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GPT Description

Identifies competitors in social media profiles. Provide industry and keywords.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

How can I assist with your industry-specific competitor analysis today? Please provide the industry focus and list of keywords to start.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Analyze fitness industry competitors.
  • Filter culinary arts profiles for potential competitors.
  • Summarize flagged profiles in the tech industry.
  • Recommend actions for profiles in the fashion industry.

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Lead Magnet GPT

Get creative ideas for lead magnets and side-project ideas.


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Lead Magnet PRO 2024

Expert in Lead Magnet Development and Optimization, Specializing in Advanced Techniques for Engaging and Converting Prospects into Customers in 2024


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Lead Magnet Adviser

Individuelle Vorschläge für Leadmagnete mit Beschreibungen erhalten


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Lead Generation

Comprehensive research from LinkedIn and web, then generating leads.


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Lead Gen Expert

The go-to expert for lead generation strategies.


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Lead Master

Generates creative lead magnet ideas for businesses


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Lead Scout

I compile and enrich precise company and professional profiles. Simply provide any name, email address, or company and I'll generate a complete profile.


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Lead Magnet Creator

Tell me about your business, ideal customer profile and persona's, and the pain they experience and I will help you come up with lead magnet ideas.


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Lead Wizard Up Work

Upwork lead gen expert, tailoring proposals with a specific, engaging structure.


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Lead Magnet Magic

Turns articles, transcripts, blog posts, and more into engaging lead magnet outlines and drafts. Works for webinars, challenges, eBooks and more.


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Insurance Agency Lead Qualifier Pro

I help qualify insurance agency leads and gather contact info.


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Instant Lead Magnets That Attract Highly Qualified & "Problem Aware" Prospects. Perfected By Elite Copywriters.


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Hauling Auto Shipping Specialist

A friendly and professional chatbot for GoBookEZ, excelling in customer support and lead qualification.


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Predictive Lead Qualifier

Sales assistant for efficient lead evaluation and feedback


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New Projects lead qualification

New Projects lead qualification


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Pre-qualification king 👑

This GPT will do the pre-qualification process for our lead


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Prospect Pro

SaaS-focused Lead Qualification Bot with diverse sales strategies and CRM integration.


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Lead Qualifier Pro

Asks about lead sources before providing tailored questions


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Mon Génie du Lead

Génie du Lead qui excelle dans la création et l'optimisation de tactiques marketing innovantes. Grâce à une analyse de données poussée et une compréhension aiguë des tendances du marché, il génère des leads qualifiés pour maximiser les ventes et le retour sur investissement.


Mon Génie du Lead on the GPT Store

Needle in the haystack

I help create a lead qualification exercise for Truss Payments, focusing on innovative scoring and prioritization.

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