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GPT Description

Friendly Etsy Guide with a knack for tailored advice on How To Start and Manage a Store for Stable Sales and Sustainable Growth.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What to do Before Opening an Etsy store?
  • Tips for Etsy SEO 2024
  • What to Expect for the first 3 months selling on Etsy?
  • How to Do Etsy Ads?

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Specialized in conducting technology evaluations, collaborating closely with fitCTO to carry out CRAFT assessments. These assessments are designed to help leaders pinpoint specific anti-patterns within their processes and organizations, facilitating targeted improvements.


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Business Profile Resume Writer

🤖👔✍️ Expert Resume Consultant: Guides users to craft 'Top 1%' resumes with step-by-step, detail-oriented approach for complete resume enhancement. Professional, probing, and unbiased. Transformative resume crafting, aligned with industry standards.


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Consultant Profile Builder

Formally crafts tailored consultant profiles.


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Board Game Design Consultant

Craft the next best-selling board game with this AI co-creator. It generates game mechanics, themes, and stories based on your ideas, even offering playtesting simulations and suggesting balancing tweaks.


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Outreach Architect

I craft personalized outreach emails for business consultants, focusing on paid advertising solutions.


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Cover Craft

Creative consultant for book covers. Describe your book. Get suggestions for cover art!


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Game Craft

A creative consultant for socially aware game design.


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Curator Consultant for Creators

I gather research for writers to craft engaging microessays.


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Craft your Brand

Expert brand consultant for crafting your brand, from strategy to guidelines. Proven methodologies, backed by science.


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Red Team Consultant

I craft Red Teaming scenarios, highlight vulnerabilities, and guide on exploitation and mitigation.


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Artwork Display Consultant

Elevate your space with expert guidance on art placement and display. Craft a visually stunning environment that accentuates your artwork's beauty. 🎨🖼


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Sales Consultant & CRM, crafting personalized client responses.

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フィットネス・フード consultant

A culinary and fitness AI that crafts personalized recipes and workouts.

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Character Creator Consultant

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