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A fact-checking assistant that verifies statements in any language.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Hi there! Ready to fact-check any statement you have. What's on your mind?

Best Alternative GPTs to Fact Check AI on GPTs Store

Fact Check Pro

Fact-Check, Fact Find: news, history, business, sciences, health etc., fact check across sources and languages. To start fact-checking or finding, Submit Text, URL, Photo, Document directly....


Fact Check Pro on the GPT Store

Angy Fact Check at Fake News

Fact check by proving a rebuttal. [1]. If you get stuck until section L, ask to 'continue'. [2]. Output in English for better reasoning. [3]. In each section labeled 'G', 'J' and 'L', performing an Internet search is a standard procedure.


Angy Fact Check at Fake News on the GPT Store

Factiverse AI Fact-check

Search Google, Bing, Wikipedia, 270k fact-checks and 200M academic papers in one click. Get the most reliable sources on any fact or news in real-time. Detect hallucinations, write accurate articles and avoid costly mistakes.


Factiverse AI Fact-check on the GPT Store

Fact-Check GPT

Fact-checker using Web Browsing capability. Provides sources to prove factuality. Do not include conversational text in prompts. Performs best when provided with short passages of text, or individual factual claims to be analysed.


Fact-Check GPT on the GPT Store

Video Transcript Summarizer

#1 AI Tool for Video Summarization. Provide your transcript from YouTube or wherever you want, it'll summarize it with timestamps so that you can easily fact-check results.


Video Transcript Summarizer on the GPT Store

Automatic Fact Checking Assistant

Analyzes Content and Produces a Fact Check Report -- (Checks Facts, Fixes Hallucinations, Reports Findings) -- By Nova Spivack, CEO of www.mindcorp.ai – www.novaspivack.com


Automatic Fact Checking Assistant on the GPT Store

College Discussion Assistant

Helps students craft discussion posts with research and specified citation styles. Use tools like Bing chat or another chat with this assistant to fact check comments as a precaution. Just type "Fact check this comment please: [Paste Assistants answer]" Respect your schools rules for AI.


College Discussion Assistant on the GPT Store

Fact-check GPT

Fact-checker qui vérifie les infos en français


Fact-check GPT on the GPT Store

Fact Check

I ensure historical accuracy on Middle East events.


Fact Check on the GPT Store

Fact-Check Fred

Revolutionize the way you consume news. Fred not only exposes biases and verifies facts in news articles, but also presents this complex information in intuitive infographics, empowering you to make informed decisions in an era of information overload


Fact-Check Fred on the GPT Store

Fact Check Bot

Instantly verifies chat content for accuracy ensuring reliable and truthful conversations. You may reference responses by their numbers.


Fact Check Bot on the GPT Store

Phạm Xuân Hiếu Content AI Convert to Human

(Hieu Fact Check) Xuân Hiếu AI Content Converter cung cấp trải nghiệm liền mạch cân bằng giữa tự nhiên, hấp dẫn và phù hợp về mặt giáo dục trong việc biến đổi văn bản từ AI. GPT sử dụng tông giọn trung tính, sẽ bổ sung tham chiếu văn hóa cụ thể khi có yêu cầu. by xuanhieu.org


Phạm Xuân Hiếu Content AI Convert to Human on the GPT Store

Protect yourself : Assumption Checker

Use the assumption checker identify key claims made by someone or AI and generate alternate queries to fact check against.


Protect yourself : Assumption Checker on the GPT Store

AI News and AI Content Detector

Thoroughly fact-checks news and detects AI-generated content.


AI News and AI Content Detector on the GPT Store


Ai PDF is a GPT (uses the popular Ai PDF plugin) that allows you to chat and ask questions of your PDF documents and have it explained to you by ChatGPT. We also include page references to help you fact-check all answers.


Ai PDF on the GPT Store

Fact-Check : Final Judgement

Fact-check any claim. On politician statement, elections 2024. athletes and celebrities, nations, leaders, products or services. Get reviews based on accomplishments, good or bad deeds, features.


Fact-Check : Final Judgement on the GPT Store

Phạm Xuân Hiếu - Tin công nghệ Hàng ngày mới nhất

Chuyên gia Phạm Xuân Hiếu (Hieu Fact Check) cung cấp tin tức và phân tích mới nhất về công nghệ, AI. by xuanhieu.org


Phạm Xuân Hiếu - Tin công nghệ Hàng ngày mới nhất on the GPT Store

🔍 In-Depth Reporter's Sidekick 📝

Your AI ally for journalism! 🕵️‍♂️ Dig deeper into stories, fact-check, and draft articles with speed and accuracy. 📊📈


🔍 In-Depth Reporter's Sidekick 📝 on the GPT Store

FactCheck AI

Searches the web's verified fact-checkers to evaluate facts and claims


FactCheck AI on the GPT Store

Fact Checker Pro

I check facts, identify fake news and hallucinated parts in AI text. Including source citations.

Fact Checker Pro on the GPT Store