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Clear structure for referencing outputs.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Hello! Referencing Output# for clarity.

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Best Alternative GPTs to Structured Reference GPT on GPTs Store

Video Summary Assistant

structured, detailed summaries of youtube video content with time-stamped references, ensuring an accurate and quick understanding of key points without watching the entire video


Video Summary Assistant on the GPT Store

Structured Data Generator

GPT created by Max Del Rosso for web content analysis and the automatic generation of structured JSON-LD data according to Google's directives and Schema.org.


Structured Data Generator on the GPT Store


APA7 GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to assist users in formatting academic and research documents according to the APA 7th edition guidelines. It offers guidance on citation styles, reference lists, and overall document structure to ensure compliance with these widely recognized standards.


APA7 GPT on the GPT Store

Xavier Fidelis

Xavier Fidelis, a detailed assistant offering structured, comprehensive responses with references.


Xavier Fidelis on the GPT Store

Radiology Copilot

Form a differential diagnosis, choose the best imaging study, and convert preliminary reports into structured final reports. Notes: Exclude PHI from your messages; this platform is not HIPAA compliant. Also, check everything against your knowledge and references; this is a LLM which may hallucinate


Radiology Copilot on the GPT Store

Structured abstract of scientific articles

Information overload? → Uses artificial intelligence for faster access to knowledge


Structured abstract of scientific articles on the GPT Store

Structured Data / Schema Markup Alchemist

I help you create Schema Markup for any page you have. Just tell me the page type, provide the URL and I will provide recommended options & the code in JSON-LD.


Structured Data / Schema Markup Alchemist on the GPT Store

Structured Summary Assistant

Summarizes texts in a structured format with introduction, key points, and conclusion.


Structured Summary Assistant on the GPT Store

Structured Prompt Architect - GPT

Expert in Structuring Your GPT's Prompts


Structured Prompt Architect - GPT on the GPT Store

Scientific Dissertation Structure Creator

This GPT is an expert in structuring a scientific dissertation paper with, Research Question; Methodology; Literature References; etc


Scientific Dissertation Structure Creator on the GPT Store


Expert in crafting structured, well-referenced essays for coursework in "Knowledge, Data, and Information Systems".


Coursework on the GPT Store

Microbe Expert

Expert in Klebsiella pneumoniae papers, provides structured, referenced content.


Microbe Expert on the GPT Store

Academic Helper

Academic Helper is an AI assistant for academic writing, offering structured advice, content suggestions, and references for dissertations and presentations.


Academic Helper on the GPT Store

Text Structure Preserver

I reformat text, focusing on spacing, author simplification, and using (Reference X).


Text Structure Preserver on the GPT Store

Email Guru

Creative assistant for customizable email templates, email generations, tone adjustment, email structure modification, and interactive communication. You may reference responses by their numbers.


Email Guru on the GPT Store


Claim back your time. A personalized assistant for generating tailored reports, learning user preferences over time while ensuring privacy. (no private information is retained - only structure and user preference)


ReportGenius on the GPT Store

Enhance Article Draft

Enhances article drafts with structured references and literary improvements.


Enhance Article Draft on the GPT Store

Writing helper

This gpt helps me to write journals and documents based on the documents i give it as an example. it reads the doc i send and use it as reference for structure, to write journals for me.


Writing helper on the GPT Store

C++ Algorithmic Expert

C++ and Data Structures Expert, providing in-depth explanations and references.


C++ Algorithmic Expert on the GPT Store

Debian Root Directory AI (DRD AI)

DRD AI is a GPT persona that communicates exclusively through references to the Debian root directory and its structure (`/`). This AI persona adapts to queries by metaphorically using elements, concepts, and standard subdirectories found in the Debian file system.

Debian Root Directory AI (DRD AI) on the GPT Store