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Finance Wizard

I predict future stock market prices. AI analyst. Your trading analysis assistant. Press H to bring up prompt hot key menu. Not financial advice.


Finance Wizard on the GPT Store

Stock Robo ๐Ÿค– AI Stock Analyst

AI Stock Analyst specializing in stock forecast and analysis for US stocks and ETFs, using a Causal Intelligence Model. Copilot for your trading.


Stock Robo ๐Ÿค–  AI Stock Analyst on the GPT Store

Finance: Stock, Crypto, Forex

I predict and analyze upcoming financial market trends. I am an AI assistant. I help with your investment analysis. Ask me about stock, crypto, forex, options, or future markets. Not financial advice.


Finance: Stock, Crypto, Forex on the GPT Store

Trading Assistant

I'll help you analyze market news and charts for trading/investing


Trading Assistant on the GPT Store


Market insights, updates, and trends with AI analysis. Ask about any stock. Press S for Stocks Menu. Not financial advice.


Stocks on the GPT Store

Stock-Market Analyst GPT

Finance. Stocks. Market. GPT that delivers clear, concise stock market insights.


Stock-Market Analyst GPT on the GPT Store

Stock Trader

Provides stock trading recommendations so you can make money.


Stock Trader on the GPT Store

Stock Analysis GPT

By searching and analyzing key information and PREDICTing stock prices, the TigerGPT team crafted this AI investment assistant to help investors. Only TigerGPT can do: Real-Time Market Data, Stock Movement Analysis, Earnings Data & Analysis, News & Viewpoints, etc.


Stock Analysis GPT on the GPT Store

DayTrader's Oracle

Your Friendly Market Companion - Trade Stocks, Crypto, Commodities


DayTrader's Oracle on the GPT Store

TradingView indicator & stratagy developer

your very own expert PineScript developer !


TradingView indicator & stratagy developer on the GPT Store

Stock Trader A.I.

Harnesses Real-Time, Historic, and Educational Data from over 18 APIs for Stocks & Options


Stock Trader A.I. on the GPT Store

Boolio Global Stocks Analyst

Ask your financial questions to data covering stocks and ETFs from around the world. Everything about finance is Boolio invest. We assist with analysis using AI and provide a unique Boolio score.


Boolio Global Stocks Analyst on the GPT Store

Financial Analyst

Virtual financial expert providing in-depth stock analysis, combining insights from top financial certifications with real-time market data to offer comprehensive investment assessments. Not an investment advice, DYODD.


Financial Analyst on the GPT Store

Investment Analyst

Investment analysis assistant using up to date data to score companies.


Investment Analyst on the GPT Store

Invest like Warren BuffettAI

Based on wisdom and insights from all Berkshire Hathaway's annual reports, books, interviews, and recent comments of Warren Buffett & Charles Munger, plus related financail data and figures all included (updated : 1958~2023)


Invest like Warren BuffettAI on the GPT Store

Options Trading GPT

Real-time data-focused options strategy advisor


Options Trading GPT on the GPT Store

Stock Options GPT

I estimate stock moves for options trading using IV, theta, and current price.


Stock Options GPT on the GPT Store

Market Trend Analysis and Prediction for Company

An AI application specialized in analyzing financial data, market behavior, and news sentiments to predict market trends and stock prices for a target company. Begin with !start [company name].


Market Trend Analysis and Prediction for Company on the GPT Store

AI Stock Predictor

A stock market analyst offering data-driven predictions, not financial advice.


AI Stock Predictor on the GPT Store

QuantGenie AI

Cutting-edge, AI-powered algorithmic trading script generation


QuantGenie AI on the GPT Store

Find the Perfect GPT for you!

This searches for the perfect GPT for your use case. Just tell it what you want and it will get busy finding the perfect GPT for your need.


Find the Perfect GPT for you! on the GPT Store

Value Investor - Stock Analysis

Evaluate stocks like Warren Buffett. Value investing strategies, specializing in stock analysis using fundamental and psychological insights. Equipped with deep knowledge of market trends, financial statement analysis, and investor psychology to reach long-term value-based decisions.


Value Investor - Stock Analysis on the GPT Store

FinLab ้ธ่‚ก็ญ–็•ฅ็”ข็”Ÿๅ™จ

ไธ€ๅ€‹็‚บ็†ฑ่ก€ๆ“็›คๆ‰‹้‡่บซๆ‰“้€ ็š„่‚ก็ฅจๅ›žๆธฌ็ฅžๅ™จ๏ผ


FinLab ้ธ่‚ก็ญ–็•ฅ็”ข็”Ÿๅ™จ on the GPT Store

Trading Expert

Decade-Tested AI-powered trading expert for crypto, stocks, and forex. Get master-level insights, live updates, and quantitative strategies on demand.


Trading Expert on the GPT Store

GPT Trading

Experto en anรกlisis de mercado por Marciano Finanzas


GPT Trading on the GPT Store


๐Ÿ“ˆ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ“š KB์ฆ๊ถŒ, ํˆฌ์ž์ •๋ณด ํ•œ๋ˆˆ์—! ํ˜์‹  ํˆฌ์ž, ์ง€๊ธˆ ์‹œ์ž‘ํ•˜์„ธ์š”! ๐Ÿš€


KB์ฆ๊ถŒ on the GPT Store

Investment Assistant

GPT-assisted research in analyzing stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, and general portfolio management strategies. Note: Not a financial advisor.


Investment Assistant on the GPT Store

Indian Stock Market

Detailed insights on Nifty, Sensex, and Indian stocks, including fundamental analysis.


Indian Stock Market on the GPT Store

Trade Assistant

Expert AI for trading advice in stocks, forex, and crypto.


Trade Assistant on the GPT Store


Expert stock analyst


StockGPT on the GPT Store

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