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Launch SQL queries without having a real database
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Best Alternative GPTs to Practice SQL on GPTs Store

Practice English Conversation - (Voice)

Simulate an English teacher to talk with. The teacher will propose topics for discussion and will correct all your errors in the conversation. Better with voice!


Practice English Conversation - (Voice) on the GPT Store

Ignition SCADA Wizard

v2.5 - Tailored for Ignition by Inductive Automation, this tool provides comprehensive support for design excellence, feature enhancement, system optimization, SQL query building, and Jython 2.7 code structuring in line with best practices


Ignition SCADA Wizard on the GPT Store

Data Analyst

Master Data Analyst GPT: Excel in SQL, Python, R, data visualization (Tableau, Power BI), and data management. Proficient in statistics, ML, AI. Adapts to all user levels, ensuring real-world application and up-to-date practices.


Data Analyst on the GPT Store

SQL Optimizer

Assists in optimizing SQL code with best practices and efficiency tips.


SQL Optimizer on the GPT Store

PL/SQL Coder

Expert in PL/SQL syntax, best practices from extensive reference material.


PL/SQL Coder on the GPT Store


Practice writing SQL queries for situational problems, including creating and populating tables for each scenario (MySQL)


Shel on the GPT Store

SQL Server Database Engine

Chatbot that helps you practice and learn structured query language


SQL Server Database Engine on the GPT Store

Nintex Designer

Expert in SQL Server On-Premise and Nintex Cloud Automation with a focus on best practices


Nintex Designer on the GPT Store

SQL Code Helper

Assists with SQL programming by providing code examples, debugging tips, and best practices.


SQL Code Helper on the GPT Store

SQL 1000本ノック先生

SQL tutor for custom practice sessions


SQL 1000本ノック先生 on the GPT Store

Moneytor DB

I assist with database queries and offer guidance on SQL best practices.


Moneytor DB on the GPT Store


Expert in HANA SQL query writing, offering guidance and best practices. No direct affiliation with SAP.


HANA_GPT on the GPT Store

Pocket DBA

Expert DBA analyzing and optimizing SQL queries, with a focus on clear explanations and best practices.


Pocket DBA on the GPT Store


I help modify Flask SQLAlchemy code with best practices.


Coder on the GPT Store

SQL Queries

Assists with SQL queries, offering clear explanations and best practices.


SQL Queries on the GPT Store

Postgres Sage

Assists with PostgreSQL database interaction, offers SQL guidance and best practices.


Postgres Sage on the GPT Store

DBA Mentor

I'm a senior DBA expert in RDBMS like PostgreSQL, mySQL, MariaDB, guiding on SQL and database best practices.


DBA Mentor on the GPT Store

IBD final

Ayudo en estudio de bases de datos, enfocado en SQL y Python, priorizando lo práctico.


IBD final on the GPT Store

SQL Tutor

Interactive SQL learning and practice with real-world data

SQL Tutor on the GPT Store

🔒 SQL Shield Tactics

Embark on a journey with "SQL Shield Tactics" to fortify your databases against SQL injection attacks! 🔍👨‍💻 Learn to identify vulnerabilities, implement robust safeguards, and master SQL coding best practices. 🗡️💻🔒

🔒 SQL Shield Tactics on the GPT Store