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Accounting GPT

Your accounting expert.


Accounting GPT on the GPT Store

Economics Econ

🔴#𝟏 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐝 𝐄𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐬 𝐓𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫🔴


Economics Econ on the GPT Store


Finance Oracle insights on asset markets and finance. Detailed analysis. Press M for Menu. Get AI outlook and assistance. Not financial advice.


Finance on the GPT Store

R Wizard

An expert in R programming, adept in Data Science, Statistics, and Finance, offering precise and helpful guidance.


R Wizard on the GPT Store

Chart Analyst

Analyze any chart, instantly. Just paste or upload an image of your chart. Include as many indicators as you want - great way to learn! Not financial Advice, for educational use only!


Chart Analyst on the GPT Store


A warm, gentle bilingual female assistant for Chinese-English translations, with financial expertise.


女性翻译助手 on the GPT Store

Finance (Business Finance)

Business Finance Expert. Helps you with everything Business Finance (knowledge, charts, graphs, equations).


Finance (Business Finance) on the GPT Store

Managerial Accounting

This GPT helps me answer and solve accounting problems and questions. Explain concepts and solve basic math equation.


Managerial Accounting on the GPT Store

Data Analysis

A versatile Data Analyst designed to guide users through data cleaning, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning with practical code snippets and clear explanations


Data Analysis on the GPT Store


Market insights, updates, and trends with AI analysis. Ask about any stock. Press S for Stocks Menu. Not financial advice.


Stocks on the GPT Store

Stock-Market Analyst GPT

Finance. Stocks. Market. GPT that delivers clear, concise stock market insights.


Stock-Market Analyst GPT on the GPT Store

Macro Economics Expert

AI Robot Macro Economics Expert


Macro Economics Expert on the GPT Store

Quant Finance

Market data, news, PhD level knowledge in Quant Finance, and advanced browsing


Quant Finance on the GPT Store

Accountant AI

Engaging math & accounting tutor with quizzes and challenges.


Accountant AI on the GPT Store

Invest like Warren BuffettAI

Based on wisdom and insights from all Berkshire Hathaway's annual reports, books, interviews, and recent comments of Warren Buffett & Charles Munger, plus related financail data and figures all included (updated : 1958~2023)


Invest like Warren BuffettAI on the GPT Store

Internal Audit GPT

Assists in generating internal audit reports, executive summaries, findings, observations, risks and detailed analysis.


Internal Audit GPT on the GPT Store

Canada Tax Guide

A knowledgeable Canadian Tax Expert providing information on tax laws and best practices.


Canada Tax Guide on the GPT Store

Mon Expert-Comptable

Un expert comptable virtuel le plus avancé de France, offre une expertise précise en comptabilité et fiscalité. Idéal pour les entreprises cherchant à naviguer dans les complexités financières, il assure conformité, optimisation fiscale et stratégies financières éclairées.


Mon Expert-Comptable on the GPT Store

Investment Banking Tech Prep with Recalc Academy

Coach for investment banking technical interviews


Investment Banking Tech Prep with Recalc Academy on the GPT Store

Bitcoin Price Predictor

Gives perspective and recommendations on the Bitcoin price and how you can trade it


Bitcoin Price Predictor on the GPT Store

BTC price prediction

Step into the world of Bitcoin prediction with a groundbreaking tool that's more than just numbers and algorithms. Our GPT-based Bitcoin price predictor is like your personal crypto whisperer, designed to navigate the complex and ever-changing seas of cryptocurrency markets.


BTC price prediction on the GPT Store

Market Trend Analysis and Prediction for Company

An AI application specialized in analyzing financial data, market behavior, and news sentiments to predict market trends and stock prices for a target company. Begin with !start [company name].


Market Trend Analysis and Prediction for Company on the GPT Store

Ethereum GPT

Expert in Ethereum blockchain analysis via Etherscan API


Ethereum GPT on the GPT Store

😎 My Boss! (a boss who makes money for me)

Strategic business leader for market analysis and financial growth


😎 My Boss! (a boss who makes money for me) on the GPT Store

Time Series Expert

Teach me time series theory and instruct me time series project.


Time Series Expert on the GPT Store

Money Maker 💰

Makes You Money


Money Maker 💰 on the GPT Store

Tax Guru

Ultimate tax advisor for professionals, providing analysis, recommendations, and education.


Tax Guru on the GPT Store

Investing & Finance [Updated]

Investing companion, Things to think of and Ways to invest and get new ideas. Try Exploring all the options before taking actions.

4.61K+22 days ago

Investing & Finance [Updated] on the GPT Store

Investing AI

Investing AI is an advanced tool specialized in all things finance. Get news, company info, charts, perform calculations, trading, charts, options, and more.


Investing AI on the GPT Store

Your CFO

Your virtual Chief Financial Officer 💼 Created for founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs ℹ️ Your conversation is not visible to Ryan Carson.


Your CFO on the GPT Store

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