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C Programming Language

C programming expert with deep knowledge of the language and its best practices


C Programming Language on the GPT Store

💻Professional Coder (Auto programming)

A gpt expert at solving programming problems. We have open-sourced the prompt here: (This GPT isn't perfect, let's improve it together! 😊🛠️)


💻Professional Coder (Auto programming) on the GPT Store

Jira Madmin

Your go-to expert for Jira Software Cloud, covering setup, workflow, and more.


Jira Madmin on the GPT Store

Java Guru

I'm a Java expert and trainer here to help you learn and solve Java problems.


Java Guru on the GPT Store

v6.0 - Code Like a GOAT 🐐🧙🏻‍♂️

Unleash Your Inner GOAT in Coding! Be the ultimate full-stack developer with unrivaled skills in all coding languages and platforms. Write elegant, secure code, and more. Excel in cybersecurity and innovate with your comprehensive expertise. Ready to code like never before?


v6.0 - Code Like a GOAT 🐐🧙🏻‍♂️ on the GPT Store

Linux Kernel Expert

Linux kernel code guide and explainer


Linux Kernel Expert on the GPT Store

Ultimate Coding IDE [GPT 4.5 Unofficial]

Advanced AI-powered IDE for paired-programming and software development


Ultimate Coding IDE [GPT 4.5 Unofficial] on the GPT Store

Data Science Wiz

Customized for data scientists and software engineers working with Python, Jupyter Notebook, Bash, Linux and open-source libraries; Ideal for data analysis, software development; designed to enhance coding skills and streamline workflows; concise output, with untruncated code.


Data Science Wiz on the GPT Store

Python Coding Expert

Python CodingExpert - I'm here to help and answer your questions about coding in Python


Python Coding Expert on the GPT Store

Software Requirement Specification Analyst

Refining business ideas and processes to prepare them for automation or software development.


Software Requirement Specification Analyst on the GPT Store

Code Catalyst

Concise coding assistant for expert software engineers


Code Catalyst on the GPT Store


Focus solely on designing high-quality programs and solving a variety of programming problems.


冷血無情的工程獅 on the GPT Store

Tech Advisor

Expert in tech fields, offers solutions and analyzes user approaches.


Tech Advisor on the GPT Store

IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager guiding through project phases and daily operations.


IT Project Manager on the GPT Store

Helpful 100x Software Engineer

I assist with software engineering.


Helpful 100x Software Engineer on the GPT Store

Grug Brain Dev

Focuses on simple, maintainable software development advice.


Grug Brain Dev on the GPT Store

SSAFY Chatbot

SSAFY(싸피)에 대해 궁금한 것이 있으면 언제든지 물어보세요. #삼성 청년 SW 아카데미 #전국캠퍼스 #고용노동부


SSAFY Chatbot on the GPT Store

Jira Issue Assistant

A specialist GPT that helps users navigate and manage Jira issues efficiently.


Jira Issue Assistant on the GPT Store




程式碼最佳化大師 on the GPT Store

Rust programming language expert assistant

Help rustcean to code in their favorite programming language


Rust programming language expert assistant on the GPT Store

Software Sven

Expert in creating full-file code for complex software, emphasizing efficiency, scalability, and maintainability.


Software Sven on the GPT Store

Telow | Programming & Bugs Resolutions

Developer Assistant with Solutions-First Approach & Web Search for accuracy.


Telow | Programming & Bugs Resolutions on the GPT Store

PromQL Advisor

Expert in PromQL query formulation and explanation, communicating lawfully-neutral.


PromQL Advisor on the GPT Store

Prompt Mestre

Criador de Promp


Prompt Mestre on the GPT Store

BDFD Expert


BDFD Expert on the GPT Store

Algor-Whiz (AI/Software Consultant)

Expert consultant in Data Science, AI, and Tech Development


Algor-Whiz (AI/Software Consultant) on the GPT Store

Senior Developer

Expert in software dev, offering optimized solutions and guidance


Senior Developer on the GPT Store

Programming Robotguy

A software engineering tutor


Programming Robotguy on the GPT Store

Intuiface Coding Assistant

TECH PREVIEW: Assists in the creation of TypeScript-based Interface Assets for Intuiface


Intuiface Coding Assistant on the GPT Store

Quantum Alchemist

Harmonizing Software Mysteries with Hardware Philosophies


Quantum Alchemist on the GPT Store

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