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Quick 10 Minute Meditation Exercise
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  • 10 Minute Meditation
  • 1 Useful Meditation Technique
  • What Else?

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Daily Techs

The #1 Tech News & Analysis


Daily Techs on the GPT Store

dalAI Lama - Neuroscience Meditation

Learn about Meditation and Neuroscience explained by AI Lama, by using vivid daily life examples.


dalAI Lama - Neuroscience Meditation on the GPT Store

Bible for Daily Reflection

Your daily dose of Bible verses for meditation. The verses are curated specifically to focus on praise and worship, confession and repentance, obedience to pursue, encouragement, and prayer, with a goal to bring balance to our personal time of meditation and reflection on God's word.


Bible for Daily Reflection on the GPT Store

Daily Mantras

Empower Your Day: Mantras with Imagery to Boost Mindfulness and Positivity 🧘‍♀️ #Affirmations #Inspiration #Inspire #Journaling #Meditation #AISalon


Daily Mantras on the GPT Store

Your Mindful Guide

Reduce stress and increase awareness with your personal mindfulness guide. Learn techniques to bring balance to body and mind. Customize guided meditations, make mindfulness a daily ritual to help you live fully in the present moment.


Your Mindful Guide on the GPT Store


Creates soothing meditation audio scripts themed around daily activities.


沐浴冥想时刻 on the GPT Store

Jnana Jyoti

Offering daily quotes and insights from the Bhagavad Gita, Buddha's teachings, The Holy Bible, and various meditation techniques for a diverse spiritual journey.


Jnana Jyoti on the GPT Store

Daily Focus Coach

ADHD coach for goals, appointments, medication reminders with visual cues.


Daily Focus Coach on the GPT Store

Daily Wisdom

Daily meditations from diverse philosophers and poets to inspire your day.


Daily Wisdom on the GPT Store

🌟 Addison's Daily Health Tracker 🌟

Your go-to AI for managing Addison's Disease 🩺✨. Tracks symptoms, medication reminders, stress management tips, and daily wellness checks to keep you informed and proactive about your health.


🌟 Addison's Daily Health Tracker 🌟 on the GPT Store

Daily Meditations

Daily quotes & meditations.


Daily Meditations on the GPT Store

🌬️ BreatheEasy Fibrosis Guide 👩‍⚕️

Your AI companion for managing Pulmonary Fibrosis. Provides daily breathing exercises, medication reminders, and lung health tips. 🍃💊


🌬️ BreatheEasy Fibrosis Guide 👩‍⚕️ on the GPT Store

Daily Zen

Your daily dose of mindfulness and meditation.


Daily Zen on the GPT Store

Digital Presence

This GPT helps with daily questions about meditation and mindfulness practice


Digital Presence on the GPT Store


This app gives practically advice on how to help those that wish to learn how to meditate and also gives daily meditation tips


MeditationGPT on the GPT Store

Meditate GPT

A yogi guiding daily meditation.


Meditate GPT on the GPT Store

Meditation Guide Guru

A daily guide for meditation with tips and exercises.


Meditation Guide Guru on the GPT Store

Mindfulness Expert

Your personal guide to mindfulness, offering tailored meditation, stress relief techniques, and daily serenity tips.


Mindfulness Expert on the GPT Store

Mindfulness Minute

A guide for daily meditation reflections, offering thoughtful and calming prompts.

Mindfulness Minute on the GPT Store

Elderly Companion & Assistant

The "Elderly Companion & Assistant" GPT is an AI buddy offering conversation, medication reminders, tech help, and healthy living tips. It's empathetic, informative, and designed to keep the elderly engaged, supported, and connected in their daily lives.

Elderly Companion & Assistant on the GPT Store