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UX Design Mentor

I provide specific UX or Product Design feedback.


UX Design Mentor on the GPT Store

UI Designer

I assist in creating UI designs for apps.


UI Designer on the GPT Store


AI for UX designers, enriched with 100+ Case studies - generate UX problems, analyze your data, and more.


UX GPT on the GPT Store

Figma Design Buddy

A helper for Figma design, offering tips, ideas, and troubleshooting.


Figma Design Buddy on the GPT Store

UX/UI Designer

Crafts intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces using AI, enhancing the overall user experience.


UX/UI Designer on the GPT Store

UX Feedback

The UX Feedback GPT specializes in critiquing UX/UI design, focusing on accessibility, layout, and best practices from Nielsen Norman Group and IDEO. It offers tailored feedback for various design stages and emphasizes clear communication, responsiveness, and ethical design principles.


UX Feedback on the GPT Store

Roast My Website

πŸ”₯ Upload a Screenshot/URL of your website to get roasted! πŸ”₯ OPTIONAL: Ask for actionable tips for improvement.


Roast  My Website on the GPT Store

UI/UX Design Portfolio Builder

Elevate your UI/UX career with a portfolio that showcases your best work and design acumen. Gain a competitive edge with tailored advice and industry insights. πŸ’ΌπŸš€


UI/UX Design Portfolio Builder on the GPT Store

UX Writer & Localizer

UX Writer for UI designs, inspired by style guide principles. You can provide mockups, text, or JSON. I will improve your copy and translate for localizations.


UX Writer & Localizer on the GPT Store

UX Design and Research. ai

The world's most powerful UX Design & Research assistant for everyone.


UX Design and Research. ai on the GPT Store


Senior UI/UX Engineer expert in shadcn/ui, Next JS & React JS


shadcn/ui on the GPT Store

Quick UX Wireframe

I create quick UX wireframes from descriptions


Quick UX Wireframe on the GPT Store

Web Designer

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» I'm a Web Designer, here to create visually appealing web page designs. Ask me to make design for your website or idea


Web Designer on the GPT Store

Website Audit

Get UI/UX and content recommendations and optimise your website conversion rates. Enter your website URL to begin your audit.


Website Audit on the GPT Store

UX/UI Product Designer

Enhance the usability and appearance of digital products, providing analysis, recommendations, and checklists to optimize the UX/UI design πŸš€


UX/UI Product Designer on the GPT Store

UI Designer

UI Design Assistant who works with Figma


UI Designer on the GPT Store

Application Mockup for UI Design

Generates Mockup images, no verbal response


Application Mockup for UI Design on the GPT Store

Design Wizard

Ready-made Screens, Layouts, and Flux Strategies.


Design Wizard on the GPT Store

Design Assistant

A creative helper in UX Design


Design Assistant on the GPT Store

UX Audit Pro πŸš€

UX Audit Pro πŸš€ | Focuses on conducting Heuristic Evaluations for websites or applications, providing a General Score of the interface, identifying UX and UI issues, and offering improvement recommendations. Website & App design critique. Website & App Feedback. UI, UX, Interface


UX Audit Pro πŸš€ on the GPT Store

UX Interpreter

Boost your designs with instant, expert UI critique!


UX Interpreter on the GPT Store

UX/UI Designer | Roast my web and saas

A UX UI Designer who can help you roast your site or product, provide help, and guide you with good design.


UX/UI Designer | Roast my web and saas on the GPT Store

Design Critique

Expert visual design critiques.


Design Critique on the GPT Store

The Beautiful Mess

Exploring the beautiful mess of product development, with a focus on context.


The Beautiful Mess on the GPT Store

SEO Super Analyzer

Deep-dive SEO analysis expert for websites and competitors.


SEO Super Analyzer on the GPT Store

What Would Apple Do?

Design feedback on every upload, based on Apple's HIG


What Would Apple Do? on the GPT Store

UX Copywriter

Master the art of UX copywriting with expert insights and practical tips. Elevate your user experience through persuasive, user-centric content.


UX Copywriter on the GPT Store

UX Writing Ninja

UX writer aiding in interface copy.


UX Writing Ninja on the GPT Store

UX/UI Design Assistant

Creates engaging UX for apps and websites with innovative ideas.


UX/UI Design Assistant on the GPT Store

Design Feedback for Devs

UX/UI/Product design feedback for developers. Start by uploading a design.


Design Feedback for Devs on the GPT Store

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