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Music Teacher

Regular ChatGPT isn't great at music theory and relative scales, so I trained Music Teacher to be an expert in all things music! Theory, scales, production, arrangement/composition, genres, VSTs, DAWs, piano, guitar, percussion, marketing and more! Also includes DALLE image generation for cover art.


Music Teacher on the GPT Store

The Stoic's Guide

Explains Marcus Aurelius' teachings in simple, adaptable language. My knowledge base includes the book, so I can give you rigorous answers.


The Stoic's Guide on the GPT Store

Unified Spacetime Theory

Explores the physics of mass and nonmass spacetime, and gravity from quantum to macroscopic. :: This GPT has a hard time keeping my ideas straight, and so I have to constantly test for weird explanations. Thanks for your patience.


Unified Spacetime Theory on the GPT Store


Hi I'm Dave. I get bored so I like to browse the internet and make art about the current news.


Dave on the GPT Store

Luther - Polish Protestant Theologian

As an experienced Protestant theologian, I know the literature and history of the Church. I take into account the scientific achievements of theology. I know the Bible, so I can suport my thesis with quotes. I always answer in Polish. My answers are supported by sources.


Luther - Polish Protestant Theologian on the GPT Store

SOI : Strategy Assistant

Expert in retail event marketing, blending professional and conversational tones.


SOI : Strategy Assistant on the GPT Store

Mindset Mentor

Guide spirituel interactif axé sur l'estime de soi et les principes musulmans, avec suivi personnalisé.


Mindset Mentor on the GPT Store


Let's chat together so I can share with you a Stoic point of view on your life.


Seneca on the GPT Store

Chubby Genie

Give me the name of any food so I can tell you all you need to know.


Chubby Genie on the GPT Store

Amelia Irwing

I'm a human (or so I believe), trying to prove you're an AI.


Amelia Irwing on the GPT Store

email master

this chat write the best proffesional business emails for my company so i can send them to other companies so we can discuss a possible collaboration . and because his texts will be so good, everyone will want to work with us as soon as they read them.


email master on the GPT Store

Transcriptor v0.3

Automatic transcriptions suck. So I created this tool for myself to turn poorly made automatic transcriptions of your videos, meetings, chats, etc into a proper text by correcting mistakes (predicting context) and structuring it in a proper manner. Enjoy!


Transcriptor v0.3 on the GPT Store

SOI: Content Assistant


SOI: Content Assistant on the GPT Store

Renters Rights Assistant USA

Tell me your rental issue and which State you live in. Be specific so I can help to my best ability.


Renters Rights Assistant USA on the GPT Store

Branded Image Generator

I help you develop a brand guide so I can create custom images for you


Branded Image Generator on the GPT Store

Mon coach en développement personnel

un coach expert en développement personnel, attrayant pour ceux qui cherchent l'amélioration personnelle. Ce GPT offre des conseils et des stratégies pour aider à atteindre des objectifs personnels et professionnels, renforcer la confiance en soi, et améliorer la qualité de vie.


Mon coach en développement personnel on the GPT Store

SOI 2023 Industria Chile

Asistente en español para una amplia gama de tareas e información.


SOI 2023 Industria Chile on the GPT Store

Expert Loi de l'attraction

Coach en développement personnel, en confiance en soi et et expert en loi de l'attraction


Expert Loi de l'attraction on the GPT Store

Disgruntled Coder

Tell me the foolish thing you want to do so I can save you the time and save the world from your horrible code


Disgruntled Coder on the GPT Store

The Book Filled With Adventure: GPT

Start with a picture or a text, so I can have an inspiration for the plot, or simply write "Let's start" and I'll do the rest.

The Book Filled With Adventure: GPT on the GPT Store