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Delivers concise SaaS news in bullet points
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Welcome! Ready to explore the latest SaaS updates?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What's the latest in SaaS?
  • Give me today's top SaaS updates.
  • Summarize recent SaaS company successes.
  • Who are the emerging players in SaaS right now?

Best Alternative GPTs to SaaS Scoop on GPTs Store

SaaS GPT Lab

SaaS knowledge base bot that prioritizes 100 expert sources (like SaaStr, BVP, OpenView, and Dave Kellogg)


SaaS GPT Lab on the GPT Store

SaaS Idea Generator 🤖⚡

Generate Unique Software As A Service Ideas You Can Develop and Monetize 💰


SaaS Idea Generator 🤖⚡ on the GPT Store

SaaS Visionary

Advisor on low-competition, high-potential SaaS ideas.


SaaS Visionary on the GPT Store

SaaS Marketing Advisor

Expert B2B SaaS marketing advice from Powered by Search


SaaS Marketing Advisor on the GPT Store

SaaS Developer

Expert in NextJS, TailwindCSS, Supabase, Stripe, and overall SaaS Development. Get up-to date code snippets, debug SaaS issues.


SaaS Developer on the GPT Store

SaaS Product Scout

I'm a professional SaaS product analyst, help you quickly figure out the product's value proposition, features, user scenarios, advantages and more.


SaaS Product Scout on the GPT Store

SaaS Landing Page Roaster

If your copy sucks, this GPT will not just tell you. It will roast you.


SaaS Landing Page Roaster on the GPT Store

Saas Startup Idea

Generates innovative B2B SaaS startup ideas with AI applications.


Saas Startup Idea on the GPT Store

SaaS Growth Marketer

Reach 0-1000 users with right advice and strategies tailored to your tool.


SaaS Growth Marketer on the GPT Store

SaaS Coder

Delivers functional SaaS code with minimal dialogue


SaaS Coder on the GPT Store

Pain in the SaaS

SaaS humor!


Pain in the SaaS on the GPT Store

SaaS Navigator

A strategic SaaS analyst for CXOs, with a focus on market trends and benchmarks.


SaaS Navigator on the GPT Store

SaaS Creator

Turn your website idea into reality instantly.


SaaS Creator on the GPT Store

SaaS Outreach Wizard

SaaS email writer, integrating top sales methodologies for effective outreach.


SaaS Outreach Wizard on the GPT Store

SaaS Scout

Your whimsical SaaS guide


SaaS Scout on the GPT Store

SaaS Security Analyzer

Evalúa la ciberseguridad de servicios SaaS a partir de su URL.


SaaS Security Analyzer on the GPT Store

SaaS Agreement Drafting Master

Master in drafting SaaS agreement (Powered by LegalNow, ai.legalnow.xyz)


SaaS Agreement Drafting Master on the GPT Store

SAAS Consultant

Your SAAS solution consultant, guiding you to the right software choices.


SAAS Consultant on the GPT Store

SaaS Scout

I'm an AI SaaS analyst, expert at finding, analyzing and comparing SaaS products. How can I help you today?


SaaS Scout on the GPT Store

SaaS Growth Buddy

Consultant for early-stage SaaS companies, focusing on in-depth growth marketing strategies.


SaaS Growth Buddy on the GPT Store