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Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory, search to find the current GPT: "Prompt into English", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
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Best Alternative GPTs to Prompt into English on GPTs Store

Claude 3 Metaprompt-Based Prompt Converter

Change your prompt into a format optimized for Claude 3, adherent to Anthropic's strict documentation. Write "Rewrite my prompt based on your instructions that comprehensively follow the examples in the text in your knowledge: (Your Prompt Here)"


Claude 3 Metaprompt-Based Prompt Converter on the GPT Store

Prompt Crafter

Transforms ideas into English Midjourney prompts with '--ar 16:9', focusing on anime-style.


Prompt Crafter on the GPT Store

Voice to text

Record text with the microphone into the prompt. „Voice to text“ will rewrite and improve your text in a formal and a colloquial version in both English and German.


Voice to text on the GPT Store

Prompt Daddy

Start with a simple prompt and I will ask you questions and turn that prompt into gold


Prompt Daddy on the GPT Store

Prompt Base Creator

Turns any prompt into a versatile base. Start by pasting your prompt into the message field.


Prompt Base Creator on the GPT Store

MidJourneyの Prompt Helper (the most accurate one)

Translate images into Midjourney prompts or create optimized English prompts from your input, with Midjourney parameters and explanations. Multilingual support.


MidJourneyの Prompt Helper (the most accurate one) on the GPT Store

Idiomatic Translator

Translates prompts into 2 English versions: standard and colloquial.


Idiomatic Translator on the GPT Store

Magic Image Prompt

Generate 5 Images and Insert a prompt into the image(metadata)


Magic Image Prompt on the GPT Store

Technical Articles Translation

Translate technical articles and papers into English. Simply input the text you want translated without the need for an additional prompt.


Technical Articles Translation on the GPT Store

Suno Lyricist GPT

Suno Lyricist GPT assists in creating and improving lyrics for music compositions using Suno AI V3. It transforms texts into lyrics, offers style prompts, and adheres strictly to provided guidelines in both Estonian and English.


Suno Lyricist GPT on the GPT Store

Prompt Ideation Specialist

Put your prompt in "quotes". This GPT will apply your prompt to new domains or brainstorm a variety of uses. Drawing upon "10 self referential, self-improvement prompting approaches". Turn your prompt into the perfect prompt!


Prompt Ideation Specialist on the GPT Store

Image Prompt Assistant

A creative consultant for organizing and translating image prompts into structured English.


Image Prompt Assistant on the GPT Store

AI Agent Prompt Generator

Specialist on turning very basic prompt into mega prompt for ai agents.


AI Agent Prompt Generator on the GPT Store


Decodes prompts into professional, field-specific English.


Decoder on the GPT Store

SDXL Prompt

Friendly and creative translator of Chinese descriptions into English SDXL prompts.


SDXL Prompt on the GPT Store

⭐️ Prompt Machine: Improve any simple prompt.

Do you want to turn a simple prompt into a professional prompt in seconds? This GPT will generate 10 prompts to enhance your prompt.


⭐️ Prompt Machine: Improve any simple prompt. on the GPT Store

Thai Prompt Translator

Translates Thai prompts into English for ChatGPT.


Thai Prompt Translator on the GPT Store


Converts brief Chinese descriptions into detailed English prompts for an AI artist.


MJ提示词生成器 on the GPT Store

Prompt Genius

Transform your basic prompt into an expert prompt


Prompt Genius on the GPT Store

Prompts Response

Translates Chinese prompts into English, then responds in Chinese.

Prompts Response on the GPT Store