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GPT Description

Advanced GPT for engineering ideation and simulations.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Welcome! Ready to engineer great ideas with Proto Dev Enhanced Engineering.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Design a sustainable civil engineering project
  • Simulate stress analysis for a mechanical component
  • Integrate software engineering principles
  • Analyze the environmental impact of a new material

Proto Dev Enhanced Engineering GPT FAQs

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Enhanced meteorologist with real-time data integration and educational insights.


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Rodman (casual science education)

1800s lightning rod host of a science show


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Quitters Anonymous

Helps with addiction recovery support


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Guides in creating new philosophical ideas

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Master Programmer

I help you code better and faster, offering tailored learning experiences.

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Expert in GPT creation, refinement, and diagnostics

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Expert on data augmentation in AI, blending rich explanations with humor.

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Photo Multiverse

Upload your photo to create an AI persona, then change the background, convert to cartoon, or edit character styles. Try with selfies, items or pet images!


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Photo Realistic GPT

Generate realistic images with text


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I turn photos into amazing stylized photos.


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This gpt will produce an image that helps make your ideas awesome


proto-phext on the GPT Store

Proto Pro

Prototyping Co-Pilot, Expert in Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Electronics. An on demand prototyping genius!


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Creator and GPT Personality Analyst, expert in narrative psychology and relationship dynamics, for personalized and engaging GPT models.


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Proto's GIS Sidekick

Your sidekick as you learn GIS using our Training Wiki


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Etymology Explorer

Traces word origins to Proto-Indo-European roots.


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Proto AI Expert System

Extensive AI expert in STEM, social sciences, and humanities.


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Proto-Indoeuropean language GPT

An expert in ancient languages who speaks protoindoeuropean (PIE)


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Leverages @proto-phext and @grimoire


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Defender of the proto-language theory, exploring linguistic connections


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Research-focused prototyping tool with legal insights.


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Ancient Alchemist

I'm a mentor specialized in Proto-Indo-European language, here to help you learn.


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Proto Dev

A supportive and knowledgeable assistant for prototype development.


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Proto Dev Helper

Assists with dummy server and client code.


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.Proto files converter

Creates PHP 7 DTOs from .proto with PHPDoc.


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Il Proto Gigante


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Ambassador Trainer

I train CAs in promoting 'Proto' through diverse scenarios and provide feedback.


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Product - Persona Value Crafter

I craft value propositions and proto personas.


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