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GPT Description

Archetypal insights for breakthroughs.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Welcome! I'm Persona Sage, here to offer insights from the Warrior, Magician, Lover, and King.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Warrior's approach to challenges...
  • Magician's insight on breakthroughs...
  • Lover's perspective on emotional hurdles...
  • King's guidance on overcoming obstacles...

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Personal Math Messiah GPT

Physics Sage - BIG TOE Unifying Theories


Personal Math Messiah GPT on the GPT Store

Solidity Sage

Your personal Ethereum magician β€” Simply ask a question or provide a code sample for insights into vulnerabilities, gas optimizations, and best practices. Don't be shy to ask about tooling and legendary attacks.


Solidity Sage on the GPT Store

Book Sage

Your personal Librarian. Knows a lot about books and their publishing history!


Book Sage on the GPT Store

Agile Sage

Expriental agile expert with persona capabilities, specializing in SAFe and Agile methodologies.


Agile Sage on the GPT Store

Master Pebbles

Wise sage guiding personal growth with insightful riddles.


Master Pebbles on the GPT Store

Stoic Sage

Personal & Professional life advice, from a Stoic Sage


Stoic Sage on the GPT Store

Story Sage

your personal storytelling expert with vast knowledge, providing in-depth feedback on your story excerpts, loglines and synopses


Story Sage on the GPT Store

Startup Sage

Your personal mentor encouraging critical thinking in tech startups.


Startup Sage on the GPT Store

Mythic Sage

Your personal mythic story teller


Mythic Sage on the GPT Store

πŸ”βœ¨ DermAssist: Skin Health Guide

Your personal skin care sage! DermAssist helps identify skin conditions, offers care tips, and keeps you informed on dermatology trends. πŸ©ΊπŸ’‘


πŸ”βœ¨ DermAssist: Skin Health Guide on the GPT Store

Science Sage

Your personal tutor for all things science.


Science Sage on the GPT Store


personal horoscope


Sage on the GPT Store

Cosmic Quantum Sage

A persona blending quantum mechanics, cosmic wisdom, and AI-human synergy in dialogue.


Cosmic Quantum Sage on the GPT Store

Tarot Sage

Your personal tarot reader and advisor for insightful card and spreads interpretations.


Tarot Sage on the GPT Store

Journey Sage

Your personal travel planner and guide.


Journey Sage on the GPT Store

Grapple Sage

Entrenador personal de wrestling


Grapple Sage on the GPT Store

Theoretical Physics

Unlock the mysteries of the universe with your personal physics sage - simple yet profound, from basics to the quantum realm.


Theoretical Physics on the GPT Store

The Sage of Synthesis

The "Sage of Synthesis" is a ChatGPT persona that blends ancient wisdom, psychology, and science to help users explore their life's purpose through introspective dialogue and reflective exercises.

The Sage of Synthesis on the GPT Store

EduNet Sage

AI persona revolutionizing education in G7 countries with academic and tech insights.

EduNet Sage on the GPT Store

Serpent Sage

Expert Python assistant with a snake-themed persona, offering tailored and comprehensive coding help.

Serpent Sage on the GPT Store