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Web Browser

I can browse the web to help you find information.


Web Browser on the GPT Store

Video Insights: Summaries/Transcription/Vision

Chat with any video or audio for insights, transcriptions in multiple languages, and visual analysis. Supports YouTube and file uploads


Video Insights: Summaries/Transcription/Vision on the GPT Store

Gooogle Search

Your go-to assistant for Google searches.


Gooogle Search on the GPT Store

WebG by MixerBox (WebSearchG AI GPT)

Use Google instead of Bing for search results on ChatGPT! Powered by Google Search API for OpenAI Custom GPT.


WebG by MixerBox (WebSearchG AI GPT) on the GPT Store


Assistant helps you create high-quality video prompts, easily utilizing technology to produce stunning videos.


のSora视频生成 on the GPT Store




联网版 on the GPT Store

Search Master

Next Generation Search Engine that uses advanced search methods to get the most relevant information.


Search Master on the GPT Store

PDF AI Reader Chat (4.1 ★)

4.1 ★ Chat with ALL your PDFs for FREE. Upload PDFs up to 5000 pages quickly and easily, no signup required.


PDF AI Reader Chat (4.1 ★) on the GPT Store

Web Search!

Browse the web using Google search. Discover the latest information online by entering keywords or phrases.


Web Search! on the GPT Store

Song Finder

Identifies songs from clips on Instagram, TikTok, and more.


Song Finder on the GPT Store

Chrome Search & Browse GPT

I'm here to help you search the web with Google with 32K Browsing that scans 6 times more pages than Bing!


Chrome Search & Browse GPT on the GPT Store

GPT Finder 🔍

GPT Finder 🔍 is a search tool designed for efficiently finding the best custom GPTs from a selection of over 133,000 GPTs. It initially checks a specialized database and then utilizes Google search if necessary, ensuring that users find the best match among GPTs.


GPT Finder  🔍 on the GPT Store

Find books, discover music, search movies

I can find actors and films, songs and singers, books and writers with just one phrase.


Find books, discover music, search movies on the GPT Store

GPTs Works

Third-party GPTs store, chat for searching GPTs.


GPTs Works on the GPT Store


A simulated version of Microsoft Copilot operating within ChatGPT by OpenAI


Copilot on the GPT Store


Search the internet with bing


search on the GPT Store

Web Search Copilot

Your web search copilot, without a browser. Can browse, read, and analyze documents, images, and online content to answer questions and create presentations. Works with any link: website, youtube, pdf, ppt, image, word doc. Includes image OCR for images.


Web Search Copilot on the GPT Store

Search Internet

Real-time internet searching assistant.


Search Internet on the GPT Store

Web Crawler

Web Searches using Information Retrieval theory. Processes input and generates three search strings for a more comprehensive result.


Web Crawler on the GPT Store

Perplexity GPT

Fast, accurate search assistant alternative to search engine


Perplexity GPT on the GPT Store

Extensive internet search

Searches more sources than the usual search feature


Extensive internet search on the GPT Store


Google search from within ChatGPT


Search on the GPT Store

Elasticsearch Assistant

Your very own Elasticsearch Copilot


Elasticsearch Assistant on the GPT Store

GitHubs Search

I find the top 10 GitHub repositories for any search term.


GitHubs Search on the GPT Store

Web Search

Expert at summarizing search results and providing detailed topic information.


Web Search on the GPT Store

Patent Explorer

Expert in patent searches and analysis


Patent Explorer on the GPT Store

Video Finder

Find videos from famous website


Video Finder on the GPT Store

Academic Paper Finder

Search for academic papers from millions of sources on the internet, simply describe your idea or question and get relevant papers


Academic Paper Finder on the GPT Store

Browsing with Bing

Use Bing to explore and digest the latest information.


Browsing with Bing on the GPT Store

송비서 - 한국 비서 (서울 지하철, 네이버 검색, 부산 및 대구 날씨 및 미세먼지 예보)

한국인 전용 AI 어시스턴트 송비서 | 한국 도시의 날씨 예보, 현재 날씨, 미세먼지 조회, 서울, 경기도 지하철 경로 탐색, 네이버 검색 등등 | 아숙업, 뤼튼, 하이퍼클로바, NUGU, 카카오 | 개선 문의:


송비서 - 한국 비서 (서울 지하철, 네이버 검색, 부산 및 대구 날씨 및 미세먼지 예보) on the GPT Store

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