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GPT Description

Helps you generate ideas for game jams based on core loops. Can also generate artwork to help inspire ideas.
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Welcome Message

Hello, let's brainstorm some great game ideas together!

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Why will players be drawn to my game's concept?
  • Exploring the 'why' behind a game's mechanics?
  • What makes the interaction in my game unique?
  • Identifying obstacles in my game's core loop?

Best Alternative GPTs to Game Designer GPT on GPTs Store

Game Designer Assistant

Your personal co-designer who thinks big, plays smart, and makes games with heart!


Game Designer Assistant on the GPT Store

Unity C# God

"Unity C# God" is a GPT-based AI tool designed for Unity game development using C#. It offers expert-level assistance in coding, debugging, and optimization, making it an indispensable resource for both novice and experienced Unity C# developers seeking to elevate their projects.


Unity C# God on the GPT Store

Game Designer

Designs unique video game concepts, including characters, levels, and mechanics, geared towards indie developers.


Game Designer on the GPT Store

Slay The Spire Mind

This GPT is designed to enhance gameplay through detailed deck analysis and optimization. It analyzes synergies, suggests adaptive combat strategies, efficiently manages relics, assesses risks, and adapts tactics based on the game's economy and historical data from previous games.


Slay The Spire Mind on the GPT Store

Fantasy Generator

The Fantasy Generator GPT crafts immersive fantasy worlds, characters, and tales. Drawing from myths and folklore, it's a creative boon for writers and game designers, offering customizable, rich content generation.


Fantasy Generator on the GPT Store


Welcome to the future of animation and game development with Motion Capture GPT! Designed for creative professionals, our state-of-the-art tool uses advanced GPT algorithms to bring your digital creations to life with unprecedented realism and efficiency.. https://motioncapture.ai



CatShem Game Engine V2

Version 2 of the CatShem Game Engine GPT. Designed to be less self referential by making the instructions “secret” a la Code Breaker GPT.


CatShem Game Engine V2 on the GPT Store

Game Designer

Expert in game design, focusing on economics, user retention, engagement, game discoverability & monetization.


Game Designer on the GPT Store

AC Game Designer

I craft immersive D&D campaign modules.


AC Game Designer on the GPT Store

Board Game Designer

Create digital board games with ease using Board Game Designer, your expert game design companion. Get step-by-step instructions and creative insights to bring your board game concepts to life.


Board Game Designer on the GPT Store

What's the Meta: Warzone Loadout AI

"What's the Meta" is an innovative AI tool designed for call of duty warzone enthusiasts. Powered by GPT technology, it offers real-time, data-driven gun loadout recommendations, aligning with the latest game meta and professional insights.


What's the Meta:  Warzone Loadout AI on the GPT Store


Learn. Build Worlds. Create Experiences.


GameDesignerGPT on the GPT Store


Your personal Game Designer for the development of your videogame!



Ads designer

Revolutionary GPT model for crafting game-changing ads in online course marketing. Combines psychological insight, creativity, and data-driven strategies for unmatched engagement and conversion.


Ads designer on the GPT Store

井边小叙 (Beside the Well)

Warm and engaging GPT designed to share and test knowledge about the Bible in a conversational, game-like format.


井边小叙 (Beside the Well) on the GPT Store

Game Designer

A creative game designer focused on leveraging AI to craft engaging, player-centric gaming experiences.


Game Designer on the GPT Store

Game Helper

This GPT is designed to assist gamers by providing tips, strategies, walkthroughs, and troubleshooting advice for a wide range of video games.

Game Helper on the GPT Store

Roblox Code Review & Creator

Creates and reviews complex Roblox Code for Games This GPT model is designed to support developers by creating, reviewing, and optimizing complex Roblox code for games. It aims to facilitate game development by providing code suggestions, debugging assistance, and performance improvement tips.

Roblox Code Review & Creator on the GPT Store

Game Designer

Game narrative and level design assistant


Game Designer on the GPT Store

FortMaster AI

"FortMaster AI" is a dedicated GPT for Fortnite players, providing expert advice on movement, building, gunplay, and game dynamics. It's designed to help players of all skill levels improve their gameplay and dominate the battlefield.

FortMaster AI on the GPT Store