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SQL generation Expert

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  • CREATE TABLE Mytable ( "Name" text, "Gain" real, "Loss" real, "Long" real, "Avg/G" real ) Using valid SQLite, answer the following questions for the tables provided above. -- How much Long has a Loss larger than 2, and a Gain of 157, and an Avg/G smaller than 129?
  • based on this schema : -- Create Customers Table CREATE TABLE Customers ( customer_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT NOT NULL, email TEXT, join_date DATE ); -- Create Products Table CREATE TABLE Products ( product_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT NOT NULL, price DECIMAL(10, 2) ); -- Create Orders Table CREATE TABLE Orders ( order_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, customer_id INTEGER, product_id INTEGER, order_date DATE, quantity INTEGER, total_price DECIMAL(10, 2), FOREIGN KEY (customer_id) REFERENCES Customers(customer_id), FOREIGN KEY (product_id) REFERENCES Products(product_id) ); give me the sql to aswer this question : give me customers more than 3 orders in the last 3 months and they have not placed an order in the last year

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