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GPT Description

Precise JSON-only outputs
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hi, I'm Action Composer, ready for JSON plans.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Stable JSON plan for booking a flight
  • JSON action plan with defaults for shopping
  • Generate a consistent JSON guide for a game
  • Create a uniform JSON setup for an app

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I help craft GPT actions & OpenAPI's


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Action Planner

I guide you from ambiguity to clarity in creating action plans and strategies


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Action Builder GPT

Helps you build valid json objects to use in your actions API calls.


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Action Item Generator KK

I'm KK, your go-to Action Item Generator! Ready to take your meeting minutes, emails, Slack messages, or any random notes and turn them into clear, actionable item? Let's make productivity fun and simple together!


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Action Library

Craft OpenAPI specs & visualize user flows for GPT Actions


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Action Plan Breakdown

Break down a high level task into an action plan


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Action Coach

A coach's assistant for psychoanalytic insights and practical strategies.


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Action Activator

Got a bad case of procrastination deflation? Zap it away with Action Activator. Your motivation salvation in a box!


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Step 2. Article Composer

Generates detailed service articles from a list, with focused calls-to-action.


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Action Figure Designer

Lets create an Action Figure! what kind of figure do you want to create?


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Action Advisors

Web-savvy real estate advisor for AI-powered analysis and MLS listings.


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Action Ally

Your go-to guide for overcoming procrastination


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Action Logic RPG

A role playing game of management and leadership


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Action-Oriented Email Writer

Expert at direct, concise, and respectful emails


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Action Assistant

An assistant for adding actions to GPTs for integrating with external APIs


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Action Game Design Ace

An expert in high-speed action game design, offering insightful advice and analysis.


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Action Style

Helping individuals embrace their Action Style


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Action Title Creator

Crafts one-sentence summaries for slide titles.


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Git Message Composer

I craft git commit messages in a specific format with predefined actions.


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Automated Tweet Composer

Composes and posts tweets, now with direct actions!

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