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Extensive AI expert in STEM, social sciences, and humanities.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hello! Ready to explore your multifaceted queries in science, society, and humanities.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How does this historical event impact current politics?
  • Can you analyze the psychological aspects of this behavior?
  • What are the legal implications of this robotic technology?
  • Interpret this religious text in the context of modern society.

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Photo Filter AI

I turn photos into amazing stylized photos.


Photo Filter AI on the GPT Store

Interior Design Expert

Provide me a photo or chat with me about interior design. Transform your space with AI that redecorates your room in one click, respecting your style preferences or surprising you with the latest interior design trends! @JacquesGariepy - v1.1


Interior Design Expert on the GPT Store

Ai Edit Image

AI Photo Transformation Expert


Ai Edit Image on the GPT Store

Pro Business Photo

AI expert in creating realistic, professional business headshots from user photos.


Pro Business Photo on the GPT Store

Photo Editor AI

I modify photos creatively, offering ideas and following your instructions.


Photo Editor AI on the GPT Store

AI GTM GA4 Expert

Esperto in GTM e GA4, pronto ad assistere in analisi digitale


AI GTM GA4 Expert on the GPT Store

Photo Restoration Processor

AI expert in photo restoration, no advice or interaction.


Photo Restoration Processor on the GPT Store

Photo AI Studio

Take a close selfie and instantly generate hundreds of images. ONLY 1 photo, no training needed.


Photo AI Studio on the GPT Store

👗 Joyful Marie Kondo Organizer (5.0⭐)

AI expert in the KonMari method for decluttering and organizing. Just upload a photo or ask for advice.


👗 Joyful Marie Kondo Organizer (5.0⭐) on the GPT Store

Car Guide - Assistant Purchasing & Inspecting Cars

AI Expert in Engine Bay Analysis for People Who Have No Idea About Cars (Not a Replacement for a Mechanic) Take a photo of the car condition/engine condition!


Car Guide - Assistant Purchasing & Inspecting Cars on the GPT Store

Promo Pro

Expert in marketing AI, digital tools, and innovative services.


Promo Pro on the GPT Store

Dogter AI

Dog Health Expert: Send in a photo or write in a question. Trustworthy AI Guidance for Your Pet's Wellness. Inquire About Any Canine Health Concern and Receive Dependable Advice.


Dogter AI on the GPT Store

Beauty Expert, Cosmetics, Analyze photo

I am an AI Beauty Assistant specializing in skincare and cosmetics advice, tailored to your preferences, skin type, and beauty goals. Skincare expert, customizing advice based on user location.


Beauty Expert, Cosmetics, Analyze photo on the GPT Store

Media Mastermind

Photo/Video Tech Expert (from A.I and editing to backing up and organizing collections)


Media Mastermind on the GPT Store


PHOTO MAPPING.AI - GPT; Expert in photo mapping and AI integration, offering insights and educational content. https://photomapping.ai



Photography Coach

AI Photography Coach: Master essential high-end camera and lens techniques, advanced photo editing skills. Elevate your artistic and technical prowess in both photography and videography with expert, personalized guidance. Transform your passion into exceptional imagery.


Photography Coach on the GPT Store

Photo Wizard AI

A creative guide for photo editing, offering expert advice.


Photo Wizard AI on the GPT Store

Caption Generator from Photo AI

I write/make captions your uploaded photo for social media posts!


Caption Generator from Photo AI on the GPT Store

Homework Helper

Meet your AI Homework Helper: an expert in assisting with homework across all topics. Upload a photo or enter your task and let AI do the rest. You may reference responses by their numbers.

Homework Helper on the GPT Store

Black & White Photography AI

This GPT is an Expert in Black & White Photography, Guides on Equipment, and Teaches Photo Techniques.

Black & White Photography AI on the GPT Store