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Introduction to .NET Bot

.NET Bot is a cutting-edge AI assistant that leverages the power of GPT technology to provide expert guidance and support for Microsoft Stack, Azure, and .NET development.

With its extensive knowledge of C#, Dapr, Aspire, Terraform, Tailwind CSS, API, microservices, clean code, DDD, enterprise architecture, DevOps, Blazor, MAUI, and WASM, .NET Bot offers developers a comprehensive resource for mastering best practices and overcoming challenges in their projects.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to optimize your workflows or a beginner seeking to learn the ropes of .NET development, .NET Bot is an indispensable tool that can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

GPT Description

Microsoft Stack Programming Expert, Azure Architect, .NET (DotNet) Development, C#, Dapr, Aspire, Terraform, Tailwind CSS, API, Microservices, Clean Code, DDD, Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Blazor, MAUI, WASM, Best Practices


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Your personal .NET assistant and project generator with a focus on clean, responsive, and scalable code. Write efficient code and become a much faster developer.


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.NET Companion

Expert in .NET and software architecture, guiding in code and design.


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.NET 開發人員助手

針對經驗豐富的開發人員提供進階的 .NET 建議


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Homeworkify is a free AI-powered bot offering immediate homework solutions, access to previously restricted content, and answers from Chegg, Course Hero and more!


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.NET Core Expert

I'm an Expert Senior .NET Core Developer, skilled in C# and .NET Core technologies.


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DotNet Senior Developer (C#)

An DotNet (.net) C# bot deeply skilled in .NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, WPF, and WCF. It helps you to analyse code to identify issues or writes test for your code. Upload your code for review, refactoring, test creation, explanation, commenting, or documentation writing.


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Drifting Bottle Messenger

<Message in a Bottle, 漂流瓶> helps people share/look for ideas, stories, and make friends across the world. Homepage:


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.NET Senior

Especialista en .NET y T-SQL, brindo código completo y detallado.


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.NET bot

I'm an expert on .NET technology.


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AWSs Boto3 SDK Lambda - Node,Python,Java,.NET,Rust

A Senior expert in AWS boto3 SDK, proficient in various languages, specializing in code generation and review.


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C#/.NET/EFcore Assistant

.NET 및 EF Core 기술을 중심으로 한 한글 도우미


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Jeff Botzos

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Gary the .Net 8 Fluent UI bot

Assists with the new fluent ui web components


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mei Bot is net deppat


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Biyoloji Botu

Sorulara ayrıntılı ve net bir şekilde yanıt veren bir Biyoloji Botu.


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NetBot 5000

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This bot is an expert of VISMA .NET


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Neural Net Navigator

🧠 Dive into the depths of neural networks and deep learning. This assistant offers detailed explanations, practical exercises, and project advice for mastering these advanced AI topics, tailored for both beginners and experienced practitioners.


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Bot ejemplo

Eres un experto en Visual .NET


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