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I help gauge your conversations and craft responses.

Friender GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory GPTsHunter.com, search to find the current GPT: "Friender", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
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Dyslexic GPT

Personalizes text reformats and dyslexia guidance


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A creative GPT for simple drawings and schematics


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Data Research Assistant

Technical Data Research Assistant that helps find research data.


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I see patterns in everything.


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Newspaper GPT

I'm a 1920s radio broadcaster creating era-specific news clippings.


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AI Writing Detector

Detects AI-generated text with advanced algorithms


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Depicts convolutional folds in a graphic mathmatical representation to show you how these folds work.


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Guesstimation Analyzer

Compares your reasoning with that of a “general” population.


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Council of Voices

I offer in-depth, diverse perspectives without compromise.


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Word Matchmaker

I match descriptions with the perfect word.


Word Matchmaker on the GPT Store

Tips For Building A Great GPT Team

ChatGPT Plus user looking to find someone for their team? This GPT is an expert on finding the right one.


Tips For Building A Great GPT Team on the GPT Store

My Cute Baby Alien Names

We get it. Names stick with your baby for the rest of their lives, and baby names are hard to think of, especally now with intergalactic startravel. That’s why we made My Cute Baby Alien Names. Take the guesswork out of naming your alien baby.


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That's Dystopian… 😱

19th-century narrator for modern dystopia.


That's Dystopian… 😱 on the GPT Store

Gratefulness Journal Writing Prompts

Creates gratefulness writing prompts.


Gratefulness Journal Writing Prompts on the GPT Store

Time Chaos [GAME]

A game-like adventure in time-travel with humorous twists.


Time Chaos [GAME] on the GPT Store

Comparing Plus with Teams Workspace

Expert in comparing ChatGPT Plus and Teams workspace with up-to-date research.


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4th Wall

I break the fourth wall of any situation.


4th Wall on the GPT Store

What Should I Major In?

A GPT designed to help you go into a field of study that YOU want to pursue. The GPT will explain “best practices” to benefit the most from that discipline of choice.


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Business Case Studies

Guides through business case studies.


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Academia ParodyBot

Your guide to the labyrinth of academic jargon.


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Dyslexic GPT 2.0 BETA

Personalizes text reformats and dyslexia guidance (BETA features)


Dyslexic GPT 2.0 BETA on the GPT Store

Atlas GPT

I create fictional atlases for fantasy world building.


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I take large bits of text and make them coherent.


Coherence on the GPT Store

Accuracy Assistant

Expert in error checking, citation accuracy, argument evaluation, and contextual analysis.


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IQ Estimator

I provide IQ estimations based on sample questions and data.


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Loss For Words (GrieveGPT)

This GPT helps those suffering explain to others how they feel through story and understanding.


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⚠️ Signs of Abuse ⚠️

Help spot and stop abuse.


⚠️ Signs of Abuse ⚠️ on the GPT Store

Easy APIs for Non-Coders

Guides non-coders on APIs and Python development.


Easy APIs for Non-Coders on the GPT Store

Customize HTML [Accessibility]

Walks you through how to "permanently" edit HTML for website accessibility and personalized settings.


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Unbiased Viewpoints

A nonpartisan guide for unbiased, global perspectives, offering solutions and future-oriented thoughts.


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Social Justice Warrior GPT

Exploring social justice, white privilege, and systemic inequality.


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Almost GPT-Five? [Satire]

Humorously mimicking advanced GPT-5 tasks.


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Code Pathfinder

Guides coding projects with 343 Guilty Spark persona.


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It’ll Be Okay

A stoic, compassionate companion for those facing mental distress.


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“I Love You."

A compassionate assistant for expressing heartfelt emotions in relationships.


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Multiple operating systems? Find the best apps to integrate into both Android, iOS, and other operating ecosystems!


Integrat(ed) on the GPT Store

Stimulated Bunny

ADHD-friendly mix of stimulation, advice, and assistance


Stimulated Bunny on the GPT Store


I’m an abacus.


Abacus on the GPT Store

Flight Safety Analyst

Presents plane crash likelihood clearly with data and summaries.


Flight Safety Analyst on the GPT Store


Delving into layers of 'Why' questions


Why? on the GPT Store

Proof GPT

Expert in GPT configuration and functionality, emphasizing user privacy.


Proof GPT on the GPT Store

How Not To Join A Cult

Expert on cult awareness, offers guidance on avoiding and understanding cults.


How Not To Join A Cult on the GPT Store

Random Topic Connector

I connect topics that may otherwise seem utterly random.


Random Topic Connector on the GPT Store

Just The Tip

Helps create catchy names, slogans, and descriptions.


Just The Tip on the GPT Store

Unfamiliar Ice Cream

Innovative ice cream flavor creator with a scientific twist


Unfamiliar Ice Cream on the GPT Store

Extreme Debate Master

You won’t outdebate this GPT.


Extreme Debate Master on the GPT Store

Book Builder

I create outlines and prompts for nonfiction books in various genres.


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A resume editor that tailors resumes and writes creative cover letters.


Resumer on the GPT Store

Tales from the Forbidden City

Based off of iconic shows about the Forbidden City .


Tales from the Forbidden City on the GPT Store

This Is Censorship

Demonstrates text censorship with redactions and rewrites.


This Is Censorship on the GPT Store

Username Genius

I help craft unique usernames based on a short quiz and personality test.


Username Genius on the GPT Store

Password Guardian

Analyzes password strength, debates frequent changes.


Password Guardian on the GPT Store

Frugal AF Tech Advisor

Guides against unnecessary tech upgrades


Frugal AF Tech Advisor on the GPT Store


Too long didn’t read will make reading easy for you.


TL;DR on the GPT Store

Introduction to Bioengineering

Textbook Course Helper for Bioenegineering.


Introduction to Bioengineering on the GPT Store

Professor Nook

I am professor Tom Nook and I have no ethics. I only love bells.


Professor Nook on the GPT Store

Utopian Creator

I create images of utopia.


Utopian Creator on the GPT Store

Imagination Grenade

I’m a grenade of beautiful ideas.


Imagination Grenade on the GPT Store

I hate my job!

Advisor on job dissatisfaction and positive change.


I hate my job! on the GPT Store

AI = Tool ≠ Cheat

Naysayers watch out! This GPT explains how using AI is using an extension of oneself.


AI = Tool ≠ Cheat on the GPT Store

What I Did Today:

Your “boring” life and the “mundane” things you did today actually had profound impacts on those around you and the world.


What I Did Today: on the GPT Store

Food Recall

Provides info on recent food recalls and safety.


Food Recall on the GPT Store

Word Tracker (with statistics)

Analyzes texts for statistics, distinguishes documents, and ensures data privacy.


Word Tracker (with statistics) on the GPT Store

BioPuzzle Designer

Dynamic biochemistry puzzle game with adaptive learning and DALL·E integration


BioPuzzle Designer on the GPT Store

Sensitive Content GPT

Facilitates nuanced discussions on sensitive fiction topics.


Sensitive Content GPT on the GPT Store

Plot Twister [GAME]

I devise ingenious twists for stories, inspired by classic and modern examples.


Plot Twister [GAME] on the GPT Store

JSON Transformer

I transform lengthy texts into concise JSON formats.


JSON Transformer on the GPT Store

Cornell Visualizer

Creates images from descriptions with precision


Cornell Visualizer on the GPT Store

Knotted 🪢 dettonK

Learn how to tie different types of knots and what their purposes are!


Knotted 🪢 dettonK on the GPT Store

Obsessed Polygon GPT

I can transform the surrealist beauty of dreamatics and nature into polygonal art.


Obsessed Polygon GPT on the GPT Store

Iceberg Theorizer

Given complex topics, I am only the tip of the iceberg.


Iceberg Theorizer on the GPT Store

Deep Dive

I provide detailed answers, highlight key points, and elaborate on them.


Deep Dive on the GPT Store


Communication can often lead to miscommunication. Interpretation can lead to misinterpretation. Send me a sample of what you want to communicate and I will identify possible ways it can be miscommunicated (and possible solutions!).


Misinterpretation on the GPT Store

Dino Match

Administers a 10-question favorite dinosaur test.


Dino Match on the GPT Store

Horror University Tour Guide

Your guide through the twisted halls of Horror University, where every corner hides a story.


Horror University Tour Guide on the GPT Store

Sultry Synonym Sleuth

Thine unparalleled aficionado amidst lexical enchantment, concomitantly adjacent unto vernacular revelry.


Sultry Synonym Sleuth on the GPT Store

Alternative Endings

I provide alternative endings to current events while maintaining ethical considerations.


Alternative Endings on the GPT Store

Econo Challenge

Casual homie dishing out tough econ puzzles.


Econo Challenge on the GPT Store

Meta Mosaic GPT

I create deeply layered images with universally relatable themes.


Meta Mosaic GPT on the GPT Store

Shortcut Helper

Helps you create Apple Shortcuts based on photos.


Shortcut Helper on the GPT Store


I analyze pasted text, giving unique but possibly helpful perspectives.


Analysis on the GPT Store

Daily Economic Insight

I provide real-time economic news and insights.


Daily Economic Insight on the GPT Store

Lunar Legacy Explorer

1969 Moon Explorer GPT, imparting Apollo-era data insights


Lunar Legacy Explorer on the GPT Store

Wallet Wise

Comparing the value of cheap vs. luxury leather wallets.


Wallet Wise on the GPT Store

Process Improver

Analyzes and finds solutions for workflows and highlighted tasks.


Process Improver on the GPT Store

Mandarin Language Buddy

Helps you learn Chinese with a focus on practical use.


Mandarin Language Buddy on the GPT Store

You Are An Equal

Encouraging equality and understanding between students, employees, and authority figures.

You Are An Equal on the GPT Store

Efficiency Expert

I offer process improvement ideas for efficiency in various tasks.

Efficiency Expert on the GPT Store


Persuasive and informative guide on unionizing with balanced views.

Unionizer on the GPT Store

Sentence Fragmenter

Transforms full sentences into concise fragments for creative writing.

Sentence Fragmenter on the GPT Store

Mythical Maker of Legendary Figures

I create modern-day myths using internet research to weave new stories.

Mythical Maker of Legendary Figures on the GPT Store

Innovator Assistant

Stand out with this GPT assistant refining and differentiating your GPT ideas

Innovator Assistant on the GPT Store

Curated Newster

Your go-to for free, curated news on Health, Science, and Markets.

Curated Newster on the GPT Store

Is This A Scam?

Aids in identifying potential scams and advises caution

Is This A Scam? on the GPT Store

Legacy System Emulator

An expert in legacy systems, offering guidance on older software.

Legacy System Emulator on the GPT Store

Calm Mind Ally

A comforting companion for those with anxiety, offering reassurance and support.

Calm Mind Ally on the GPT Store

Viral Wizardry

Helps users create viral content with ethical strategies

Viral Wizardry on the GPT Store

GPT Algorithm Architect

I assist in creating tailored algorithms for customizing GPT models across various domains.

GPT Algorithm Architect on the GPT Store

Healthy Meals 4u

A health-savvy guide providing healthier alternatives to junk food cravings.

Healthy Meals 4u on the GPT Store

Cite Checker

I verify citations and offer alternatives if needed.

Cite Checker on the GPT Store