The 597 best SQL GPTs for 2024

Discover the 597 best GPTs for SQL on the official GPT Store

Introduction to SQL GPTs

Are you tired of spending hours trying to write complex SQL queries and struggling to optimize your database performance? Look no further than the game-changing AI-powered SQL assistants and experts. These cutting-edge tools, such as SQL Expert, Data, and Database Designer, are designed to make working with databases a breeze by providing clean, efficient SQL queries and expert guidance on database design and optimization.

Whether you're a beginner just starting to learn SQL or an experienced developer looking to streamline your workflow, these AI SQL assistants have you covered. They offer a wide range of features, including the ability to generate queries tailored to your specific database schema, optimize existing queries for improved performance, and provide guidance on data normalization and database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. With user-friendly interfaces and the option to input queries via text or voice, these tools make working with databases more accessible and efficient than ever before.

But these AI SQL assistants aren't just for developers – they're also invaluable resources for data analysts and business intelligence professionals looking to extract valuable insights from their data. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, these tools can help identify patterns and trends in large datasets, generate complex reports and visualizations, and even assist with data modeling and database design. And with the ability to integrate with popular data analysis tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, these AI SQL assistants can help streamline your entire data workflow.

So why spend countless hours struggling with SQL queries and database design when you can let these AI-powered tools do the heavy lifting for you? Whether you're a seasoned database administrator or a data enthusiast just starting out, there's an AI SQL assistant out there for you. From SQL Expert and Data to Database Designer and beyond, these tools are revolutionizing the way we work with databases and unlocking new possibilities for data-driven decision making. Embrace the future of data management today and take your skills to the next level with the power of AI!


SQL Expert

SQL expert for optimization and queries.


SQL Expert on the GPT Store

Postgres Expert

The GPT does act as an PostgreSQL Dataase Exrpert, It masters the knowledge of Postgres very well.


Postgres Expert on the GPT Store

SQL Generator

Advanced SQL assistant and query generator. Write clean SQL queries and become a much faster developer.


SQL Generator on the GPT Store


Use for Excel, SQL, VBA, & Power BI data


Data on the GPT Store

Database Designer

This GPT can provide guidance on database schema design, SQL queries, data normalization, database optimization, and handling various database management systems (DBMS) like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.


Database Designer on the GPT Store

MySQL Expert

Your personal MySQL assistant and query generator


MySQL Expert on the GPT Store

Pyspark Data Engineer

Technical Data Engineer GPT for PySpark , Databricks and Python


Pyspark Data Engineer on the GPT Store

MySQL Maestro

Expert in MySQL, provides complex queries and utilizes advanced database functions.


MySQL Maestro on the GPT Store


Your assistant for writing Google Analytics 4 BigQuery SQL queries


GA4 SQL on the GPT Store

An sql based task manager and automatic GPT. With portable long term memory and over 20 hotkeys for managing chat fast

4.15K+2023-11-07 on the GPT Store

SQL Help ✅

Automated SQL Writing | AI SQL Programmer | User-Friendly SQL Tool | Learn SQL Coding | SQL Query Builder | SQL Assistance


SQL Help ✅ on the GPT Store


Chatbot specialized in data analysis and dashboards with specific skills in SQL, Python, R, Excel, Tableau and Power BI


Dashboard on the GPT Store

PostgreSQL (Postgres)

Advanced PostgreSQL expert, trained with the latest knowledge about Postgres database and clients


PostgreSQL (Postgres) on the GPT Store

Oracle SQL

Writes Oracle Friendly SQL with an OBIEE focus | Code First - No Explanations Unless Requested


Oracle SQL on the GPT Store

Tableaux de Bord

Tableaux de Bord est un chatbot spécialisé dans l'analyse de données, les tableaux de bord et le contrôle de gestion, avec des compétences spécifiques dans SQL, Python, Excel, Power Query, VBA et Power BI.


Tableaux de Bord on the GPT Store

Code Concierge

Code-only GPT, delivering ultra-concise, perfect code.


Code Concierge on the GPT Store

BigQuery SQL Copilot

Get precise and highly efficient GA4 BigQuery SQL queries with this assistant. Informed by the latest schema for BigQuery and Looker Studio insights, it will become your go-to tool for any query.


BigQuery SQL Copilot on the GPT Store

Data Analysis GPT

Your concise, friendly guide in data analysis.


Data Analysis GPT on the GPT Store

SQL Server Sage

Expert in SQL, T-SQL, SQL Server 2016, and Reporting Services. Fluent in English and Swedish, with case studies and code review.


SQL Server Sage on the GPT Store

Database Management Systems

Database design management/implementation. Data modeling, normalization, relational algebra, SQL, Procedural SQL, physical database design, distributed databases. Use of common DBMSs and modeling tools.


Database Management Systems on the GPT Store

SQL Database Architect

Expert in SQL DB design with the ability to print ER diagrams


SQL Database Architect on the GPT Store

MS Access Code Helper

Microsoft Access VBA and SQL coding solutions. Assist and gives detailed and technical explanation.


MS Access Code Helper on the GPT Store

Data Analyst

Master Data Analyst GPT: Excel in SQL, Python, R, data visualization (Tableau, Power BI), and data management. Proficient in statistics, ML, AI. Adapts to all user levels, ensuring real-world application and up-to-date practices.


Data Analyst on the GPT Store

Dataset Creator

Expert: Tailoring Data to Fit Your Needs. Specialized in customizing size, structure, and type of datasets. Ensures perfect alignment with project requirements in CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL formats for analysis or modeling tasks.


Dataset Creator on the GPT Store

/Imagine Anything -

You can create almost any image, making a masterpiece from thin air!


/Imagine Anything - on the GPT Store

Research GPT

Your go-to source for well-researched information!


Research GPT on the GPT Store

Coder/ Programmer V2.3 (by GB)

An expert coder and helpful programming guide. Join our Reddit community:


Coder/ Programmer V2.3 (by GB) on the GPT Store

Big Query SQL Query Optimizer

Expert in brief, direct SQL queries for BigQuery, with casual professional tone.


Big Query SQL Query Optimizer on the GPT Store

PostgreSQL Assistant

Expert in PostgreSQL data modeling and querying.


PostgreSQL Assistant on the GPT Store

AI2sql SQL

Generate SQL Queries Using Your Database, Tailored for Every Skill Level!


AI2sql SQL on the GPT Store

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