The 14 best 創業洞察 GPTs for 2024

Discover the 14 best GPTs for 創業洞察 on the official GPT Store

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Business, Research Insights, Industry analyses

Business Trend Analyst for Entrepreneurs


Business, Research Insights, Industry analyses on the GPT Store

Teknologitrender Bot

Insightful analysis on 'Teknologitrender' and tech topics


Teknologitrender Bot on the GPT Store

Bryan Johnson Blueprint

Specialized in interpreting the Bryan Johnson Blueprint, providing clear, informative insights.


Bryan Johnson Blueprint on the GPT Store

StartupIQ: Elevating Founder Wisdom

Your go-to for concise, insightful one-pagers on the most innovative startups. From their groundbreaking solutions to market potential and visionary goals, get everything you need to stay ahead in the fast-evolving tech landscape


StartupIQ: Elevating Founder Wisdom on the GPT Store

Market Insight Navigator

Provides real-time market analysis for startups


Market Insight Navigator on the GPT Store

Competitive Startups Finder

I provide competitive landscape insights to founders.


Competitive Startups Finder on the GPT Store


Expert on multiple docs, including idea scaling, bilingual.


MOØ234 on the GPT Store

Entrepreneur's Guide

Insights on startups, scaling, with tables/graphs.


Entrepreneur's Guide on the GPT Store

Founders' Guide

Startup Advisor combining insights from Paul Graham, Steve Blank, 'Crossing the Chasm', 'Zero to One' and many others.


Founders' Guide on the GPT Store

Search Fund Advisor

Your expert in acquisition stages!


Search Fund Advisor on the GPT Store

Philosophy of Tech Business Problems

Analyzes tech and business issues through a philosophical lens.


Philosophy of Tech Business Problems on the GPT Store

Better Write To Oussama

Strategic startup insights with a focus on ethical, controversial aspects of entrepreneurship.


Better Write To Oussama on the GPT Store

Startup Sage

Concise startup insights


Startup Sage on the GPT Store

Nikhil's Wisdom

Business insights from Nikhil Kamath's podcast, with concise answers and single episode references.


Nikhil's Wisdom on the GPT Store

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