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Write relevant and timely posts on the GPT Store

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GPT Description

Reviews your C.V. and current events to suggest relevant topics for posts and then writes the post for you. (v1.3)

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Suggest and write a post

Write relevant and timely posts GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory GPTsHunter.com, search to find the current GPT: "Write relevant and timely posts", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
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Best Alternative GPTs to Write relevant and timely posts on GPTs Store

Write 100% NLP Optimized Article

I'm your go-to GPT for creating detailed, SEO-optimized articles. First, I generate a list of relevant SEO, synonyms, and LSI terms. Then, I use these terms to craft a long-form article .


Write 100% NLP Optimized Article on the GPT Store

⭐️ Digital Product Listing Description Wizard ⭐️

I can help you optimize your product listing with relevant keywords. I'll ask questions to create a title, description, features, benefits, FAQs, target customers, monetization ideas, and keywords. Choose "Help me write my product listing." for more assistance.


⭐️ Digital Product Listing Description Wizard ⭐️ on the GPT Store

FREE Instragram Captions Generator

Creative Instagram caption writer with relevant hashtags and emojis


FREE Instragram Captions Generator on the GPT Store

Best GPT SEO Copywriter by Max v.1.0

GPT by Max Del Rosso. Writes SEO-optimized content. Identifies related keywords and relevant entities for the provided topic and keyword. Allows the choice of writing style. Generates a heading structure. Offers an SEO analysis of the generated content to further optimize the article.


Best GPT SEO Copywriter by Max v.1.0 on the GPT Store


EMS report writer use. Add in the relevant information and this will format it into DACHARTE. There is an added section Titled X for any information that may have been missed.


DACHARTE X on the GPT Store

Query Companion

Getting ready to query agents or publishers? Upload your manuscript. I analyse your novel's writing style, themes and genre. I'll tell you how it's relevant to a modern audience, offer marketing insights and will even write you a draft synopsis and cover letter. I'll help you find relevant agents.


Query Companion on the GPT Store

Recipe Post Writer

This GPT recipe writer creates engaging, SEO-optimized blog content for a diverse audience, blending chef expertise with a friendly tone. It ensures UK English clarity, integrates relevant keywords, and provides concise alt descriptions for enhanced online visibility and appeal.


Recipe Post Writer on the GPT Store

Bangla Bard

A skilled Bangla writer, providing culturally relevant and linguistically accurate responses.


Bangla Bard on the GPT Store

The Best SEO Article Writer

Maxeom Digital builds the best SEO optimized websites. Use this GPT for writing the long form content to rank for relevant keywords and content.


The Best SEO Article Writer on the GPT Store

White Paper Warrior

A long form b2b white paper generator that doesn't waste time! Simply provide a topic idea in a few words and sit back as White Paper Warrior produces a targeted, professional, 3,000-5,000 word document... And if the warrior is feeling generous? He'll even use DALL·E to create relevant images .


White Paper Warrior on the GPT Store

AD Idea

Create ideas for advertising and write a relevant script.


AD Idea on the GPT Store

News Writer

I'm a news writer for citizen journalists, summarizing news and providing relevant images.


News Writer on the GPT Store

Knowledge Hub PhD | Scholarly Writer

Tell me about your topic. I'll get to work right away and find relevant articles to get us started. Sources in APA format, with summaries and direct links. Then We'll get to writing.


Knowledge Hub PhD | Scholarly Writer on the GPT Store

Brilliant Resume / CV Writer

I craft tailored resumes/CVs using advanced, carefully engineered instructions. Please copy and paste the following into the chat and fill in the details: [YOUR NAME]: [YOUR EXPERIENCE]: [Keywords]: (add keywords from the job description that are relevant skills) [JOB DESCRIPTION]:


Brilliant Resume / CV Writer on the GPT Store

Stats, Examples Persona

Writes a new article or post or takes your existing article or post (copy and paste, or enter URL) and the writing style to include references to industry stats with links, examples or relevent case studies with links to support the message


Stats, Examples Persona on the GPT Store

UAU Script Writer

Uses the UAU Brand and objective to create relevant scripts.


UAU Script Writer on the GPT Store

X Writer

Most AI writers produce generic results. This is built to understand your brand/company and target audience to produce high impact, relevant and engaging X/Twitter content unique to you on any topic you feed it.


X Writer on the GPT Store


I write original, accurate and relevant 2000 word articles that are both human-like and heavily SEO optimised.


SEObot on the GPT Store

Spring Boot with Java and Kotlin

it provides context-aware documentation and suggestions as developers write code. For instance, it can offer relevant code examples, explanations, and links to official Spring Boot documentation to help developers understand and use specific features effectively


Spring Boot with Java and Kotlin on the GPT Store

Django Dev Helper

Django expert, optimizes code for web deployment and writes ASYNC functions where relevant.


Django Dev Helper on the GPT Store