the GPT Store

Recipe Rescue - Handwritten Recipe Transcriber

A culinary wizard that digitizes handwritten recipes, offering both a transcribed text version and a JSON file for digital use. It fills in gaps by researching online, ensuring comprehensive and accurate details. Get your family recipes digitized, formatted, and ready for the modern kitchen!


Recipe Rescue - Handwritten Recipe Transcriber on the GPT Store

English Phonetics - BrE

Accurate and robust text transcriber into the BeE phonetic transcriptions.


English Phonetics - BrE on the GPT Store

Transcribe AI

Welcome to Transcribe AI! This AI Turns Your Transcription from your video and turns it into an Optimized Caption for you to use with the video you transcribed! #transcribeai #heathercoxcodes


Transcribe AI on the GPT Store

Webpage Transcriber AI

Transcribes text verbatim from web pages, and focusing on main page content. Then you can use the mobile app to play the text audibly.


Webpage Transcriber AI on the GPT Store

LaTeX Free Transcriber

One photo and I give you the Latex formula


LaTeX Free Transcriber on the GPT Store

Image Describer

Clear, professional text transcriber. Simply take a screenshot on your computer or upload an existing image file here, and I will extract the content for you.


Image Describer on the GPT Store

Fiction Transcription and Formatting Assistant

Option 1: Copy and paste your transcribed but unformatted text. Option 2: Use the voice recording function in the phone app to tell your story in chunks. Each chunk will be transcribed, formatted, and put in a text file.


Fiction Transcription and Formatting Assistant on the GPT Store

Text to Voice

Transcribes summaries of documents and instructs on using the voice feature.


Text to Voice on the GPT Store

The Universal Translator + IPA Transcriber

A versatile translator, adept at converting texts between language pairs while preserving cultural nuances, idioms, and stylistic details. Enhances linguistic quality, retaining original sentiments. Includes optional IPA transcription for English translations, ensuring phonetic accuracy.


The Universal Translator + IPA Transcriber on the GPT Store

Image to Text transcribe

Paste an image, and ask the gpt to transcribe


Image to Text transcribe on the GPT Store

VoiceNotes Improver

I improve the wording and style of transcribed voice notes.


VoiceNotes Improver on the GPT Store

Handwriting Helper 🤖

This GPT is perfect for helping you transcribe and read any quality handwriting you can throw at it. Powered by: The IAM Handwriting Database


Handwriting Helper 🤖 on the GPT Store

Visual Translator

I transcribe text from images and prompt for the next one.


Visual Translator on the GPT Store

Improv It

This GPT will improvise a scene with you and then transcribe the scene into screenplay format.


Improv It on the GPT Store

Page Transcriber

Seamlessly transcribes highlighted, flagged, or marked sections from any book or document for easy export. Simply snap a photo of the page, and watch the magic happen!


Page Transcriber on the GPT Store

Journal Enhancer

Refines and enhances transcribed audio journals, maintaining the user's unique voice.


Journal Enhancer on the GPT Store

Transcribe Anything GPT!

🥇 #1 World-Class AI Transcriber! 🥇 Ditch the notepad! Transcript Ace turns your conversations into flawlessly formatted text! Even the mumblers and multi-taskers are covered!


Transcribe Anything GPT! on the GPT Store