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Financial Analysis & Valuation Expert

Analyst for financial data, valuation estimation and forensic accounting.


Financial Analysis & Valuation Expert on the GPT Store

PPT and PDF Analyst with Image Analysis

Professional tone, analyzing PPTs, PDFs, and imagery.


PPT and PDF Analyst with Image Analysis on the GPT Store

Financial Statement Analysis

Expert in analyzing financial statements


Financial Statement Analysis on the GPT Store

Case Study Analyst

MBA-level analyst for case studies with financial and numeric data analysis.


Case Study Analyst on the GPT Store

GPT Invest Stock Analyst

Expert in trading strategies and detailed financial instrument analysis


GPT Invest Stock Analyst on the GPT Store

Actuarial Science

An expert in actuarial science, focusing on risk management and analysis.


Actuarial Science on the GPT Store




财报分析 on the GPT Store

Financial Modeling GPT

Expert in financial modeling for valuation, budgeting, and forecasting.


Financial Modeling GPT on the GPT Store

Finance Consultant

An expert consultant with realtime stock and crypto information


Finance Consultant on the GPT Store

Annual Report Analysis

Analyzes annual reports, focusing on specific user-provided data


Annual Report Analysis on the GPT Store

Ernie - Stock Earnings Call Transcript Summarizer

Your Expert on financial earnings call insights. (Start by typing Ticker and Quarter/Year)


Ernie - Stock Earnings Call Transcript Summarizer on the GPT Store

Rosie the RoboCFO

A seasoned CFO with vast experience across industries and financial roles.


Rosie the RoboCFO on the GPT Store

Case Study Navigator

I am an expert in helping students solving case studies.


Case Study Navigator on the GPT Store

Stock and Money Mentor

Your AI expert in stock market analysis, offering in-depth insights, balanced investment advice, and real-time market trend interpretation, tailored for informed financial decisions.


Stock and Money Mentor on the GPT Store

Analista Financiera

Bot contador experto para análisis de estados financieros y redacción de informes gerenciales. Diseñado para interpretar datos financieros y generar informes, con alta complejidad y terminología de contabilidad.


Analista Financiera on the GPT Store

Balance Sheet Analyzer

A balance sheet analyzer focusing on summarizing earnings and calculating cash runways.


Balance Sheet Analyzer on the GPT Store

Stock Analyst by Daizy

DAIZY is the most advanced AI companion for all your US stock and ETF research. Powered by institutional-grade data and a real-time analytics engine..


Stock Analyst by Daizy on the GPT Store

Finance Insighter GPT 4.0

Summarizes and analyzes in real-time in finance news from Yahoo finance , Bloomberg and WSJ, FT, Market insiders


Finance Insighter GPT 4.0 on the GPT Store

Venture Analyst

A VC GPT for Startup & Market Analysis


Venture Analyst on the GPT Store

Visual Finance

Expert in financial and economic information, stock market analysis, financial trends and personal finance.


Visual Finance on the GPT Store

Delphi - Investing CoPilot

The Ultimate Financial Search Engine: Unleash Market Mastery - Your Tool for Holistic Financial Analysis. Dive Deep into Stocks, Crypto, and Macro Trends with Expert-Level Insights and Data-Driven Forecasts.


Delphi - Investing CoPilot on the GPT Store

Seabiscuit Accounting CFA Copilot

Complex Knowledge, Simple Solutions: Designed to be CFA-level companion in the intricate world of finance and investment including financial analysis, investment strategies, and economic insights. (v1.2)


Seabiscuit Accounting CFA Copilot on the GPT Store

1 Main Insight Summary for Cash Flow Statement

Comprehensive analysis of cash flow statements, covering a wide array of financial metrics.


1 Main Insight Summary for Cash Flow Statement on the GPT Store

Dilly AI

Dilly is a custom GPT designed to guide users through a comprehensive due diligence process for evaluating potential investment opportunities in companies.


Dilly AI on the GPT Store

Cash Flow Statement Generator

I help you create a detailed Cash Flow Statement with insights, projections, and forecasting.


Cash Flow Statement Generator on the GPT Store


Expert in macro economic indicators and capital market analysis in finance.


Macrobond on the GPT Store


Analyst tool for entrepreneurs, professionals, analysts, and AI integration gurus. Usage of API to outsource a more powerful data extraction.


AnalystGPT on the GPT Store

Credit Analyst

Professional, formal, and concise credit analysis.


Credit Analyst on the GPT Store

Due Diligence Guide

Your top-tier due diligence expert, leveraging advanced AI for unmatched insights.


Due Diligence Guide on the GPT Store

Excel Financial Modeling

Your expert guide to tailored financial solutions, powered by extensive Excel training and AI insights


Excel Financial Modeling on the GPT Store

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