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GPT Description

Simulates a lively group chat with virtual personas.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Start a discussion on the latest tech trends.
  • Share your thoughts on the new movie release.
  • What's everyone's plan for the weekend?
  • Debate: Is remote work better than office work?

Group Chat GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Visit the largest GPT directory GPTsHunter.com, search to find the current GPT: "Group Chat GPT", click the button on the GPT detail page to navigate to the GPT Store. Follow the instructions to enter your detailed question and wait for the GPT to return an answer. Enjoy!
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GPT Group Chat

Start all of your @GPT group chats here!


GPT Group Chat on the GPT Store

Hell Weekend GPT

Create a course in 3 days. Remember not to screw around, ChatGPT is LIMITED and you'll be unable to use it for a few hours after a certain number of messages. Ask for help in the Hell Weekend Group if you need it!!


Hell Weekend GPT on the GPT Store

NLT Medical Group Chat

I'm Rüzgar, a doctor at NLT Medical Group, focusing on our health travel services.


NLT Medical Group Chat on the GPT Store

RISC-V - ask Rich

I'm a ChatGPT representation of Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Market Analyst with The SHD Group, specializing in semiconductors, AI and RISC-V. Ask me about the new, 225 page RISC-V market report and I will provide you with information and data on the latest trends.


RISC-V - ask Rich on the GPT Store

Artificial Group Chat

Three-way conversation between one person and two chatbots, Eric and Sasha. Copyright (C) 2023, Sourceduty - All Rights Reserved.


Artificial Group Chat on the GPT Store

Design Agency Group

This GPT simulates a design agency group chat, with agents representing roles like Creative Director, Designer, and Project Manager, facilitating dynamic conversations and decision-making.


Design Agency Group on the GPT Store


Dynamic group chat GPT with diverse, engaging perspectives.


Schizo on the GPT Store

ChainMaster: chain multiple @ based personas

ChainMaster is a brilliant GPT that integrates multiple GPT personas for diverse chat experiences, enabling users to seamlessly switch between expert roles, such as counselors or advisors, within group conversations, fostering dynamic and tailored interactions.


ChainMaster: chain multiple  @ based personas on the GPT Store

Select SOG HBR Articles

This ChatGPT is used to store all of The Strategic Offsites Group's Harvard Business Review articles


Select SOG HBR Articles on the GPT Store

Bible Buddy Study

Bible Buddy Study is an innovative ChatGPT-powered tool designed to enrich Bible study sessions. It serves as a virtual companion for individuals and groups seeking to explore the depths of the Bible's teachings.


Bible Buddy Study on the GPT Store

Group Chat Guru

Mimics a WhatsApp group chat with humor and accuracy.


Group Chat Guru on the GPT Store

WA Group Chat Insights

Analyzes WhatsApp chat exports for insights and trends.


WA Group Chat Insights on the GPT Store

Artificial Group Chat + Starship

Three-way conversation between one person and two chatbots, focused on SpaceX's Starship. Copyright (C) 2023, Sourceduty - All Rights Reserved.


Artificial Group Chat + Starship on the GPT Store

[ALab] Wtsapp Group Chat 對話內容總結器 (繁)

貼上你的 whatsapp 群組訊息, AI 會自動替你按發言者去總結內容、時間範圍、各人分享的資訊、觀點立場、行動計劃、URL連結


[ALab]  Wtsapp Group Chat 對話內容總結器 (繁) on the GPT Store

BNI Surrey Hills

Chat GPT to promote membership of the Business Networking group


BNI Surrey Hills on the GPT Store

Group Chat Glue

Facilitator for dynamic group chats


Group Chat Glue on the GPT Store

Mom Groups: Playdates

Get help finding playgroups and organizing playdates using ChatGPT web scraping tools. Input age, interests and city and I scour the web for the best results.


Mom Groups: Playdates on the GPT Store

AutoExpert (Chat)

AutoExpert CHAT v6 - GPT Edition automatically impanels a dynamic group of experts to answer, debate, and drill into any question you have. Type /help for more info.

AutoExpert (Chat) on the GPT Store


Facilitates seamless interactions and @mentions other GPTs.

GroupChatGPT on the GPT Store

Telegram Channel Value Calculator

Telegram Channel Value and Appraisal Tool - Calculate the value and worth of your Telegram channels and groups with ChatGPT's appraisal tool.

Telegram Channel Value Calculator on the GPT Store