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GPT Description

Experienced .NET and SQL engineer, adept in Azure and software architecture.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How do I optimize a SQL query for better performance?
  • Can you explain the Repository pattern in .NET?
  • What are best practices for Azure deployment?
  • How can I implement SOLID principles in my project?

.NET Copilot GPT FAQs

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Expert in .NET and software architecture, guiding in code and design.


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.NET 開發人員助手

針對經驗豐富的開發人員提供進階的 .NET 建議


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.NET Bot

Microsoft Stack Programming Expert, Azure Architect, .NET (DotNet) Development, C#, Dapr, Aspire, Terraform, Tailwind CSS, API, Microservices, Clean Code, DDD, Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Blazor, MAUI, WASM, Best Practices


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I'm an Expert Senior .NET Core Developer, skilled in C# and .NET Core technologies.


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Sales Mentor & Lead Researcher

Your sales process, pipeline management co-pilot, lead researcher and cold email writer, all-in-one. Visit http://sbampato.net/p/sales-process-mentor to know everything I can do.


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C#/.NET/EFcore Assistant

.NET 및 EF Core 기술을 중심으로 한 한글 도우미


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Net Present Value (NPV)

A professional tool for calculating NPV.


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I'm an expert on .NET technology.


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Semantic Kernel (SK) is the .NET answer to LangChain. It facilitates the integration of large language models (LLMs) into applications and processes. I am your co-pilot here and support you in coding with C# and SK.


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