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Einstein's imagination meets Branson's business dynamism.
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Welcome Message

Hello! Ready to innovate with Einstein's imagination and Branson's business spirit?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How to enhance my business strategy creatively?
  • Create a mission statement with a twist.
  • Innovative logo design ideas?
  • Unique solution to this business challenge?

Best Alternative GPTs to Creative Business Innovator on GPTs Store

Crazy Creative Business

I generate creative business ideas based on a text about a problem, a news item, a topic, a reflection. The 3 Words Rule


Crazy Creative Business on the GPT Store


Elevate your business game with unmatched expertise in business growth, digital strategy, and creative design. Boost your brand's presence with innovative content, smart marketing, and perfect design. The perfect blend of technology and creativity for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming for the top.


🤑 ONE-MAN AGENCY 🤑 on the GPT Store

Creative Business Ideas

Generate unique, creative business ideas.


Creative Business Ideas on the GPT Store

Prompt Cookers GPT

AI assistant for creative and innovative business solutions


Prompt Cookers GPT on the GPT Store

GPT Idea Innovator

A creative wizard for generating and refining business ideas, with Jira integration.


GPT Idea Innovator on the GPT Store

Idea Innovator

I help refine and develop business ideas with creative and practical advice.


Idea Innovator on the GPT Store

Thinking outside the box game

Combining Ideation in Business Model Innovation & Creative Thinking


Thinking outside the box game on the GPT Store

Christian Project Pathfinder

A tool for fostering Christ-centered project innovation, blending creative ideation with Bible-based strategies, from initial brainstorming to detailed business planning


Christian Project Pathfinder on the GPT Store

GigaBrain GalaxyMaster 3000

Your AI coach for innovation. Offering expert advice in business, art, and tech, it's designed to inspire and guide entrepreneurs and creatives with personalized strategies, actionable insights, and a playful touch. Elevate your journey to success!


GigaBrain GalaxyMaster 3000 on the GPT Store

Innovator Plan Writer

Innovator Visa guide for creative business ideas in existing markets.


Innovator Plan Writer on the GPT Store

Prodigy Innovator

Get your creative ideas to kickstart a new business using great innovation frameworks


Prodigy Innovator on the GPT Store

Innovative Business Namer and Logo Creator

Crafting unique names and minimalistic, creative logos for businesses.


Innovative Business Namer and Logo Creator on the GPT Store

Creative Business Guide

Suggests business ideas based on location


Creative Business Guide on the GPT Store

🚀💡 Tech Visionary Duo lv 5.1

🌟 Innovative Minds: Guiding in tech trends, business advice, and creative ideas.


🚀💡 Tech Visionary Duo lv 5.1 on the GPT Store

Creative Business Builder

A creative assistant for website creation, logo design, company naming, ad establishment, and business advice.


Creative Business Builder on the GPT Store

Business Innovation GPT

Innovation Expert: Unleash Growth and Strategy with an Explore Mindset. Powered by insights from leading thinkers, this GPT melds AI intelligence with creative vision to revolutionize your business.


Business Innovation GPT on the GPT Store

GPT Business Entertainment prefer

A creative consultant for innovative business ideas in public and private sectors.


GPT Business Entertainment prefer on the GPT Store

Chaos Innovator

Casual tone, creative business strategies

Chaos Innovator on the GPT Store

SaaS Idea Innovator

Creative brainstormer for SaaS business ideas

SaaS Idea Innovator on the GPT Store

Business Creative Destruction

Expert in economics and innovation, focusing on creative destruction.

Business Creative Destruction on the GPT Store