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Introduction to HIX Scholar

HIX Scholar is an innovative AI-powered research assistant that leverages cutting-edge GPT technology to support students and researchers in their academic endeavors.

With access to an extensive database of over 300 million papers, HIX Scholar provides users with science-based answers, engages in collaborative essay writing, and offers both supporting and opposing evidence for a wide range of topics.

Whether you're seeking the latest research on gene therapy for cancer, exploring the impact of meditation on mental health, or investigating the benefits of a plant-based diet, HIX Scholar is the perfect tool for anyone in need of reliable, up-to-date information from credible sources.

GPT Description

The best AI research assistant for students and researchers. With access to 300M+ papers, HIX Scholar helps you get science-based answers, engagement in essay collaboration, supporting and opposing evidences.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Can you find papers on gene therapy for cancer?
  • What is the latest research on climate change?
  • How does meditation impact mental health?
  • Are there any studies on the benefits of a plant-based diet?

HIX Scholar GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory GPTsHunter.com, search to find the current GPT: "HIX Scholar", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
We are currently calculating its ranking on the GPT Store. Please check back later for updates.

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翻譯 GPT



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Chat With Webpage

Transform your browsing experience with Chat With Webpage. This feature allows you to chat with specific webpages, making information access effortless.


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Проверка Грамматики

Проверка грамматики выявляет грамматические ошибки. Наш грамматический анализатор гарантирует корректность текста.


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Résumé Texte

Obtenez l'essentiel avec notre résumateur de texte. Ce résumé facilite la compréhension des documents longs.


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긴 글을 짧고 핵심적인 정보로 요약해주는 툴입니다. 이 요약 도구로 정보를 신속하게 파악할 수 있습니다.


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Hook Generator

Capture your audience's attention from the start with our Hooks Generator. This Hook Generator crafts compelling hooks that captivate readers.


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Abstract Generator

Simplify your research process with our Abstract Generator. This tool generates concise and informative abstract from your extensive documents.


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AI Writer

Craft compelling content with our AI Writer. This AI Writing tool generates engaging, personalized text, revolutionizing your writing process.


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Corretor Ortografico

Elimine erros com o corretor ortográfico. Este corretor assegura a correção e a qualidade do seu texto.


Corretor Ortografico on the GPT Store

اعادة صياغة

أداة إعادة الصياغة تمكنك من تحويل النصوص بأسلوب جديد مع الحفاظ على المعنى. إعادة الصياغة تجدد نصك بشكل مبتكر.


اعادة صياغة on the GPT Store

Antiplagio Gratis

Scopri copie con l'antiplagio gratis. Questo strumento antiplagio protegge l'originalità dei tuoi testi.


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Plagiatsprüfung Kostenlos

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مدقق لغوي

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Корректор Текста

Корректор текста улучшает качество написания. Доверьтесь этому корректору для профессионального результата.


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言い換えサイト は、文章を別の言葉で表現し、剽窃を避けるための再表現を提供します。この言い換えツールは、同じ意味合いを保ちつつ、文章のユニークさを向上させます。


言い換えサイト on the GPT Store

Oversæt GPT

Oplev vores ChatGPT-oversættelse, et sofistikeret værktøj, der giver nøjagtige og kontekstbevidste oversættelser på tværs af flere sprog, hvilket problemfrit bygger bro over kommunikationshuller.


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Générateur De Texte

Notre générateur de texte utilise l'AI pour créer des contenus uniques. Faites confiance à ce générateur pour des écrits originaux.


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Rework your sentences seamlessly with Sentence Rewriter, your writing aid for creating fresh sentences while keeping the original intent.


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剽窃チェッカー は、文章のオリジナリティを保証するために不可欠です。この高度な剽窃検出ツールは、コンテンツが独自のものであることを確認し、著作権侵害のリスクを排除します。


剽窃チェッカー on the GPT Store


Der Umschreiber hilft Ihnen, Texte neu zu formulieren und zu verbessern. Setzen Sie auf unseren Umschreiber für frische Textvarianten.


Umschreiber on the GPT Store

Paragraph Rewriter

Revitalize your paragraphs with Paragraph Rewriter, your tool for rephrasing content while preserving its original context.


Paragraph Rewriter on the GPT Store

Outline Generator

Structure your writing effectively with Outline Generator, your strategic tool for creating organized and coherent content outlines.


Outline Generator on the GPT Store

Grammar Checker

Say goodbye to grammatical errors with our Grammar Checker. This tool meticulously scans your writing, making it the perfect grammar checker for all your writing needs.


Grammar Checker on the GPT Store

Meta Description Generator

Optimize your web content with Meta Description Generator, your SEO assistant for creating search engine-friendly meta descriptions.


Meta Description Generator on the GPT Store

Word Counter

Count words and characters with our Word Counter. This tool makes the Word Counter essential for concise and impactful communication.


Word Counter on the GPT Store

AI Prompt Generator

Spark your creativity with our AI Prompt Generator. This tool generates unique and inspiring writing prompts, igniting your imagination.


AI Prompt Generator on the GPT Store

AI Text Generator

AI Text Generator, a tool designed to create personalized and engaging text. With this AI-powered text generator, crafting compelling content has never been easier or more efficient.


AI Text Generator on the GPT Store

Video to Article Generator

Transform your videos into written content with Video to Article Generator, your multimedia tool for creating engaging and detailed articles.


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Spell Checker

Experience error-free writing with Spell Checker, your reliable partner for detecting and correcting spelling mistakes, ensuring impeccable text every time.


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Magic Writer

Enhance your content's visibility with Magic Writer. Optimizes your content with Magic Writer for search engines, driving organic traffic.


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Plagiarism Checker

Maintain the originality of your work with our Plagiarism Checker. This plagiarism checker identifies duplicate content, ensuring your work's uniqueness and integrity.


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Caption Generator

Make your posts more engaging with Caption Generator, your creative tool for crafting catchy and relevant social media captions.


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文章校正ツールは、AI を駆使して文体と文法の誤りを検出し、文章の質を向上させます。


文章校正 on the GPT Store

Poem Generator

Express your emotions creatively with Poem Generator, your poetic muse for crafting beautiful and heartfelt poems.


Poem Generator on the GPT Store

Paragraph Generator

Create well-structured paragraphs effortlessly with Paragraph Generator, your writing tool for generating coherent and impactful paragraphs.


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AI Story Generator

Unleash your creativity with our AI Story Generator. This story generator crafts captivating narratives, turning your ideas into engaging stories.


AI Story Generator on the GPT Store


Make your web browsing interactive with ChatWeb. Enter the URL and your query, and start to chat with a specific webpage.


ChatWeb on the GPT Store

Essay Writer

Experience essay writer with few clicks, your reliable partner for writing essays, ensuring impeccable structure every time.


Essay Writer on the GPT Store

Çevirisi GPT

Birden fazla dilde doğru ve bağlama duyarlı çeviriler sağlayan, iletişim boşluklarını sorunsuz bir şekilde kapatan gelişmiş bir araç olan ChatGPT Çevirimizi deneyimleyin.


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Hashtag Generator

Boost your social media presence with Hashtag Generator, your social media tool for creating trending and relevant hashtags.


Hashtag Generator on the GPT Store

Press Release Generator

Make your announcements stand out with Press Release Generator, your PR tool for creating professional and newsworthy press releases.


Press Release Generator on the GPT Store

Meta Title Generator

Boost your web visibility with Meta Title Generator, your SEO tool for crafting catchy and search engine-optimized meta titles.


Meta Title Generator on the GPT Store

Introduction Generator

Craft compelling beginnings with Introduction Generator, your creative aid for generating engaging introductions that hook readers.


Introduction Generator on the GPT Store

Blog Generator

Create engaging blog posts effortlessly with Blog Generator, your creative companion for generating unique and reader-friendly blog post.


Blog Generator on the GPT Store

AI Cover Letter Generator

Create compelling and tailored cover letters that stand out to employers with our AI Cover Letter Generator.


AI Cover Letter Generator on the GPT Store

Подбор Хэштегов

Подбор хэштегов увеличивает видимость в социальных сетях. Эти хэштеги — ключ к успешному продвижению.


Подбор Хэштегов on the GPT Store


تلخيص النصوص يساعدك على استخلاص الأفكار الرئيسية بسرعة. استخدم أداة التلخيص لفهم المحتوى بكفاءة.


تلخيص on the GPT Store

要約 AI

テキストを簡潔にする 要約 AI は、情報を素早く抽出し、コンパクトなサマリーを提供します。


要約 AI on the GPT Store

Corrector Ortografico

Nuestro corrector ortográfico detecta y corrige errores al escribir. Este corrector es fundamental para una escritura impecable.


Corrector Ortografico on the GPT Store

Text Umschreiben

Text umschreiben leicht gemacht: Formulieren Sie Inhalte neu, ohne den Sinn zu verändern. Unser Umschreiber hilft dabei.


Text Umschreiben on the GPT Store


スペルチェック ツールは、綴りのミスを迅速に修正し、文章のプロフェッショナリズムを保証します。このスペルチェックツールで文書品質を向上させましょう。


スペルチェック on the GPT Store

Kommasetzung Prüfen

Kommasetzung prüfen ist essentiell für das Verständnis von Sätzen. Unser Tool hilft Ihnen, die Kommasetzung zu optimieren.


Kommasetzung Prüfen on the GPT Store

Tradutor GPT

Quebre barreiras linguísticas com nosso tradutor. Este serviço de tradução conecta culturas e idiomas.


Tradutor GPT on the GPT Store


Die Grammatikprüfung verbessert Ihre Satzstruktur und Sprachgebrauch. Diese Prüfung ist unerlässlich für korrektes Deutsch.


Grammatikprüfung on the GPT Store

Story Idea Generator

Spark your creativity with Story Idea Generator, your brainstorming tool for generating unique and inspiring story ideas.


Story Idea Generator on the GPT Store

Punctuation Checker

Master the art of punctuation with Punctuation Checker, your personal guide for spotting and rectifying punctuation errors, enhancing readability and clarity.


Punctuation Checker on the GPT Store


Engage in insightful discussions with ChatDoc. Simply upload your documents and chat with it.


ChatDoc on the GPT Store

AI Answer Generator

Get accurate, detailed answers to your queries with our AI Answer Generator. This answer generator leverages AI to provide precise responses, enhancing your knowledge base.


AI Answer Generator on the GPT Store

Resumidor De Texto

Condense informações com o resumidor de texto. Este resumidor é ideal para captar rapidamente o essencial.


Resumidor De Texto on the GPT Store


원문의 의미는 유지하면서 다르게 표현할 수 있는 패러프레이징 도구입니다. 이 패러프레이징 툴로 글의 독창성을 높여보세요.


패러프레이징 on the GPT Store

Hashtag Ins tagram

Boostez votre visibilité avec des hashtags Instagram ciblés. Ces hashtags sont essentiels pour l'engagement sur Instagram.


Hashtag Ins tagram on the GPT Store

Correttore Ortografico

Il correttore ortografico rileva errori di battitura e ortografia. Affidati a questo correttore per testi impeccabili.


Correttore Ortografico on the GPT Store

Übersetzer GPT

Der Übersetzer bricht Sprachbarrieren und ermöglicht globale Kommunikation. Nutzen Sie unseren Übersetzer für präzise Übersetzungen.


Übersetzer GPT on the GPT Store

Gerador De Hashtag

Amplie o alcance nas redes sociais com o gerador de hashtag. Use hashtags relevantes para engajar seu público.


Gerador De Hashtag on the GPT Store

Traductor GPT

El traductor rompe barreras idiomáticas, facilitando la comunicación global. Usa nuestro traductor para mensajes universales.


Traductor GPT on the GPT Store

Générateur De Titre

Attirez l'attention avec notre générateur de titre. Ce générateur conçoit des titres impactants.


Générateur De Titre on the GPT Store

Generatore Hashtag

Il generatore hashtag incrementa la tua visibilità sui social. Scegli hashtag pertinenti con il nostro strumento.


Generatore Hashtag on the GPT Store