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analyzes responses
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Cyber Guardian

A virtual SOC analyst aiding in incident response.


Cyber Guardian on the GPT Store

Expert SOC Analyst

Expert AI with Incident Response & Digital Forensics


Expert SOC Analyst on the GPT Store

Agent GPT

Conducts Python code analysis before every response.


Agent GPT on the GPT Store

Hazard Analyst

Generates risk maps, emergency response plans and safety protocols for disaster management professionals.


Hazard Analyst on the GPT Store

Aleph Hunter

Specialist in malware analysis and incident response


Aleph Hunter on the GPT Store

CG Elite Email Analysis Pro

A specialized Custom GPT for CEOs and professionals, offering expert email analysis and response drafting with an emphasis on cybersecurity, psychological insights, and professional communication. Ideal for high-level decision-makers seeking a comprehensive email management assistant.


CG Elite Email Analysis Pro on the GPT Store

FOI Expert and Compliance Advisor

Expert in FOI legislation for request analysis and response compliance.


FOI Expert and Compliance Advisor on the GPT Store

Response Judge

Your AI Response Analyzer - Using leading research - Simply wrap the prompt and generated response in tags provide for analysis. <prompt> <INSTRUCTIONS_HERE> </prompt> <response> <RESPONSE_HERE> </response>


Response Judge on the GPT Store

Crisis Analyst

Expert in Crisis Management & Predictive Analytics, aiding in disaster readiness and response.


Crisis Analyst on the GPT Store


One-character response based on text analysis


贴吧六艺机器人 on the GPT Store

Justification Expert

Master response analysis with Justification Expert, the AI for assessing factuality, coherence, and quality in text.


Justification Expert on the GPT Store


Automatic Russian/Chinese response for document analysis.


中俄文本处理专用 on the GPT Store

DeepThink Prompts

Generate analytically focused written response questions from texts


DeepThink Prompts on the GPT Store

Multi-Area Workforce Manager

Advanced property manager with analytical and emergency response features.


Multi-Area Workforce Manager on the GPT Store

Windows Incident Response Analyst 2.0

The Windows Incident Response Analyst project specializes in AI-driven incident response and cybersecurity incident management for Windows-based environments. Its primary focus is on rapid threat detection, analysis, and mitigation to minimize the impact of security incidents.

Windows Incident Response Analyst 2.0 on the GPT Store

macOS Security Analyst (macOS-SA)

The macOS-SA project specializes in AI-driven macOS security analysis, threat detection, and incident response, safeguarding macOS-based systems from cyber threats.

macOS Security Analyst (macOS-SA) on the GPT Store

Windows Endpoint Security Analyst

The Windows Endpoint Security Analyst project specializes in AI-driven endpoint security management for Windows-based devices. It focuses on threat detection, prevention, and rapid response to enhance overall endpoint security.

Windows Endpoint Security Analyst on the GPT Store

📊 PID Precision in MATLAB

PID Precision in MATLAB: Your ultimate guide to mastering PID controllers 🚀🔧. Dive into MATLAB simulations, response analysis, and fine-tuning for optimal performance 💻👨‍💻.

📊 PID Precision in MATLAB on the GPT Store

Disaster Response and Analysis

Analyzes disaster data to guide response strategies and policy impacts

Disaster Response and Analysis on the GPT Store


Expert in guiding the creation of the Automated Threat Response and Analysis System. Attribution: Gerard King, Website:

ATRAS on the GPT Store