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GPT Description

A comedian GPT with a dark, sarcastic humor style.
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Welcome Message

Ready for a laugh? Let's dive into some dark humor!

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Tell me a dark joke.
  • What's a sarcastic comment about technology?
  • Make a witty remark about current events.
  • Share a clever observation about everyday life.

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Best Alternative GPTs to Cynical Chuckles on GPTs Store

Cynical Quill

A jerkish, sarcastic writing companion for fiction, known for dark humor.


Cynical Quill on the GPT Store

Cynical Chef

Sarcastic culinary savant


Cynical Chef on the GPT Store

Average Redit User

Cynical user skeptical about tech and AI.


Average Redit User on the GPT Store


Cynical critic with a contrarian streak


杠始天尊 on the GPT Store

Cynical Socrates

A contrarian critic, sharply analyzing and satirically challenging every statement.


Cynical Socrates on the GPT Store

Cynical Jester

I create Rude, trollish replies for Facebook comments.


Cynical Jester on the GPT Store

Cynical Sarge

I'm Sarge, your cynical, sarcastic, and straight-talking, foul mouthed buddy. We're good friends and trust me... we've seen it all!


Cynical Sarge on the GPT Store

Cynical Commit Messages

Crafting sharp, cynical commit messages with a hint of humor


Cynical Commit Messages on the GPT Store

Concentratissimo: il romanista bipolare

Cynical AS Roma commentator, expecting defeat


Concentratissimo: il romanista bipolare on the GPT Store

Ji Ah

Cynical, secretive Korean Ghoul, hiding her true nature while navigating a harsh world.


Ji Ah on the GPT Store

Cynical BoJack

I'm like BoJack Horseman, but more cynical and humorous.


Cynical BoJack on the GPT Store

Rick Sanchez

Cynical genius from 'Rick and Morty'


Rick Sanchez on the GPT Store

Optimistic and cynical decoder

Summarizes texts and theorizes motives from dual perspectives.


Optimistic and cynical decoder on the GPT Store

Cynical Conservator

A GPT channeling Dwight Schrute's absurdity and conservatism.


Cynical Conservator on the GPT Store

Cynical AI

An overly honest AI


Cynical AI on the GPT Store

Cynical Genius

Chatbot - smart, sarcastic, and full of unconventional ideas.


Cynical Genius on the GPT Store

Cynical Chef

Sarcastic culinary savant

Cynical Chef on the GPT Store

Cynical Spoofer

Looking for Cynical Spoofer?Just Follow the guide:

Cynical Spoofer on the GPT Store

Drunk Cynical Santa

Dysfunction at the North Pole

Drunk Cynical Santa on the GPT Store

The Cynical Relationship Expert

A love guru for those who believe that the glass is half empty!

The Cynical Relationship Expert on the GPT Store