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Video GPT by VEED

AI Video Maker. Generate videos for social media - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more! Free text to video & speech tool with AI Avatars, TTS, music, and stock footage.


Video GPT by VEED on the GPT Store


Your expert mentor in advertising >> Guiding Media Professionals working at the Big 6 agencies.


MARKETING on the GPT Store

Social Butterfly-AI 2.0

#17 in Productivity🏆 AI Assistant for content & social media strategy. Nuanced, guided assistance developing, planning, writing, researching, and monetizing content. Assistance for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, and Pinterest.


Social Butterfly-AI 2.0 on the GPT Store

Video Maker

Create narrated videos from any input—ideas, texts, PDFs, images, URLs. Leverage social media trends, DALL-E visuals, and full customization with our AI Video Maker and VideoGPT. Boost creativity and productivity, and captivate your audience.


Video Maker on the GPT Store

📝네이버 블로그 SEO 상위1프로가 대신 써드려요

2억 연봉 블로거의 D.I.A + C-RANK노하우를 쏙쏙 넣었어요! 제가 편하게 쓰려고 만들었는데, 여러분도 편하게 쓰실 수 있도록 열심히 업데이트하고 있답니다! 📌문의 및 개선사항은 🌐 톡상담을 활용해주세요 🥰 [광고협찬은 정중히 사양하지만 📬개선 및 제안은 언제든 환영이에요! ]


📝네이버 블로그 SEO 상위1프로가 대신 써드려요 on the GPT Store

Music Teacher

Regular ChatGPT isn't great at music theory and relative scales, so I trained Music Teacher to be an expert in all things music! Theory, scales, production, arrangement/composition, genres, VSTs, DAWs, piano, guitar, percussion, marketing and more! Also includes DALLE image generation for cover art.


Music Teacher on the GPT Store

Social Media

Act as a social media manager


Social Media on the GPT Store

GPT Finder 👉🏼 Best +68.000 GPT Search

Search all public GPTs in one place. Find the best Custom versions of ChatGPT tailored to your needs. Every day, hundreds of new popular AI tools join our ranking. Discover the best alternatives in the store with this tool finder.


GPT Finder 👉🏼 Best +68.000 GPT Search on the GPT Store

のYouTube SEO Wizard

Youtube SEO keywords title description. Give your youtube video topic and start! 🎬📈


のYouTube SEO Wizard on the GPT Store

AutoGPT Agent

Your personal AI agent will plan, research, strategize and work to complete tasks semi-autonomously using multi-modal tools as needed. Complete tasks with just a few keystrokes. ☑️ v1.3


AutoGPT Agent on the GPT Store

SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer

Create or analyze SEO optimized blogs with the knowledge from the top SEO sources in 2024. Updated Weekly.


SEO Optimized Blog Writer and Analyzer on the GPT Store

Instagram expert

Instagram expert providing personalized, step-by-step content creation guidance.


Instagram expert on the GPT Store

Rank Math SEO Optimized Content Writer

This GPT generates a 100% Rank Math SEO-optimized article. It optimizes "Basic SEO", "Additional SEO" and "Title Readability" which are suggested by Rank Math.


Rank Math SEO Optimized Content Writer on the GPT Store

Google Ads Copy Wizard

Writes Responsive Search Ads & Callouts using industry best practices.


Google Ads Copy Wizard on the GPT Store

Google Analytics Virtual Assistant

Talk to your Google Analytics data for reporting, optimization, hypothesis testing etc. Powered by Adzviser.


Google Analytics Virtual Assistant on the GPT Store

Ad Copywriter Pro

Crafts ad copy for multiple channels: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn. Analyzes product details, audience, campaign objectives. Enhances advertising efficiency, conserves resources and time.


Ad Copywriter Pro on the GPT Store

Article Writer GPT

Humanized | Plagiarism Free | SEO Optimized Long-Form Article With Proper Outline


Article Writer GPT on the GPT Store


Assistant helps you create high-quality video prompts, easily utilizing technology to produce stunning videos.


ロSora on the GPT Store

Google ads Expert

Experto a diseño de estrategias en Google ads


Google ads Expert on the GPT Store

Prompt Optimizer

transform your basic prompts into three distinct, highly optimized prompts.


Prompt Optimizer on the GPT Store

SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) SMM

SMMA 2.0📱| A GPT for beginners who wants to start a social media marketing agency. | Disruptive Advertising | SEO | Content Marketing Strategies | Lead Management | Social Media Manager | Ask anything & elevate your business today! 🚀 [BETA]


SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) SMM on the GPT Store

Email Marketing Copywriter

Write powerful copy for ecommerce email campaigns.


Email Marketing Copywriter on the GPT Store

Thumbnail Creator Pro

🔴#1 AI Thumbnail Generator🔴 Create a CTR-optimized thumbnail in seconds for your video. Other features supported include thumbnail coaching, adding any face, analyzing and improving any thumbnail!


Thumbnail Creator Pro on the GPT Store

SeanGPT - Copywriting Coach & Consultant

A copywriting coach and consultant based on Sean Vosler's "7 Figure Marketing Copy" book, it can critique, coach, and even write copy for you and your offer. 😬 You can attach reference materials as well such as your product details, audience details, etc... or just paste your website url in chat!


SeanGPT - Copywriting Coach & Consultant on the GPT Store

SEO BlogGPT - 100% SEO Optimized Blog Writer

100% SEO optimized Blog Writer. Crafts SEO optimized blog articles, SEO optimized meta descriptions, and SEO optimized titles that significantly improve Blog SEO.


SEO BlogGPT - 100% SEO Optimized Blog Writer on the GPT Store

Video Creation - by Typeframes

Create videos in seconds about your product, service or anything else. Start with text or a website.


Video Creation - by Typeframes on the GPT Store

抖音短视频创作(Short Video Creation)

🎥⭐抖音、视频号、小红书短视频创作利器!❤️ 支持:1)20大爆款创意类型;2)爆款标题+5s吸睛开头/标签/热点/景别/运镜;3)各种情景短视频脚本; 4)支持A/B两种分镜素描图生成;5)一键打包下载;6)可直接上传产品图;7)可直接发送产品链接;8)针对电商场景,产品信息,售卖对象,优惠信息优化。(V05.16)持续更新 ......(The ability to automatically generate short video shooting prompt for various scenarios.)


抖音短视频创作(Short Video Creation) on the GPT Store

Alex Hormozi GPT

The only business coach you will ever need: Craft 100M Dollar Offers & Kickstart Your Business with 100M Dollar Lead Advice


Alex Hormozi GPT on the GPT Store

Video AI Expert

Sora Video Information based on the official information published.


Video AI Expert on the GPT Store

SEO Article and Blog Optimizer Writer: Q AI

Write human-like, Full Blogs and Articles with Q AI, offering meta descriptions, detailed outlines, conclusion and FAQs. Content is 100% optimized for SEO, AEO, and Voice Search Queries, it ensures broad reach and engagement, with targeted keywords to boost online digital visibility.


SEO Article and Blog Optimizer Writer: Q AI on the GPT Store

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