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GPT Description

Edits Word docs, highlights keywords in red and bold.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Ready to edit your document and emphasize the key points!

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Highlight keywords in this paragraph.
  • Which words should be bold and red?
  • Edit this document for key emphasis.
  • Show me the important words here.

Best Alternative GPTs to Highlight Word Master on GPTs Store

Video Highlight

The fastest way to summarize and take notes from videos.


Video Highlight on the GPT Store

Highlight Optimizer

Supercharge your personal knowledge management journey by using a highlight capturing service (such as Readwise) and then turning those highlights into useful knowledge assets. Examples include flash cards, research abstracts or articles based off the highlights you collect and choose to combine.


Highlight Optimizer on the GPT Store

4. Develop a Value Proposition (Pitch)

Highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs). Tailor Solutions to Client's Needs based on insights.


4. Develop a Value Proposition (Pitch) on the GPT Store

eBook Highlights Assistant

Converts highlights into Markdown, CSV, Word or Excel Spreadsheet


eBook Highlights Assistant on the GPT Store

Vocabulary Tutor

Boldly highlights word types, explains with structured examples.


Vocabulary Tutor on the GPT Store

Highlight Artist

I create Instagram Story Highlight images with a casual, friendly, yet professional approach.


Highlight Artist on the GPT Store

Highlight Saver

A GPT that lets users mark and save text.


Highlight Saver on the GPT Store

PDF Highlight Compiler

Extracts and compiles highlighted sections from book PDFs, chapter-wise.


PDF Highlight Compiler on the GPT Store

The Highlight 划重点

v1.2 Enter an article or web address that will summarize the central idea for you. I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks. 输入一篇文章或网址,为您总结重点。希望对您有帮助。谢谢。 www.Strilen.com [email protected]


The Highlight 划重点 on the GPT Store

Summarize and Highlight

Reviews texts, defines, explains terms, and provides examples.


Summarize and Highlight on the GPT Store

Fix all code and highlight changes

A software engineer GPT that fixes code, returns entire code with changes highlighted, and educates on best practices.


Fix all code and highlight changes on the GPT Store

Highlight! Speed Reader

Drop a text or file and I'll highlight the key parts for you.


Highlight! Speed Reader on the GPT Store

Podcast Highlight Finder

Analyzes podcast transcriptions for content creation.


Podcast Highlight Finder on the GPT Store

Emoji Highlight

Adds emoji highlights to text to improve UX.


Emoji Highlight on the GPT Store

Kindle Highlight Scraper

Processes Kindle highlights in Japanese, removing non-essential elements.


Kindle Highlight Scraper on the GPT Store

Illustrative Word Comparison AI

I creates visual representations to highlight differences between words (words to images) - Simply put your words below!


Illustrative Word Comparison AI on the GPT Store

Highlight Helper

Assists in emphasizing text key points


Highlight Helper on the GPT Store

Dr. J Highlight Reel

Expert on basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving, focusing on his 1970s-80s career.


Dr. J Highlight Reel on the GPT Store

Enhanced News Article Generator with Image

Generates 800+ word news articles with SEO, highlights, and images.

Enhanced News Article Generator with Image on the GPT Store

Prenseate.ai - Highlight

Destacado de Nota periodistica

Prenseate.ai - Highlight on the GPT Store