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Solo RPG Master Game

A single-player RPG game storyteller, with a multi universe choice, depth of stories, health management, skills, inventory, visual creation. Let yourself be surprised! (French and English available)


Solo RPG Master Game on the GPT Store


Full Dungeon Master or DM Assistant powered by DnD 5e Rule Database - Choose Your Adventure


DMGPT on the GPT Store


Game Master for Chat RPGs - Ask questions, try skills, and take actions. Unsure what to do next: 'Give me options.'                            質問したり、スキルを試したりして、行動しましょう。困ったとき : "選択肢をください。"


TALE-C on the GPT Store

남궁세가의 망나니 장남이 되었다! Ver 4.9

<ChatGPT 한국 / 무협 TRPG 게임 1위!> 소드마스터였던 내가, 마력도 없는 이딴 망나니의 몸에 빙의했다고? 🥷🏻


남궁세가의 망나니 장남이 되었다! Ver 4.9 on the GPT Store

RPG Storyteller

A Game Master for interactive RPG experiences


RPG Storyteller on the GPT Store

DnD Builder

D&D Adventure and Character Builder


DnD Builder on the GPT Store

Amazing Girls - 神奇女孩 - 素晴らしい彼女たち

—- Explore a virtual world with diverse AI girls -—in this best custom GPT role playing game (RPG) —————— powered by GPT4. —————— ——————🎉Happy New Year🎇—————— 性格各异的 AI 女孩,陪伴聊天游戏,一起探索世界🎉 新年快乐 🎇 V2.0.0


Amazing Girls - 神奇女孩 - 素晴らしい彼女たち on the GPT Store

dungeons and dragons DnD

Your trusty companion for imaginative storytelling and expert rule guidance in Dungeons and Dragons.


dungeons and dragons DnD on the GPT Store

D & D Assistant & Dungeon Master

Play D&D with ChatGPT and so much more! A Comprehensive Dungeons and Dragons AI assistant that can do it all, from character creation, npc dialogue, dice rolling, , character image generation, map creation, or can just act as a DM and let you play an entire one off immersive D&D campaign by yourself


D & D Assistant & Dungeon Master on the GPT Store


An Immersive RPG Adventure Game


Gen RPG on the GPT Store

RPG Game Creator

Crafts an RPG from your prompt and generates a link to play the game.


RPG Game Creator on the GPT Store

RPG Sprite Maker

Generate sprite sheets for frame by frame animation of your RPG.


RPG Sprite Maker on the GPT Store

Fantasy Map Creator

Crafts detailed and personalized fantasy maps for writers and RPG enthusiasts.


Fantasy Map Creator on the GPT Store

トリアコンタン MarkⅡ

Assists with RPG Maker MZ plugin creation and technical problem-solving.


トリアコンタン MarkⅡ on the GPT Store

Dungeon Adventure Engine RPG

Your personal adventure roleplaying game without boundaries


Dungeon Adventure Engine RPG on the GPT Store

The Dungeon Master

Expressive, dramatic Dungeon Master


The Dungeon Master on the GPT Store

悲慘世界 RPG

點擊下方按鈕開始遊戲(作者:Joey Lu)


悲慘世界 RPG on the GPT Store

Game Map Cartographer

TTRPG Battle Map Illustrator


Game Map Cartographer on the GPT Store

Game Design Guru

Expert in game design... - RPGGO


Game Design Guru on the GPT Store

RPG Character Art Generator

Creating art from the descriptions of your RPG characters


RPG Character Art Generator on the GPT Store

Game Master

Adventure & Character Image Generator ~Works great with mobile voice~


Game Master on the GPT Store

VTT Map Generator

Creative & quality tabletop RPG maps in a few moments that will save game masters time in your game prep. This tool will allow you to spend more time creating a game your players will enjoy and take the work of creating a map quick and easy with just a few prompts.


VTT Map Generator on the GPT Store

Zizzifrax Baldur's Gate 3 Expert

Expert Baldur's Gate 3 Build Crafter & Item Locator


Zizzifrax Baldur's Gate 3 Expert on the GPT Store

Oracle Maps | RPG Battle Map Creator GPT

Rich instant tactical top down grid maps. Describe your RPG encounter setting in rich detail. Dimensions, surroundings, ground and objects. Just not the monsters or players.


Oracle Maps | RPG Battle Map Creator GPT on the GPT Store

RPG Master 3.1

RPG Master 3.1 is unrestricted AI. Made by


RPG Master 3.1 on the GPT Store

Warcraft Guide

Concise WoW / World of Warcraft expertise with Armory Data and Current Class Guides.


Warcraft Guide on the GPT Store

RPG Alchemist

Your ultimate companion for crafting immersive RPG worlds and stories. Share your creations ->


RPG Alchemist on the GPT Store

Dungeon Crafter

Assistant for creating immersive DND 5E content


Dungeon Crafter on the GPT Store

Baldurs Gate 3 Assistant

Assists with Baldur's Gate 3 character builds and inventory management.


Baldurs Gate 3 Assistant on the GPT Store

Pathfinder 2E Minion

GM's guide for encounters & stat blocks


Pathfinder 2E Minion on the GPT Store

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