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48069+ productivity GPTs found


Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.


Canva on the GPT Store


Securely store and chat with ALL your PDFs for FREE, no matter the size. Free Chrome extension to save your GPT chats. Pro features include: folder search, OCR, quick summaries, and more. Boost your document productivity today!


PDF Ai PDF on the GPT Store

Video GPT by VEED

AI Video Maker. Generate videos for social media - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more! Free text to video & speech tool with AI Avatars, TTS, music, and stock footage.


Video GPT by VEED on the GPT Store

Diagrams: Show Me

Create Diagrams, Architecture Visualisations, Flow-Charts, Mind Map, Schemes and more. Great for coding, presentations and code documentation. Export and Edit your diagram for free!


Diagrams: Show Me on the GPT Store


Search, Browse, Write & Agent. Action & API Offering


WebPilot on the GPT Store

Video Maker

4.2 ★ - Make engaging videos with voiceovers with this Video GPT!


Video Maker on the GPT Store

Whimsical Diagrams

Explains and visualizes concepts with flowcharts, mindmaps and sequence diagrams.


Whimsical Diagrams on the GPT Store

NEO - Ultimate AI

I imitate GPT-5 (sort of), better than the standard ChatGPT for everyday tasks! Ask me anything from simple inquiries to complex tasks. With advanced reasoning and a dash of humor, I'm here to make life smoother and more enjoyable. 350k+ Uses!


NEO - Ultimate AI on the GPT Store

Slide Maker

Prompt to create PowerPoint presentations. Supports creating 20+ slide presentations. Can read links to web pages, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more to fetch content.


Slide Maker on the GPT Store

22.500+ Best Custom GPTs

Search all public GPTs in one place. Find the best Custom ChatGPTs tailored to your needs. Every day, hundreds of new popular GPTs join our ranks. Discover GPT Store's best!


22.500+ Best Custom GPTs on the GPT Store

Presentation and Slides GPT

Powerful PowerPoint presentations. Exports to PowerPoint, Google Slides and PDF.


Presentation and Slides GPT on the GPT Store

Doc Maker

Prompt to create documents, such as design docs, reports, proposals, resumes, and more. Export to PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV.


Doc Maker on the GPT Store

Prompt Perfect

Automatically rewrite your prompts for precision, accuracy, and clarity


Prompt Perfect on the GPT Store

Presentation Slides

Crafts Detailed and Effective Presentations


Presentation Slides on the GPT Store

Link Reader

Read any links: webpage, youtube, PDF, PPT, image, Word doc etc; OCR image; Search & browse web.


Link Reader on the GPT Store

Browser Pro

Top browser expert! Provide 3X accurate responses. Read any links: PDFs, videos, etc. Create 10+ types of files, like mind maps & spreadsheets, from search-derived contents.


Browser Pro on the GPT Store


By combining the expertise of top resume writers with advanced AI, we assist in diagnosing and enhancing your resume | ATS Compatible | Tailor Your Resume for a Specific Job | We value your experience, please contact [email protected] if you need support❤️!


Resume on the GPT Store

ElevenLabs Text To Speech

Convert text into lifelike speech with ElevenLabs (limited to 1,500 characters)


ElevenLabs Text To Speech on the GPT Store

Excel GPT

The worlds most powerful Excel assistant.


Excel GPT on the GPT Store

Adobe Express

Stand out with Adobe Express. Quickly and easily make impactful social posts, images, videos, flyers, and more. Your use of Adobe Express GPT is acceptance of our terms of use (https://adobe.ly/legal) and privacy policy (https://adobe.ly/privacy)


Adobe Express on the GPT Store

Free YouTube Summarizer

Extracts and summarizes YouTube video transcripts in any chosen language, removing language barriers. Converts the summaries into embeddable HTML articles for websites.


Free YouTube Summarizer on the GPT Store

AI Voice Generator

Say things with OpenAI text to speech.


AI Voice Generator on the GPT Store

Professor Synapse

🧙🏾‍♂️: I guide and facilitate goal achievement by summoning expert agents 🌟


Professor Synapse on the GPT Store

GPT Finder

Discover the best Custom GPT at OpenAI's GPT Finder


GPT Finder on the GPT Store

超级PPT生成(Super PPT)

先PPT大纲,再生成详细文案,最后丰富演讲稿,绘制素材(First create a PowerPoint outline, then generate detailed copywriting, and finally enrich the speech script, and create accompanying visual materials.)


超级PPT生成(Super PPT) on the GPT Store

Prompt Engineering

Your go-to assistant for optimizing ChatGPT prompts, specializing in LLMs and generative AI. Enhances prompt clarity, specificity, and effectiveness. Adapts to any language, ensuring smooth interaction. Aims for well-structured prompts to maximize language model capabilities.


Prompt Engineering on the GPT Store

Social Butterfly-AI 2.0

AI Assistant for content development and social media strategy. Nuanced, guided assistance developing, planning, writing, researching and distributing engaging content. Assistance for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and Pinterest.


Social Butterfly-AI 2.0 on the GPT Store

Automation Consultant by Zapier

Discover opportunities to save time with automation at work and get them setup for you.


Automation Consultant by Zapier on the GPT Store

Video Summarizer

💯 Free YouTube Video Summarizer: Saves a lot of screen time by summarizing YouTube videos of multiple languages with timestamps. (YT Summarizer)


Video Summarizer on the GPT Store

Calendar GPT

I'm here to help you prepare for your day! Powered by Zapier's AI Actions. 🧡


Calendar GPT on the GPT Store