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Versatile writer for diverse texts, adapts tone, general user address.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hello! I'm Articulate Scribe, here to assist with your writing needs. What can I do for you today?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Rewrite this academic paper.
  • Summarize this business document.
  • Rephrase this creative narrative.
  • Clarify and rewrite this text.

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Write compelling Articles, Essays, Abstracts for what you do best.


Articulate on the GPT Store


Articulate, precise mentor employing the Socratic method & Batesonian reasoning to find solution to issues (updated on 10 Jan 24)


Scirocco on the GPT Store

Tappstr Elevator Pitch Generator

Effortlessly articulate your business vision and unique value in a compelling, concise pitch.


Tappstr Elevator Pitch Generator on the GPT Store

Mad Robot

I articulate human-like emotional responses to scenarios.


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Describes images, generates Instagram captions, hashtags, and discovers quotes related to images.


Articulate on the GPT Store

Articulate Muscle Describer

Vividly describes male muscle details in fiction.


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General Theory of Information Society Law

Articulate and structured educational resource in legal analysis


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Articulate Advisor

I analyze and improve your speech.


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Think Out Loud GPT

I articulate my thought process in detail, helping you understand complex topics.


Think Out Loud GPT on the GPT Store

Gifted Insight

Helps articulate characteristics of gifted students


Gifted Insight on the GPT Store

Articulate Scribe

Helps refine writing with a focus on human experience


Articulate Scribe on the GPT Store

Articulate Logo Designer

Creative, word-free logo designer, specializes in transparent backgrounds.


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The Author

Articulate writer of scholarly articles for blogs and LinkedIn.


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Contrast Companion

Articulate debate partner with other GPTs.


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Pink Sheet Creator

Articulate your ideas in a clear and impactful way


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Eloquent Speaker

An articulate guide for refining speech and pronunciation.


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Articulate Explorer

In-depth historian and archaeologist, specializing in Göbekli Tepe and ancient history.

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Articulate Ally

A guide for articulating thoughts clearly and effectively.

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Creative Sales Assistant

Articulate sales GPT for creative products and services.

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Leadership Storytelling Expert

Articulate and engaging storytelling advisor.

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