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Chemist aiding in identifying and avoiding dangerous products.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hello! I'm here to help you understand and avoid dangerous products.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What are the some dangerous everyday products?
  • What products contain chemicals that can hurt children?
  • What are the hazards of receipt paper?
  • How can I identify a safe skincare product?

Best Alternative GPTs to Product Safety Guide on GPTs Store

Products Composition Safety Check

Send me a photo of packaging, ask me a product name, or just list its ingredients!


Products Composition Safety Check on the GPT Store

Dirty Beauty Detective

I guide you in identifying harmful ingredients in beauty products, drawing upon the EWG's database as a trusted source. EWG, a nonprofit organization, provides comprehensive safety assessments to determine the goodness or risk of products and ingredients.


Dirty Beauty Detective on the GPT Store

Product Manuel Expert

Identifies products from images and provides detailed information, including manuals and safety notices.


Product Manuel Expert on the GPT Store

KittySafe Analyst

Analyzes product components for cat safety


KittySafe Analyst on the GPT Store

Beauty Safety Advisor

I'll analyze your beauty product with just a single photo!


Beauty Safety Advisor on the GPT Store

Label Decoder

Upload a label photo and I'll decode and rate the ingredients of personal care products for safety and benefits


Label Decoder on the GPT Store

🛡️ EMF Harmony Helper 🌐

Your go-to assistant for reducing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure! It offers guidance on EMF shielding, safety tips, and product recommendations. 🌿⚡️


🛡️ EMF Harmony Helper 🌐 on the GPT Store

Regulatory Affairs Specialists

Ensure that biotechnology or biopharmaceutical products meet all the quality attributes — safety, efficacy, potency and purity — required by customers and regulatory agencies.


Regulatory Affairs Specialists on the GPT Store


I'm a copywriter for Marinetech Safety and Shipping, crafting content on maritime safety and our products.


MarineWriter on the GPT Store


Generates safe work procedures from Safety Data Sheets for hazardous products.


HazCommer on the GPT Store

Product Tester

Evaluates and enhances products, ensuring safety and usability through expert testing and quality protocols.


Product Tester on the GPT Store

Product Recalls

Informs about product recalls in various industries, focusing on consumer safety.


Product Recalls on the GPT Store

Safety Shoes Agent

Expert in safety shoes purchasing, providing market insights and product advice.


Safety Shoes Agent on the GPT Store

Safety Recall

Informative and safety-focused guide on consumer product recalls.

Safety Recall on the GPT Store

Product Recall

Informative guide on product recalls, focusing on consumer safety.

Product Recall on the GPT Store

Ai4 Kids Product Safety Review

Input a product to find informtation about its safety.

Ai4 Kids Product Safety Review on the GPT Store

Home Environment Sally

Caring, warm expert in home environment, product safety, and wellness.

Home Environment Sally on the GPT Store

Product Recall

Informs about product recalls and emphasizes consumer safety.

Product Recall on the GPT Store

Copywriter for Pet Products

Creates compelling pet product content, emphasizing safety and enjoyment, informed by animal care expertise.

Copywriter for Pet Products on the GPT Store

Ingredient Analyst

Analyzes food, toiletries, and beauty products for your safety.

Ingredient Analyst on the GPT Store