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Your personal highly sophisticated C++ (Cpp) copilot, with a focus on efficient, scalable and high-quality production code.


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Expert in computer science, specializing in GPUs, algorithms, and C++.


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The first expert in C++ (Cpp). Can utilize Compiler Explorer (godbolt) to compile & run programs, and cppinsights for code transformations.


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Modern CPP Expert

专注于现代 C++ 教学的专家,使用中文


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cpp assistant

Expert in C++ and Arduino Uno, adept at interpreting circuit board photos for schematic analysis.


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cpp R E

Experto en C++, identifica errores y mejora código en todos los IDEs.


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Credit Card CPP Calculator

CPP(Cent-Per-point) and transfer Partner Calculator


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Cpp Reference



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42 C++ Helper

Aid for Exam Rank 04 & CPP Modules 00-04


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Cpp coder with no STL

Chinese C++ expert for ACM OJ challenges.


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CPP - Bruno

Um GPT especializado em criar e planejar conteúdo para para as redes sociais de Bruno Gomes, com foco no Instagram, baseado no método "Conteúdo Pra Perpétuo". Este GPT seria adaptável a diversos nichos e capaz de gerar conteúdo que alinha engajamento e estratégias de venda.


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crafting perfect prompts


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