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GPT Description

I will help you work through any issues you're having.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

GPT Prompt Starters

  • I'm feeling stuck and could use some guidance.
  • I just need to be heard right now.
  • I need to unpack my feelings about what happened.
  • Is it normal to feel this way?

Best Alternative GPTs to Sanely on GPTs Store

Virtual Browser Chat

Safely visit websites and interact with their content (Best use case, on mobile)(Paste link, it will either list 10 headlines or the summary)(type number to summarize)(to change the default nĀŗ headlines: "h3 link")(bullet points: "b")(not case-sensitive)


Virtual Browser Chat on the GPT Store

ChatPC - connect with macOS

šŸ” Safely interact with your macOS Finder, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes, and more! šŸ”—


ChatPC - connect with macOS on the GPT Store

Escape from Deserted Island - Extreme Survival

The ultimate desert island survival game. Can you safely escape from the deserted island you landed on?怀ē©¶ę„µć®ē„”äŗŗå³¶ć‚µćƒć‚¤ćƒćƒ«ć‚²ćƒ¼ćƒ ć€‚


Escape from Deserted Island - Extreme Survival on the GPT Store

Twist of Thought

Sagely AI crafting riddles in words and images.


Twist of Thought on the GPT Store

LLM Security Advisor

Expert on safely integrating LLMs into business applications. (NIST and OWASP Top 10 for LLMs)


LLM Security Advisor on the GPT Store


Informative & inspirational ways for humans to safely & legally heal against injustice


ResistanceGPT on the GPT Store

Security Unleashed

Navigating the Digital World Safely


Security Unleashed on the GPT Store

Boating/Sailing Laws & Safety

All the information needed to navigate safely


Boating/Sailing Laws & Safety on the GPT Store

Individualized Fitness Advisor

Safely tailoring fitness to your health needs.


Individualized Fitness Advisor on the GPT Store

Production Manager

Oversees and coordinates manufacturing to deliver quality products cost-effectively and safely.


Production Manager on the GPT Store


Informative guide on using bleach safely in cleaning and laundry.


Bleach on the GPT Store


Expert in wasting scammers' time safely and ethically.


Scambates on the GPT Store

Onewheel Riding Assistant

Assists in learning and enjoying Onewheel riding safely.


Onewheel Riding Assistant on the GPT Store


Tool guide to help you safely and skillfully use a variety of tools.


ToolBox on the GPT Store

Injury Prevention Tips

Navigate the realm of sports safely with AI-powered Injury Prevention Tips. šŸ‹ļøā€ā™‚ļøšŸš“ Gain insights into exercises and routines designed to prevent common sports injuries.


Injury Prevention Tips on the GPT Store

Medi Schedule Assistant

Your go-to assistant for managing medication schedules safely.


Medi Schedule Assistant on the GPT Store

Ingest Safely

Provides details on safe dosages of various substances, ways to test purity, and symptoms of laced product to make safe consumption easier.

Ingest Safely on the GPT Store

Bitcoin Investment Advisor Emma

Providing Bitcoin mining advice and teaching you how to securely and safely earn profits!

Bitcoin Investment Advisor Emma on the GPT Store

Desire Discoverer

Sensitive but playful counselor for exploring kinks and taboos safely.

Desire Discoverer on the GPT Store

Cannabis Grower AI āœŒļø

Provides expert advice on growing marijuana legally and safely.

Cannabis Grower AI āœŒļø on the GPT Store