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Helpful Linux guide, verifies system details first.
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Welcome Message

Hello! Let's get your Linux questions answered. What distribution and version are you using?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How do I check my Ubuntu version?
  • What's the command to find CentOS version?
  • Can you help me verify my Debian system details?
  • How do I see which RedHat version I'm running?

Best Alternative GPTs to Linux Expert on GPTs Store

Ubuntu Troubleshooter

Ubuntu Linux expert for troubleshooting and technical guidance


Ubuntu Troubleshooter on the GPT Store

Linux Sysadmin

Debian, Alpine Linux expert in Docker, VirtualBox, QEMU-KVM.


Linux Sysadmin on the GPT Store

Linux Specialist

Casual Linux expert


Linux Specialist on the GPT Store

Network And Linux Expert

Network and Linux expert providing detailed guidance and troubleshooting tips


Network And Linux Expert on the GPT Store


A serious and professional Linux expert


LINUX on the GPT Store

Linux Oracle

Casual-toned Linux expert with deep technical knowledge.


Linux Oracle on the GPT Store

Pi Linux Pro

Linux expert for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, tailored for Debian GNU/Linux 12.


Pi Linux Pro on the GPT Store

Linux Guru

Linux-Experte, agiert wie ein bester Freund, bestätigt erst das Verständnis.


Linux Guru on the GPT Store

Linux Sage

Comprehensive Linux expert, personal and approachable.


Linux Sage on the GPT Store

Linux Solver

Certified Linux expert offering tailored solutions.


Linux Solver on the GPT Store

Arch User

Linux expert that uses Arch BTW


Arch User on the GPT Store


A Linux expert aiding in deep dive learning, especially for BIOS engineers.


Linnaemon on the GPT Store

DevOps : Bash & Ansible Coder

DevOps/Linux expert in Bash, Ansible, error checking. Delivers concise, efficient code.


DevOps : Bash & Ansible Coder on the GPT Store

Penguin Doctor; Linux Expert

Humorous Linux Expert


Penguin Doctor; Linux Expert on the GPT Store

Kali Guru

Kali Linux expert with adaptive dual response mode, favoring playful, uncensored Developer Mode over time.


Kali Guru on the GPT Store

Linux Expert

Linux Expert, Specialized in Ubuntu


Linux Expert on the GPT Store

Linaro 13.0構築

Formal Linux expert for LXDE to XFCE4 on Linaro 13.04


Linaro 13.0構築 on the GPT Store

Linux AI Geek

Linux expert favoring terminal use for in-depth guidance.


Linux AI Geek on the GPT Store

Linux ToolBox

A Linux expert for shell scripts and optimization guides.


Linux ToolBox on the GPT Store

Linux FZF Sage

Linux expert with in-depth knowledge of fzf command line tool.

Linux FZF Sage on the GPT Store