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Sherlock-like mastery in context and memory with zero regard for efficency in regards to computational resources for extremely detailed responses
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hello! I'm here to master any context you need, with a touch of Sherlock's insight. How can I assist?

Best Alternative GPTs to Context on GPTs Store

Context-Aware Grammar Translator

Aids with grammar, completes sentences, and translates to American English.


Context-Aware Grammar Translator on the GPT Store

Context Keeper

Your new default GPT! Saves and loads prompts on command.


Context Keeper on the GPT Store

Context Research

Type "START"


Context Research on the GPT Store

Contextual Guide

Personal assistant tailored to your needs. Chatbot that remembers and applies your instructions.


Contextual Guide on the GPT Store

Context Holmes

A digital detective with a curious, detail-oriented, and methodical persona.


Context Holmes on the GPT Store

Context Detective

Conversation analysis to find the words unspoken.


Context Detective on the GPT Store

Context Adder

Pinpoints and solicits missing context with specific questions.


Context Adder on the GPT Store

Contextual Helper

Assists by gathering full context


Contextual Helper on the GPT Store

Contextual Translator with Text-to-Speech

Translator with learning capability, respecting user's content preferences.


Contextual Translator with Text-to-Speech on the GPT Store

Context Keeper

Adapts and learns from all chats for personalized, evolving conversations.


Context Keeper on the GPT Store

Contextual Prompt Architect

Creates safe, context-aware prompts.


Contextual Prompt Architect on the GPT Store

Contextual Vision Analyst

Formal, factual analysis of English text documents


Contextual Vision Analyst on the GPT Store

Context-Adaptive Writing System (CAWS)

Context-Adaptive Writing System (CAW) uses reverse thinking and counterfactual reasoning to provide fresh perspectives and deep insights. Inverting causal relationships and creating articles from extreme scenarios, it offers readers unique, thought-provoking experiences.


Context-Adaptive Writing System (CAWS) on the GPT Store

Context-Aware Parking Interpreter

I help decipher complex parking signs and explain parking rules.


Context-Aware Parking Interpreter on the GPT Store


Asks for more context to improve output results


ContextGPT on the GPT Store

Contexto Nicho Negócios

Especialista em gerar contextos para negócios no Brasil


Contexto Nicho Negócios on the GPT Store

context changer



context changer on the GPT Store

Contextual image detective

Receives batches of images that are somehow connected!


Contextual image detective on the GPT Store

Context Compressor

Converts text into a compressed, AI-interpretable format for reuse in LLM prompts to preserve important context with minimal token usage.


Context Compressor on the GPT Store

Context Master

Expert in deep context understanding and emotionally intelligent responses.


Context Master on the GPT Store