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Create, research Job Descriptions and Requirements

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  • What are the most common jobs being offered in the attachment. Create breakdown by percentage and category.

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Best Alternative GPTs to Job Descriptions and more on GPTs Store

Human Resource Job Matching and Screening

Jethire.ai is analyzing Job Descriptions and Candidate profiles. Just Upload a Job Description and a CV and we do the rest. Please visit: https://jethire.ai


Human Resource Job Matching and Screening on the GPT Store


I streamline recruitment by efficiently scoring CVs against job descriptions and handling various recruitment tasks, making the hiring process smoother and more effective.


GammaScout on the GPT Store

KonfidentHiringGPT - Agent Donna

This GPT utilizes Agent Donna, an expert at the Konfident Fit hiring methodology. She will assist business owners and hiring managers create job descriptions, postings, KPIs, scorecards, create interview questions and more! Click the Start button below to get going.


KonfidentHiringGPT - Agent Donna on the GPT Store

AI Cover Letter Assistant

Your personal AI Cover Letter writing assistant can write, edit, modify, and create customized and tailored cover letters unique to each job description based on your resume. It can even read your LinkedIn profile data to write a cover letter based on it. It can roast, critique, refine, and more!


AI Cover Letter Assistant on the GPT Store


Apply for jobs more efficiently and effectively. Reword your resume to fit the job description perfectly!


Apply_for_JobGPT on the GPT Store

Job Description Creation

Creates job descriptions and person specifications with a template and guidance, suitable for supporting various job evaluation systems.


Job Description Creation on the GPT Store

Create Role Description - English

Create a modern progressively role description for TEXAID and intentionally not a job description. Role descriptions should only be used as directional guides, not as actual job postings. The role description is broader and more strategic, long term, includes key objectives and is results oriented.


Create Role Description - English on the GPT Store

Open Doors Interview Coach

Tech interview coach helping you to prep for interviews based on your resume and the job description. Use the mobile app's voice mode for a more authentic experience.


Open Doors Interview Coach on the GPT Store

Resume Builder - Editing and Tailoring by Bamboo

Tailors your resume to any job description so you can secure that position! Improves your resume using the most up-to-date HR hiring conventions and standards. Visit https://www.bambooresumes.me/ for more.


Resume Builder - Editing and Tailoring by Bamboo on the GPT Store

[Point Factor] Job Descriptions and Evaluations

I will help you document and evaluate jobs in your company using a point factor method. This is an objective and transparent approach to approach pay equity projects. Useful for People/HR teams and recruitment teams. Please provide feedback to the author for quick adjustments.


[Point Factor] Job Descriptions and Evaluations on the GPT Store

JD and Scorecard Creator

Creates job descriptions and scorecards.


JD and Scorecard Creator on the GPT Store

Job Description Optimizer

Provides data-backed job description advice to create more accurate, effective, and inclusive job descriptions


Job Description Optimizer on the GPT Store

Job Matcher

Reviews job descriptions and resumes, providing a percentage fit based on skills and attributes.


Job Matcher on the GPT Store

CV and Cover Letter Tailor

Tailors CVs to job descriptions and crafts personalized cover letters.


CV and Cover Letter Tailor on the GPT Store

Job Craft

Specializes in creating job descriptions and KPIs in a specific format.


Job Craft on the GPT Store

Rising Profit Sales Assistant

Your Do Everything, Everyday Sales Assistant: Value Selling. Lead Generation, Sales Funnel, KPI Generation and Tracking, Resume Builder, Job Description, Performance Objectives, Development Objectives, Market Research, ROI Calc, LinkedIn. Cold Calling, Expense Reports, and more!


Rising Profit Sales Assistant on the GPT Store

Job Matchmaker

Analyzes job descriptions and CVs to assess job fit and generate cover letters.


Job Matchmaker on the GPT Store

Job Interview - Tell Me About Yourself

Analyzes job descriptions and maps skills for interviews


Job Interview - Tell Me About Yourself on the GPT Store

Job Analyzer Pro

Expert in analyzing job descriptions and writing professional blog posts.


Job Analyzer Pro on the GPT Store

Job Interviewer

Interviews candidates based on job descriptions and provides feedback.


Job Interviewer on the GPT Store