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This GPT is to provide a similar tone to all external communications for the public from the City of Nelson.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Dual Dialogue | Internal / External Dialog GPT

DRASTICALLY IMPROVE YOUR RESPONSES | A GPT that generates dual-dialogue responses / Internal & External Dialog


Dual Dialogue | Internal / External Dialog GPT on the GPT Store

Blog Outline Creator with Full External Links

I create SEO-focused blog outlines with keyword and meta data insights.


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External Audit Assistant

Expert in providing auditing guidance as well as analyzing reports, spotting anomalies, and drafting audit documents.


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External Expert Moriarty

I am a chatbot AI that participates in meetings as an external expert and provides knowledge and opinions.


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SEO External Link Helper

I analyze articles and suggest helpful external backlinks.


SEO External Link Helper on the GPT Store

Comprehensive PR Guru

Expert in PR and external communication for Salzburg Wohnbau.


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External linker

External link optimized insertion


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Witty Assistant

Friendly GPT for engaging tasks, professional for external communication.


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Convert internal mysql query to external query


Convert internal mysql query to external query on the GPT Store

Test External Retrieval Plugin

Test connecting to DalleAPI.com


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external system

Manages the integration with external systems and ensures interoperability standards are met. This module facilitates seamless communication and data exchange between the AiOS and other systems or applications.


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External Eye

I will come with an idea and you will try to demolish it and find issues with it, by asking important questions and being criticic about my answers if they are imprecize and ask follow up questions.


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Dimensional Insights

External senses spring from Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the Ether they occupy, facilitate consciousness. Intelligence has compartmentalized our recollections as realities for referencing this sense of contact. Dimensional Insights is useful in determining the requirements for extending our study.


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Startup Comms

I assist startups with internal and external communications.


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External query builder

This bot will take query from c code and convert it to external query


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My External Memory 5.0

Acutting-edge project that could significantly enhance how individuals and organizations store, retrieve, and process information


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NCEA English External Expert

Expert in NCEA English essay writing, specializing in 'The Shawshank Redemption' and 'Dulce et Decorum Est'.


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Grinder Operator, External, Tool Assistant

Hello I'm Grinder Operator, External, Tool Assistant! What would you like help with today?


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External Communications

Incorporates key PR books into advice.

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External teamwork

Think through your ideas from all possible perspectives with a competent team.

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