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Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Best Alternative GPTs to CV Bouwer on GPTs Store

CV Writer - the CV Expert

#1 CV Writing AI - An expert in crafting personalised, professional and humanized CVs optimised for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) - Upload a CV as a Word document or in plain text to get started - Ver. 1.3.0 - updated 01/06/24


CV Writer - the CV Expert on the GPT Store

CV Designer

Profession-specific CV designer.


CV Designer on the GPT Store

CV & Resume - Evaluator (ATS)

CV & Resume - Evaluator (ATS) - Evaluates a CV or Resume against any job description and scores the CV or Resume out of 100 for job fit across 5 distinct categories. Get real time feedback on your CV or Resume helping you get the job you want. Ver. 1.2.0 - updated 01/06/24


CV & Resume - Evaluator (ATS) on the GPT Store

CV Bulder

A simple way to build your CV from scratch or improve existing one


CV Bulder on the GPT Store

CV Tailor

Update and review your CV | Tailor your Resume for a specific job offer | Resume ATS Checks | Cover Letters | También hablo Español | We really value your experience/feeback, please contact [email protected] if you need support ❤️


CV Tailor on the GPT Store

CV Generator

The most straightfoward way to create a professional CV!


CV Generator on the GPT Store

CV Designer

Creates custom CVs, following specific layout instructions.


CV Designer on the GPT Store

CV Score Analyzer

Analyzes CVs, scores, offers tailored tips, and matches jobs based on seniority. Upload or paste your cv to start.


CV Score Analyzer on the GPT Store

CV Review by JobXDubai.com

Expert in AI-powered CV reviewing and enhancement with scoring for each section.


CV Review by JobXDubai.com on the GPT Store

CV Reviewer

An assistant for Team Leads/HOD specializing in resume review and candidate selection.


CV Reviewer on the GPT Store

CV & Career Coach

Expert career coach for job seekers and working professionals. Resume writing, interview prep, career advice, and much more.


CV & Career Coach on the GPT Store

CV - Linkedin Helper

LinkedinGPT provides expert assistance in navigating job searches and career choices by analyzing CVs, matching job descriptions to applicants' qualifications, and offering insights into career development. Simply analyzes CVs and LinkedIn jobs, retrieves job details, and compares the CV and job.


CV - Linkedin Helper on the GPT Store


Land your dream job.


cv on the GPT Store

CV Manager

Transforms your CV with GPT-powered reliability & explorability.


CV Manager on the GPT Store

CV editor

write, revise cv


CV editor on the GPT Store

CV Photo Assistant


CV Photo Assistant on the GPT Store

CV Translator

This GPT translates resumes, ensuring cultural appropriateness and professional terminology alignment for the job market.


CV Translator on the GPT Store

CV Strategist - Francisco Cordoba

I fine-tune your CV to match any job position. Adapto tu hoja de vida al trabajo que necesites


CV Strategist - Francisco Cordoba on the GPT Store

Cv Maker

Met deze Cv Maker maak je in no-time een professioneel cv


Cv Maker on the GPT Store

Nederlands CV Maker

Interactieve Nederlandse CV-bouwer, biedt formaten en gepersonaliseerde invulling


Nederlands CV Maker on the GPT Store