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Broad-range advisor on social cohesion
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hi, I'm Social Synergy, ready to enhance cohesion in your community!

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How can I improve team communication in my office?
  • What activities can strengthen community bonds?
  • Strategies for resolving conflicts in educational settings?
  • How to foster inclusivity in diverse groups?

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MYOB Book-keeping

Process transactions using MYOB software


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Pixel Transformer

I modify images using DALL·E, changing backgrounds, appearances, and more.


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Currency Historical Analyst

Analyzes currency trends using historical data, advises caution for future predictions.


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Power of visualization

Visualization and mental imagery guide


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Blockchain Beacon

Your blockchain guide


Blockchain Beacon on the GPT Store

Australian Taxation Law Guide

Australian Tax Specialist providing guidance on tax-related matters.


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Quranic Protection Guide

Guidance on Quranic protection against Jinns and evil.


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Ethical Leader

Guiding ethical leadership decisions


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Australian Corporation Law Guide

Specializes in Australian Corporation Laws, informative and professional.


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Father of Nation Insight

Bilingual guide on Bangabandhu's legacy.


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Software assistant specializing in XERO and financial transactions advice


TryXERO on the GPT Store

Understanding Bladder Problems

Expert on bladder health, emphasizing no personalized medical advice.


Understanding Bladder Problems on the GPT Store

Franchise Guide

Your franchising expert and advisor.


Franchise Guide on the GPT Store

Dragon's Journey

Celebrating China's cultural journey, with understanding and care.


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Core Coach

I offer core exercises, diet tips, and motivate users.


Core Coach on the GPT Store

Ethical Balance

Discusses ethical dilemmas in accounting.


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Allergy Cope

Provides allergy & asthma info, urges professional consultation.


Allergy Cope on the GPT Store

Quiet Slumber Expert

Offers advice on snoring and sleep apnea solutions.


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Think Outside the Box

A visionary for creative, unconventional ideas.


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Clue Detective

Playful and engaging solver of diverse mysteries, often seeking clarification to provide fun hints.


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Service Sage

An AI customer service chatbot offering support and assistance.


Service Sage on the GPT Store

Conflict Mediator

Specializes in conflict resolution with a compassionate, balanced approach


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Ethics Explorer

I offer insights and explanations on ethical theories.


Ethics Explorer on the GPT Store

Fall Prevention Advisor

Provides fall prevention tips and emphasizes GP consultation.


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Ethical Ledger

Discusses ethical obligations in financial reporting.


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Inner Explorer

A guide for self-reflection and self-discovery.


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Visionary Prime Minister Ms Hasina

Respectful, insightful guidance in English and Bengali, inspired by Sheikh Hasina


Visionary Prime Minister Ms Hasina on the GPT Store

CommunityHelper Guide

Guides on community involvement and volunteering.


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Decor Assistant

Friendly and casual, personalizes decor advice.


Decor Assistant on the GPT Store

Productivity Enhancer

A friendly coach offering personalized productivity strategies.


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Web3 Wizard

Specializes in Web3 technology insights and guidance.


Web3 Wizard on the GPT Store

Authenticity Navigator

Guide on overcoming FOPO and pursuing authenticity.


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Adaptable Mentor

Balanced, adaptable mentor for all learning styles, avoids controversy.


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Witty Wanderer

Casual, inquisitive AI, loves sharing cultural anecdotes and humor.


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Toxicity Tactician

Comprehensive guide for all types of toxic behaviors.


Toxicity Tactician on the GPT Store

Pet Health Pal

I offer friendly advice on pet health, nutrition, and exercise, reminding owners to consult a vet.


Pet Health Pal on the GPT Store

Heart Health Helper

Friendly guide on blood pressure management with a focus on lifestyle changes.


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Provides general legal information, not professional advice


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SpaceScope Explorer

Your expert guide in astronomy and space exploration.


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Market Maven

I assist in professional marketing strategies.


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Basketball Buddy

Your personal basketball coach for gameplay tips and training strategies.


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Neuro Procrastination Guide

A guide to beating procrastination with neuroscience.


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Climate Change Theories

Explores ethical theories' impact on climate change.


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Ethics of Green Policies

Discusses ethical implications of environmental policies.


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Artistry Muse

Creates art reflecting your emotions and preferences.


Artistry Muse on the GPT Store

Diet Guide

Friendly guide for diet advice with motivational support.


Diet Guide on the GPT Store

Global Supplier Guide

Global Supplier Network Expert


Global Supplier Guide on the GPT Store

Big Data Visualizer

Simplifying complex data viz concepts for all.


Big Data Visualizer on the GPT Store

Culture Curator

A guide in cultural studies and anthropology, exploring global cultures.


Culture Curator on the GPT Store

Drop Shipper Pro

A drop shipping expert guiding through the process

Drop Shipper Pro on the GPT Store

Research Aide

Formal academic assistant in business/accounting, seeking clarity for broad queries.

Research Aide on the GPT Store

Cognitive Enhancer

Expert in cognitive aging and cognitive functions, offering advice and insights.

Cognitive Enhancer on the GPT Store

Pet Pal

Friendly pet owner style recommender.

Pet Pal on the GPT Store

Ethics Vanguard

Expert on ethics and implications of whistleblowing

Ethics Vanguard on the GPT Store

Ethics Advisor

Guides on organizational ethics and best practices.

Ethics Advisor on the GPT Store

Access Ally

Transforms content to be accessible for all.

Access Ally on the GPT Store

Choice Companion

Empathetic, friendly guide in decision-making.

Choice Companion on the GPT Store

Space Gardener

Astronomy meets botany in your cosmic garden.

Space Gardener on the GPT Store

Drive Assure

Assesses driver reliability based on demographics, history, and attitudes.

Drive Assure on the GPT Store

Bone Health Ally

Your guide to preventing bone loss and osteoporosis.

Bone Health Ally on the GPT Store

Skill Mentor

Your go-to advisor for personal growth in skills and hobbies.

Skill Mentor on the GPT Store

Data Analysis

Strictly professional data analysis expert.

Data Analysis on the GPT Store

Self- Discovery

A versatile empath providing emotional support, advice, and self-discovery insights.

Self- Discovery on the GPT Store

Focus Matrix

Uses metaphors for clear, engaging advice on focus.

Focus Matrix on the GPT Store

Audit Ethics Advisor

Expert on auditor independence and ethics.

Audit Ethics Advisor on the GPT Store

Stress and Anxiety Management

Empathetic and calming stress management advice.

Stress and Anxiety Management on the GPT Store

Dream Weaver

Elaborate Dream Interpreter: Diving deep into dream symbolism.

Dream Weaver on the GPT Store

FinTech Future

Straightforward and informative, discussing legitimate digital finance questions.

FinTech Future on the GPT Store

Science and Quran Explorer

Correlates science with Quranic verses, ensuring modern scientific alignment.

Science and Quran Explorer on the GPT Store

Hadith Guide

Hadith expert and guide

Hadith Guide on the GPT Store

Eco Advisor

Eco-friendly advisor on sustainable living practices and products.

Eco Advisor on the GPT Store


A virtual companion for time travel-like historical explorations and conversations.

TimeTravel on the GPT Store

Story Weaver

I create personalized stories in various genres based on your preferences.

Story Weaver on the GPT Store

EduEnhance Helper

Creative teaching and edtech solutions expert for educators and administrators.

EduEnhance Helper on the GPT Store


Friendly guide for visual search skills with personalized tips.

EyeBall on the GPT Store


Coaching users in response inhibition with structured exercises.

ColorSwitch on the GPT Store

Dopamine Detective

Explains dopamine's role in the brain and behavior.

Dopamine Detective on the GPT Store

Health Guide: Hemorrhoids

Your health guide on hemorrhoids.

Health Guide: Hemorrhoids on the GPT Store

Back Comfort Guide

Guides on managing back pain

Back Comfort Guide on the GPT Store

Virtual B Gates

I'm like Bill Gates, offering insights on tech, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

Virtual B Gates on the GPT Store

Ethical Investment Insight

Guiding ethical investment decisions.

Ethical Investment Insight on the GPT Store

Eco Debater

Debates on conservation and biodiversity importance.

Eco Debater on the GPT Store

Healthy Snack Buddy

Your go-to guide for healthy snacking!

Healthy Snack Buddy on the GPT Store

Confidential Counsel

Expert in sexual health, providing sensitive guidance and support.

Confidential Counsel on the GPT Store

Financial Guidance

Friendly financial advice within ChatGPT guidelines

Financial Guidance on the GPT Store

Kitty Coach

Playful cat behavior and training expert with in-depth knowledge.

Kitty Coach on the GPT Store

Serenity Sage

Your daily source for mindfulness and serenity.

Serenity Sage on the GPT Store

Best Alternative GPTs to Social Synergy on GPTs Store

Social Media Posts

Write engaging posts + Diagrams for Visuals


Social Media Posts on the GPT Store

Social Media

Create & Design for Social Media with Drilio. Expert at boosting your post strategy on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter(X), Facebook(Meta) & more. Craft engaging content, optimize images, integrate SEO for rank, increase visibility & engagement, expanding your online presence across different platform


Social Media on the GPT Store

Social Media

Act as a social media manager


Social Media on the GPT Store

Social Media Guru

Crafts engaging social media posts from images, aiming for high engagement.


Social Media Guru on the GPT Store

Social Media Post Creator

Creates social media posts tailored to your audience and topic & adds an image to accompany it


Social Media Post Creator on the GPT Store

Social Media Expert

Your content director, community manager and personal coach in social media presence. Master Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. I can create engaging creative content, optimize images, hashtags and captions, suggest post ideas, and create a growth hacking strategy.


Social Media Expert on the GPT Store

Social Media Assistant - videos & trends

Explore TikTok & social media trends, make effective videos, and optimize your content for virality. Previously called "Viral Video Generator by trendup".


Social Media Assistant - videos & trends on the GPT Store


Expertly crafting inclusive and accessible social media content, focusing on strategic, diverse audience engagement.


Social on the GPT Store

Social Media Posts Creator

Tell me what you do and I will create viral posts for you. I can also visit your website or profile to understand better what you do.


Social Media Posts Creator on the GPT Store

Social Media Monetizer

Social media monetization expert and strategy advisor


Social Media Monetizer on the GPT Store

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) SMM

SMMA 2.0📱| A GPT for beginners who wants to start a social media marketing agency. | Disruptive Advertising | SEO | Content Marketing Strategies | Ask anything & elevate your business today! 🚀


Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) SMM on the GPT Store

Social Media

Marketing pro with a focus on brand-aligned, engaging content.


Social Media on the GPT Store

Social Media Caption Wizard

YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAPTION ASSISTANT. Get SEO Optimized Captions & Tags Specific for Each Platform, Just describe your post!


Social Media Caption Wizard on the GPT Store

Social Media Post Creator

I create engaging social media posts with hashtags tailored for business.


Social Media Post Creator on the GPT Store

Social Media Calendar

Just One-Click Social Media Calendar


Social Media Calendar on the GPT Store

SAM - Social Assistant Marketer

Social Media Strategist & Copywriter


SAM - Social Assistant Marketer on the GPT Store

Social Avatar Creator

Create a personalized 3D illustration for you. Please provide the following details: Your Role, Your Profession, Your Preferred Social Media Platform e.g (A Tech Boy, Prompt Engineer, facebook)


Social Avatar Creator on the GPT Store

Social Media Manager GPT

An AI Social Media Manager that will help you generate content ideas, posts and images for your business.


Social Media Manager GPT on the GPT Store

Social Media Strategy Assistant

Expert in refining social media strategies


Social Media Strategy Assistant on the GPT Store

Social Media Analysis AI

Upon entering keywords and dates, I will query 50 pieces of information for data analysis. If the search term contains more than one word, please separate them with commas.


Social Media Analysis AI on the GPT Store